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Status Updates posted by Girot

  1. got my kelpies and Undead Horde based, flocked, and ready for primer...

  2. Those of you without the inclination, time, or money who need photos cleaned up, cropped, etc. feel free to message me. I've got over 10 years of experience with photoshop and a full licensed copy of it.

  3. Stop painting models I have, people! Its really distracting! :p

    1. Panzer_Engel


      It's karma, Mr 'and this is the banshee I've just painted'.


      What goes around. . . .

    2. Girot
  4. GW Ghouls are done and came out much better than I expected. Gotta finish up the HQ Ghouls and my Ward and then I can get this zombie hoard knocked out.

  5. Finally ran out of mummies!

  6. Bonenami Score: 14 minis!

  7. Bonenami Score: 13 minis!

  8. Bone-nami Score: 12 minis!

  9. is checking this forum business out.

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