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  1. Awhile back I obtained a large lot of defunct VOID minis from a fellow Reaperite. I am proud to announce that they are finally being out into service... Every time I look at these I think back to old Gwar music videos and just had to include these in my army. I'm stuck with this color scheme (reasons), otherwise I'd have gone with something really outlandish.
  2. Its good to be back! Once I've gotten my skills back up to snuff I'll start cranking out some fantasy minis. For now I'm quite content working on space bugs.
  3. Whatever makes you feel better and does not besmirch your conscience. Meh. This is a throwback from a couple years ago. We were keeping score throughout the year, though I don't remember why exactly. I think I'll just count each Swarm as a single model.
  4. After a two-year hiatus I am once again painting! Starting off with something casual and fun to get my hand/eye calibrated properly. I've got a large cache of ugly Tyranids that I've been dying to work on. Their paint scheme is very simple, but allows for enough variation to practice all of the major techniques as I go. So far I've plowed through about... 37 individual models. Next up are 10x swarm bases... ...which begs the question: when painting Swarms (or Infantry for games like CAV) do i count each little bitty model individually or the entire base as a single "model"?
  5. not too shabby! where are the Minotaur skeletons from?
  6. lol, this is why I typically paint a kit in pieces, then assemble. ultimately though, if they aren't expensive I say give them a try and let us know how it works out.
  7. neat! i used to have some of their tile sets. great product.
  8. OK this is not the best plan. When we do begin working on this, anything left will be earmarked for sale. If you delay in reporting any problems, we may not have any stock available to replace missing or damaged parts. I am glad you said something to Girot. I was planning the same. Instead, I will email tonight after a detailed inventory. Ditto.
  9. Missing Ryoshi's as expected. Didn't audit the contents of each model yet. Since there is going to be a delay until error resolution starts I'll deal with that later when I start working on them.
  10. still need to audit my order but it was a lot of fun going through it! after i've had my customary tank of morning coffee i'll get to it.
  11. no worries! my son thinks its cool, lol. he's got diabetes and is excited that i too now have "food rules" i have to follow.
  12. a recent diagnosis of auto immune disease (as of yet unidentified) forced a radical change in lifestyle. the good news is i shed 10+ pounds and kept it off. once i'm healthy enough to start working out again i'm going to try to get back on the Hero's Journey track and try again.
  13. should get mine tomorrow or saturday... very excited!
  14. Looking forward to the spider demon. If GW ever does something akin to a Knight Titan for the Tyranids that's what I'll field her as. Otherwise I'll use the stats from the Scythed Hierodule or (more likely) the Dimachaeron.
  15. i absolutely love this! that car is outstanding. we've been seeing more and more of that lately and i think it's wonderful.
  16. thank you kind peoples! so far it's been a good day! :D
  17. well done! what scale car did you use?
  18. I got the Japanese set to round out my existing collection. Everything else looks the same coin with different gibberish.
  19. That is very good to hear, lol. Something else while your at it... little civilian vehicles on the same scale. the train model stuff isn't terrible but having something with just a hint of sci-fi flavor would be spectacular.
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