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  1. For the reaper brush on primer in white, do you guys thin it? What about vallejo black primer?
  2. The miniatures are being compared to the miniatures from the game Dust. Is anyone familiar with it? People are saying that they are superior in detail to reaper bones and if they are like the Dust line they come pre-primed.
  3. I just asked on the Kickstarter and it will be hard plastic not pvc.
  4. Is the material they are using not good for painting? Or does it not hold detail well?
  5. They have already plowed through their stretch goals. At this point you get 112 miniatures for $90. That is $0.80 per miniature. I can't say no to that.
  6. I have attempted to blend some with this new guy. The color gradient is definately less abrupt that my previous minis but I think I could have gone a little bit lighter on the raised areas of the robe. I just applied blending to the blue robe to begin with. He is a bones mini.
  7. I ordered the red and blond hair triad paints to add some variety to the townsfolk boxed set. Is their a tutorial on using them? Do I just base coat with the darkest color and dry brush the next two, or do I basecoat with the middle color and wash with the darker color followed by a light dry brush?
  8. Thanks for all of the advice. Blending it is! I will post pictures of my first attempt. Thanks again.
  9. Well I think what stands out to me the most is the abrupt changes between my color layers. I would like a gradual gradient change from dark shadows to bright highlights. From what I understand you can do this with blending? I have watched this youtube series on it.
  10. So I have been painting miniatures for a few years but with the recent Bones line I have really been able to experiment more with new techniques. I feel that what I can do now is perfectly acceptable for tabletop gaming, however, I would like to level up! I am familiar with advanced techniques from videos and I understand what they do and roughly how to do them, however, I am unsure of the order that I should learn them in. I have included links to two of my recent figures. What technique should I explore next? Barbarian with war paint and Death Knight: http://imgur.com/2uOvwyA http://imgur.com/Oa7EP70 http://imgur.com/lapF6cd
  11. Let this be the end of the bad blood. Long Live The Hobby! Hear, hear! This makes me happy!
  12. Thanks all. I once had lots of reaper paints but they got lost when I moved so I am starting over. I still have all of my nice brushes though. I will check out that reaper paint kit when it comes out on the 15th.
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