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  1. Thanks! KALADRAX PROGRESS I got the first layer down before I left the house. Unfortunately I seek to be getting the sticky stuff atm. I may need to let this thing cure for awhile between layers, we'll see when I get home. I am also nearly out of the Army Painter spray. I went looking for more but I can't seem to find it locally anymore. Plan B is to hit everything with Dullcoat and try painting on that. In hindsight I wish I had picked up the non-stonehenge terrain during Bones III. I really love how it looks when combined with Kally.
  2. We'll be spraying today. Hopefully I get to it early enough that I can start painting this afternoon!
  3. Looks fantastic so far. Looking forward to seeing more.
  4. Agreed. They are beautiful models but too dainty to use for much other than basing.
  5. Here is the base all the way up through the small detail steps... After that I added the sand flocking to the hot glued areas...
  6. Modeling portion is done, minus the spray paint. The white glue is on pretty thick so we want to give it overnight to dry completely. Kally and the base will get base coated in the morning. I have a couple pics I will upload in a few hours.
  7. I've been a busy bee lately getting a lot of modeling and painting done.... After seeing all of the Kaladrax stuff lately I've decided to add her to my desert terrain queue! If done correctly I can use her base, and the skeleton itself, as individual generic terrain. When combined she’ll be usable as an almighty dracolich. I have no intention of doing the tiny brush challenge (sorry folks, I’m not that patient) so I expect I can get this all knocked out in just a few days. I normally don’t do WIP threads, but will try to post pics at important stages as I go. I’ll skip the basic prep steps (washing/mold lines/etc) and focus on just the modeling/painting aspects. I’ll lay out our plan here and post updates as needed. Okay, lets take a look at what’s in store… TEMPLE RUINS (BASE) CONSTRUCTION TEMPLE RUINS (BASE) PAINTING BONUS ROUND I'll post updates with pics as progress is made. In the meantime feel free to comment, question, etc. Thanks for following! UDPATE: TEMPLE RUINS = 99% COMPLETE (photo waiting on sealant to fully set) DRAGON = having issues with the head/tail tip and the primer. need to figure out how to fix them before I can proceed.
  8. As you get more and more painted you'll get to know your mediums better and discover little tricks that save time while getting the results you want.
  9. When my bristles are acting up I'll resort to saliva to keep them in line. Pun 8ntended.
  10. Excluding prep work... Tabletop Quality: Individual Infantry ~5-10min, can vary if I'm painting squads Large Models ~30-60min Scenery, huge models, vehicles ~1-2 hours Show Off Quality: Individual Infantry ~3-6 hours Large Models ~4-6 hours Scenery, Huge, Vehicles ~6-10 hours Contest Quality: ~1-3 days (4-12 hour sessions)
  11. Nightshade Purple is a popular alternative to black for shading.
  12. With all of the Kaladrax activity lately I think I'm finally ready to get her in the queue. I'll start a a WIP thread this weekend for her and the other terrain I'm working on.
  13. I think a shambling pile of dirty socks would make a fun Halloween mini!
  14. Burned out on space bugs so I switched things up and got a large batch of desert terrain in the works. So far I've finished up... - wrecked grav tank (very easy) - Thunderhawk Wreck (1 of 2 pieces) - Baracades/Shelters x2 - Small Ruins x1 - Cthulhu Shrine (5 pieces) - Large Statue x1 - Rubble/Junk Baracade x1 - Crashed Transport (2 of 5 pieces) In the queue... - Crashed Transport (3 pieces) - Turret Emplacement x1 - Diesel Generator x1 - Power Generator x1 - Fuel Dump Objective x1 - Ammo Dump Objective x1 Under Construction... - Realm Of Battle game board - Blast Craters x5 - Large Tank Wreck - Junk Piles x2 - Energy Barrier Markers, several - Scanner Objective x1 (Urban)
  15. Any word on what happened with the PRODOS forums? nevermind, it's back up
  16. Basically the two best methods I've seen thus far for painting CAV is airbrushing and/or washes. Secret Weapon Miniatures makes a like of FANTASTIC washes. Brushes are very subjective to the painter. Start with some cheapo sets from Hobby Lobby and let him experiment until he finds what works well for him. Pick up a deep welled sealable Tupperware container and a bottle of Simple Green. So long as you're not using enamel or have sealed the minis already he'll be able to start over when he botches one of them. SG works perfectly if you don't spray-prime. If you did spray first you'll find that the primer will not want to come off. Just scrub the model till the chunky stuff comes off and reprime. It should repaint just fine. Try this (brush) technique for starters: Base colors: If you're accustomed to the triads start with the middle tone. This step is for the BULK of the model. Don't sweat any small details (including windows) just yet. Highlights: Drybrush on your BULK highlight(s). Shadows: 'Wash' your model with your chosen shade. Black Wash is a good place to start, but as you get better I suggest going with a colored/tinted wash that compliments your paint scheme. Touch-Ups: Go back in and manually do any touch-ups to the BULK colors. Middle tone --> highlight --> spot wash. Thin the wash a little here and try to blend it in so it doesn't look overlap and look like a big grease stain. Details: Move on to the little details at this point (windows, free-hand, battle damage, etc). Touch-Ups: You're bound to nick a few things with your brush while doing your detail work. Follow the same step above to clean things up a bit. Decals (Optional): Fighting Pirannha Graphics made CAV specific decals that look phenomenal when applied correctly. Sealing: Testers "Dullcoat" looks fantastic on CAV, in most cases. NOTE: Washes tend to look a little glossy where they collect. This is 100% normal. By SEALING the model once you're done the finish of the sealant will give the entire model a uniform look and feel. The only real exception is that metallics. Mat finishes will dull them a bit but the still shine through. Adding highlights helps tremendously here. Satin finishes vary WILDLY depending on the brand you're using so be careful. Gloss is pretty standard, though I personally don't ever use it. I don't like my models to look like wet candy, lol.
  17. Once I get mine painted I will give it a go. Everything arrived safe and sound today. Kind of regretting getting a second boxed game though. I only did it for the extra models, but I'm seriously considering selling it at this point. Dutch and Linn came with everything else. I am very pleased with how they came out. Hopefully we'll see a Machiko Noguchi in the future.
  18. I've got Dutch and Linn on the way. Or at least that's what the email said.
  19. I strictly use Secret Weapon Miniatures washes for that very reason, lol.
  20. what was the reasoning for restricting to such small brushes?? i'm fairly certain I could pull this off in 2-3 days using my tank brushes...
  21. lookin good for a speed paint session, woo! go go go!!
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