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  1. If you did some 10mm scale versions (for mech game terrain) I'll bet you'd get a lot of interest. There is very little (affordable) terrain out there at that scale and we typically have to make it all ourselves. Little details like doors and windows go a LONG way.
  2. nah. getting to see the clone tank would be invitation only. :p
  3. Personally, I've always wanted a clone tank with a latex rubber copy of myself floating in it. That way when I had guests I could show off the tank, do my world domination monolog, and tap on the glass to make the rubber clone's eyes pop open. Yours would be cooler though because you could introduce yourself as the Phil Coleson of Reaper before the monolog.
  4. +1 Iron Maiden... but with BONES in it instead of spikes! ADDENDUM: You could also put a little stool in the center of it and a plaque hanging on one side of the opening that says "Kickstarter Think Tank".
  6. Eventually you'll be able to buy just the minis you want. The way it looks they'll be selling individual minis (or packs of them) as expansions the way FFG does with X-Wing.
  7. Looks like they're starting on Wave 2...
  8. Looks like Ninja Division is still mailing out the first copies. If you pledged for more than one you will likely only get the first copy now and the others in later waves. I'm still waiting for a response back from Ninja Division about this. I'll post it here when I get it.
  9. I did exactly this and it was 110% worth the effort. I even used red/green/blue on the faction specific tokens to match how they're shown in the book. Ah, I did not know this. I've attempted to contact both ND and Prodos about the missing box and have gotten no response yet. This explains why, lol. No worries. I've waited this long I can wait a bit longer. At least I have the copy I always intended to play with on hand and ready to use.
  10. Bah. Haters gonna hate. At least then we have a live target to use for firing practice.
  11. This is a great mini and a lucky find! A quick google search found this one on wargameexclusive.com along with a host of over very amusing (though professional) conversions. Probably my favorite so far are the female Tau. I don't even collect Tau and I find myself wanting to put together a "harajuku girls" detachment, lol.
  12. Bouncing around between 240 and 244. Wedding in two weeks so I may just do a juice fast until after it's all over. Need to fit into my only suit, lol.
  13. Could I get my yakuza added to the independents? Katsumoto Industries Girot 2014
  14. Anybody else get there's yet? I got Wave 1 a couple days ago and I must confirm that it was well worth the wait. I can't wait to have time enough to paint the minis. In the meantime I have been penning in the edges of the die-cut components. Given how dark this game is I've only had to use black sharpies so far and it really makes a difference as far as presentation.
  15. Thanks, I'll get on it! EDIT: Done, PM Sent! If you want an RPG I would suggest using the Star Wars Saga engine. It's very streamlined and easy to learn/run. Just rename everything to fit the CAVerse and you're all set. It is also OOP and most of the books are downloadable. Tackling 28mm CAV is most definitely on my to-do list, though. I'm thinking I'll go with a skirmish game at its core with some light RPG/levelling options for those who want to keep the story going with the same group of characters. I also have a killer idea for a strategic board game-esk mod that would be perfect for the aircraft.
  16. Here is the mini in question... ...YIKES I see what you mean! Going with the name as the basis I personally would go with Reaper's 14264: Incarnation of Flame,Overlords M Green Flame (as with the original) Steel/Silver for the armor bits BUT I would go back through with some thinned inks to create a rainbowing effect similar to what one sees when tempering steel. Lastly, I'd get a pre-made skull base, pin the model, then sculpt it right into the base. Flames are pretty easy.
  17. Orbital Positive Energy Beam is locked on and deploying onto Heather's position as we speak.
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