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  1. I'm a little burned out on painting for the moment. Going to goof around with a couple other projects for a bit them come back to the terrain queue.
  2. How about a "novice hero" series? The kinds of minis that would realistically reflect the sorts of gear common to lower level characters of the usual job classes.
  3. Hive Fleet name is good to go. Typically they get their names, or nicknames, based on their first large encounter with the Imperium. In many cases the basing represents the world/system a splinter fleet maps after, but feel free to vary things as desired. I've got at least three different basing styles myself: ash waste, urban rubble, and dirt.
  4. Rock on, count me in. Okay, I'm a little late to the game but I think I'm covered for January through May via my space bugs. June is covered via terrain. July will likely be finishing Kaladrax and more terrain.
  5. Complex Terrain: 5 - Junkyard Barricades x2 (Bonus for custom design) - Thunderhawk Wreck I (Bonus for custom design) Simple Terrain: 10 - Small Ruins - Junkyard Barrier - Large Statue - Cthulhu Shrine, 5 pieces - Wrecked Grav Tank - Huge Dragon Skull
  6. Wish I had seen this sooner as I am closing in on 200 minis this year...
  7. Finally got a can of the spray I needed. Hopefully I've got enough in there to get me through the rest of my terrain queue. Kally has her final base coat and will get the rest of the day to cure (due to humidity). Tomorrow morning I'll start in on the beautiful beast!
  8. the archer model's tab would also be extremely helpful, if it still exists.
  9. So all of the Monster Zero (Ultra) flavors are actually flavors as it turns out. I just figured out that the white can is actually pineapple flavored.
  10. Prayers sent. Dipped in chocolate. Gift wrapped.
  11. SKELETON UPDATE I hit the soggy bits with Dullcoat and it helped a little. I am pretty much stuck until I get my hands on some a acrylic spray. BASE NOTES I was originally going to hit Metal Face with some brush-on satin after the Dullcoat but it actually looks good as is. I'm not sure wtf happened with my camera though. PHOTOGRAPHY On set of pics came out warmer than the others and they keep getting grainy when I tried to resize them. Later this year I think I'm finally going to build a legit light box. I've been putting it off due to lack of wood working tools. Now that I'm enrolled at ASU I can get access to the Tech Shop here in Chandler and can build it there.
  12. I use 40mm bases for these, but they'd fit better on 50mm.
  13. ...aaaand the finished base. I'll wait to do a proper Show Off thread once the dragon is done as well.
  14. (lots of pictures in the spoilers sections) Post Key & Notes Step 1 - Washing Step 2 - Dabbing Step 3 - Medium Layer Step 4 - Highlight Step 5 - Details Bonus Round - Metal Face! Last stage will be some finishing work: Add a few scattered tufts of desert grass. Done Seal the finished model with Dullcoat. Take some legit photos. Post 'finished' photo in this thread.
  15. Warlord now has the license for them. Not sure when they're going to get them in stock, though. Girot, are those some of the original release? I'd heard that they were redone and thickened up a bit, but I've never actually seen any to compare. Yes they are. I never got around to picking up the updated versions. Honestly though, I greatly prefer Reaper's skeletons. They have great character and I don't feel like I have to master class them when I paint them.
  16. Basecoating is DONE. I had JUST enough of the AP Bone to get a respectable highlight on before it ran out... DRAGON PROGRESS: I got started on the dragon while the base was curing. Washed her, removed mold lines, and used my heat gun to correct the posture of the wing-fingers as much as they would allow. I glued on the head and hips and assembled the tail. Everything else will get painted separately. Once complete the legs will get permanently attached, but the wings and tail will remain removable so the dragon can be postured as a corpse and used as terrain all by itself. Hit the entire model with the dark brown spray. The head and tail tip are GLOSSY AS FRACK, those soft rubber parts are hilarious! I'll go out and check everything at the end of the night. If it's working out I'll do the next layer (so i can cure overnight) then hit the entire thing with Dullcoat first thing tomorrow morning. Not entirely sure how I'm going to do the bones. There are a lot of great techniques out there, but this thing is just too big to drybrush. The fleshy bits are getting my patented mummy recipe, so that'll be easy.
  17. I watch this everyday with my stepson. Love it.
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