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  1. Her face is being obsurced by her dirty laundry. "She" is also topless with some sweater meat hangin so gender identification isn't too much an issue. I would go with with a UK punk rocker look with this model. Go with the whole "justice" theme but i'm thinking that a lot of tattoos and some satin varnish painted on as sweat could be an intriguing expirement.
  2. I'm going to assume that most of the Giants are sculpted on a very similiar scale (excluding the Bone Giant aka the Colossial Skeleton). That being said the link below is to the green sculpt of the new Storm Giant which includes a regular scale model standing next to him. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77163
  3. Depending on the model and what I'm gonna use it for will determine what I personally use. I used satin polyuriethane spray for my Tyranids. They are a little shiny but it fits the bug look. Otherwise I'm using generic matt varnish for other stuff that isn't largely metalic.
  4. I'd be willing to entertain that. I have TONS of minis and bits from all over the place. message me with what you're looking for and I'll see if I can help you out.
  5. Go with Fifth Element orange!! That would look badass!!
  6. Well played, sir, well played. If I may I'd like to contribue to the wormy goodness: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=purple+worm+pathfinder#/d5fokgz http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=purple+worm+pathfinder#/d5es9u4 I have some undead to finish up and then I'll see your Swamp Worm and raise you a Sand Worm!
  7. This'll make you cry. http://www.ebay.com/...=item35bfd29846
  8. I'm still adding in an eye patch and painting him to look like Odin. Actually I may be getting an extra set so I can do Odin and Freya and then normal Cloud/Storm Giants.
  9. While I REALLY like the blues I originally was thinking of painting the Storm/Cloud Giants to look like giant humans, like Olympians or Asgardians. Picture the female painted up to look like Freya from Valkrie Profile and the male to look like Odin from Thor...
  10. I am also very impressed. I liked the naked scuplt better than the concept drawing but seeing it painted at such a standard is a real treat. Thanks Reaperdudes.
  11. I can't wait to get my hands on these!! My players are SO boned!!
  12. I really shoud go to Reapercon this year then. Collecting them piecemeal is a PITA and expensive. I think I ended up paying almost $80 for the sci-fi version on eBay.
  13. Damn, I didn't realize how much I missed playing this until today.
  14. OMG I had flashbacks of Arkham Horror when I read this! Hahahahaaa.
  15. I will tell you that you have two ways of doing this: get your players to accept that their characters are disposable and let them start at a much higher level so they have fun while it lasts OR find creative ways to keep them alive when the nurgling hits the fan. You are their Inquisitor. You have unlimited resources. You can rebuild them. Stronger, faster, crunchier. You have the technology. If that doesn’t work just shoot them in the head and recruit (or in my case thaw out) a replacement. Example #1: I had this Vostroyan Firstborn Guardsman who lost a leg during a session. It was obvious we weren’t going to survive if he couldn’t walk so our Tech Priest converted his Grenade Launcher into a peg leg. And I’ll be damned. He was, no stuff, a better shot using his leg!! Example #2: I handed over the GM reigns to a buddy who wanted to try out Rouge Trader. We had a damn good time with that one but we only ever played it that once. Anyway a few weeks later we get around to DH again. My buddy Ben, normally the runt of the party, suddenly is a human meat grinder! He is just butchering everything he comes up against. After about an hour he’s like, “Oh crap. This isn’t my DH character…” He was using his Rouge Trader character by mistake. Nobody seemed to care so we ran with it and we got an effective Tank. Healing: Rather than waste a PC for this I recommend either a servitor or a servo-skull to keep them alive long enough to get back to HQ. If they’re gonna be in the field for long periods of time send an NPC with them. If these STILL don’t keep them breathing and/or walking around then I’d recommend NOT using those damage fluff tables unless you’re dealing criticals. I haven't had that happen yet but I did see a Tier 1 Psyker accidentilly summon a Daemonette at the beginning of our second session. Vitali, eat your heart out! DAMN!! Why didn't I think of that years ago!! I usually just used our 40k table and the terrain we had for everything.
  16. Oh and something that might sell would be things like fantasy 'livestock' or other 'common' but original creatures. I have two in mind: Gruffalow: Buffalo with great big mountain goat curled horns. Yes, I realize I'm describing a stunted Bantha, but I think they'd look cool as hell. Dire Rock Lizard: A salamander/gecco/iguana hybrid about the size of an adult aligator.
  17. Dire Scorpion Calvalry! - Orc Riders - Barbarian(Human) Riders - Desert Shaman Rider for each Gargantuan Scorpion w/ a "Caravan Hut" that could attach to it's back. Hell, if YOU GUYS make the scorpion I'll make the hut myself. Cyborg/Steampunk Horses - You could also sell seperate 'converstion kits' that have different style 'riders legs' to be used with the horses.
  18. I did the exact same thing, lmfao.... At least I got the worm painted, lol. I was considering buying at least three more to make varients of it. I've got a Purple Worm but now I want a Sand Worm (aka Graboid) and even have tenticles tanding by to add to the mouth. I was also considering a Snow/Ice Worm and a Lava Worm. here is the painted Great (Purple) Worm
  19. is checking this forum business out.

  20. Hey there folks! I was browsing around the forums and really liked the Pirates! thread. I recently painted http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03128 also and wanted to show her off, that and link my other works. I would have simply posted in the the Pirates! thread but i didn't want to hijack Newbie's spotlight. LOL. these may be a little small but i did actually read the posting rules before putting these up. Below is the link to my DeviantArt gallery where there are more minis and bigger pics. Thanks for taking a look!! http://girot.deviantart.com/gallery/#_featured
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