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  1. Also.... Demos can be run just about every day. Just call ahead and ask for James. He's one of the owners and a dedicated Black Lightning member!
  2. The league will officially start on Sunday, but the rules meeting will take place after the tournament on Saturday. The rules aren't long and hopefully will not hinder anyone from having a great time in the League. The meeting is mainly so that everyone can get together and meet all of the other players. Hope to see you there! Jason aka Mordenkainen, BL #104
  3. As I apparently am not set up as a Black Lightning member on the message boards, I will post this in General Discussions for now. The tournament is scheduled to start at 1 pm on Saturday. The forces will consist of 1000 - 1500 points. I am going to leave this up to the players to determine how long they want to stay into the night. If you need directions, check out http://www.aknightsrealm.com or drop me an email at [email protected] Thanks! Jason aka Mordenkainen, BL #104
  4. That's a good point... I set up my 'disposed' house as supposed traitors to the Empire. Mostly, they just chose friends that had some nasty plots going on. I think that clears the Templar name for the moment.
  5. What I had in mind for a background would be.... A long standing family <insert name here> had dictatorial rule over a sector of the galaxy. The area was rumored to be one of the wealthiest in minerals and supplies. After making a wrong decision on which side to back in a recent battle, they have all been executed by the Templars. this leaves a vacancy in the area so fast that you could hear the vaccuum calling in mercenaries as well as well known families that want access to the wealth. There will be between 8 and 12 planets in the area that will be staging points for the
  6. Hey everyone. I'm a new Assault Officer (#104) and need some help from you guys with some experience. I'm working with my Home Game Shop (also known as A Knight's Realm <-- shameless plug) to get everyone playing more by setting up a league. I have played and run leagues based on other game systems and I've noticed that there are always things that you do and do not want to do with a league. So finally to my question... Has anyone out there run a league for CAV, and if so, are there any tips or special rules, etc. that I need to know about to make sure that everyone has fun and
  7. Just reitterating what's been said about GW... I've never had a problem finding someone that knows the rules and can play. It's usually harder to get in to a 'clic' to play more than just in trounaments. Usually it just takes persistance and some humility to get people to let you in.
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