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  1. Nah, not lurking under an assumed, just lurking occasionally. Blame it on not realizing that I should have gotten contacts again instead of glasses that, as it turns out, at my scrip' make red and blue dance while everything else sits still. Painting doesn't work that way and moving comes before new eyewear. lol


    The photos, well... I will have to see if I can dig them out of CD back ups somewhere from three computers ago as the trees I used were lost to a hurricane, so no re-photographing them. I'll see if I can come up with something, just be patient with me as that was a good while back.

  2. I like both of the figs, but can't seem to figure out how they are supposed to walk. They better hope that they don't have to run anywhere, but knowing me I'll probably pick up both of them.

    Well, they are called "hobble skirts" for a reason. :;):


    I love it, I know an ICU nurse that I am just going to have to paint one up for. ik_devil.gif

  3. I have two that make people shudder when they see me eating them, both ice cream type stuff related:


    Natural Vanilla Bean Blue Bell ice cream with sour cream and cheddar Ruffles potato chips :wub:


    And the good one, makes me want it just thinking about it...


    Blue Bunny Orange sherbet (I don't like the sweet flavored brands) and plain ol' Premium crackers :wub::wub:



    Beyond that, um..... Well I like white jasmine rice with milk, butter, and sugar, gods is that decadant.

  4. IIRC Paypal takes 2%. So on that $10 you paid $0.20. Thats not too killer. I would recomend watching how many options you do on ebay. Being able to cut the number of pictures you have in an auction can save a respectable ammount of money.

    Don't forget the value of getting an editor and doing your own lisings and inserting images from your ISP provided webspace. Much money can be saved with these two things alone.


    I build my auctions with Trellion, a free WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) html page builder program. You can have the nifty "themed" auctions, or really plain ones, and the "themed" ones don't look like everyone else's, just don't go overboard with the bells, whistles, and such.


    The only image I host at eBay is the gallery pic/thumbnail. I get megs and megs of webspace with my internet service, I think most ISP's now days provide at least 5 meg, definitely worth looking into for auction listers.


    As far as Paypal, is a cost of playing the game currently, no paypal seriously cuts prospective buyers and paypal IS going to take thier little cut. If you get one of thier debit/check cards you get cash back on any purchase you make that is processed as a credit card, that's how we make up that difference, a little, at least.

  5. For a first osl this abolutely rocks! (heck for a third or fourth it's still pretty kikkin')


    On the blue/white highlights that Darkstar mentioned, you could possibly highlight the ground a little (provided that this is an outdoor scene, to give the ground a bit of a moonlit effect, this could, IMHO, bring those highlights on the mini into a more "real" feel. (you could take it a step further and give the wall a little moonlight, too)


    On a different note, I like most OSL photographed against a black background, it can keep the background from spoiling the illusion. :;):

  6. The lady was really fun to paint, and i was bummed that her face wasn't a bit better (scupted). But, I wasn't going to let that get be down... so.. tattoo what you don't like....


    I wasn't going to comment on the facial sculpt from the front angle, but I do think that the profile is pretty.



    (and here I had what I do like tatooed :lol: )

  7. Oh man! ::o:

    I almost had a panic attack over that recipe.... I wrote it down in three places when I finally got it where I liked it and mixed me up about half a dropper bottle of it, this was around ReaperCon.

    All should be good, right?

    It took me almost an HOUR to find ONE of the places I had written it down. Thank you for asking for it, as it only would have been shuffled even further away from the painting room by the time I went for it otherwise. :blink:



    Anyway, the recipe I use for the base color is 2:3 Shadowed Stone:Nightshade (both MSP)

    I bring it up a tiny bit at a time first with Weathered Stone MSP

    then with a mix of mine that it (I no longer have the numbers for but....) a little dioxazine purple in a fair amount of titanium white to make a light true lavender

    I make sure not to lose the initial color and not to bring the mix all the way up to either of the mix in colors. This one is painted with layering.


    I have decided that her boots are going to be pitch black leather, we'll see if they stay that by the time I'm done (oh look ..... a chicken :lol: ).


    No pictures yet, having to calm down after thinking I had lost my formula for that flesh before I paint. :wacko:


    (and yes, I now have a notebook with a big label on it just for paint notes ::P: )

  8. First I'm going to say that I like them both, quite a bit actually, so what follows is pure silliness. ::D:



    *enters has Star Wars fanatic for a son mode*

    Some black tribal work and the top one could be Darth Maul's ancestor.

    *re-enters her 'normal' mode* :lol:


    I like the bottom one best, I think it has to do with the execution of the flesh, but not sure. It has a lot of depth, no to mention that the scupt has a beautiful facial profile that your paintjob really highlights.

  9. I know that there have been calls for an Incubus model, and I've heard there is one in the works. Maybe this guy could be Sophie's rival/counterpart.

    ::o: *the squeal of joy hear 'round the world!* ::o:


    I have been rooting for this for a LONG time...... :bday:



    (now to hope they do the 72 to go with Sophie for cake toppers :wub: )

  10. Alright, I seem to back in the painting swing so I'm going to try doing the wip thing, we'll see how this goes (because with me, there's really no telling :lol: ) I will TRY to remember to stop for photos occasionally and I will try to remember to get in here and post them after I am through licking my brushes. ::P:


    Anyway, Ishara ......


    I saw her and thought drow, can't even picture her any other way at this point, so I'm going for it so that I can get that out of the way to do one "normal" too.


    I think I'm pretty much done with her flesh at this point (note the word "think" in that), getting there with her red fabric/leathers (have yet to make a final decision, so can't move on there yet).


    I know that I'm going to use light grey to white, silver, and possibly (go figure) a touch of true purple on her before all is said and done. At this point I am going with layering, we'll see if that remains the flavor of the week. :upside:


    So here she is in skin and drapery:



    Comments? Smacks to the head?

  11. Oh wow! :blush: Thank you all for the great reactions to this one.


    I pretty much was just having fun with the color choices.

    Flynn, no metallic/pearl type paints at all on this on, amazingly enough for me, I figured there was more than enough color going on already. :lol:

    Stern, I take that as a great compliment, to not care for a style and still compliment it, thank you.

  12. The way you painted her looking up makes me think she just grabbed some surface-dweller's sword and is taunting them - "come and get it"


    Oh I like that! I hadn't seen her that way yet. :lol:


    Great job, Orchid! I like the koi color scheme. What did you use for the base? It looks absolutely fantastic. I like the addition of the manta on the base. It really adds an under the sea feel to the mini.


    Thanks ::D: The base is cork sheet cut to appropriate shapes, glued together, then ripped apart with tweezers, lots of fun to do. :upside:

  13. Thank you all. :blush:


    The sword. Her hand needed something in it with it's pose, I decided to take a different direction than I had seen and accepted that not everyone is going to like it, I knew it when I did it. :;):


    On seaweed, anemones, urchins, etc... I was afraid of getting started and not stopping before the "crap-out factor" got crossed.


    I thought about bringing the coral up brighter, but I, again, was concerned about taking away from Pearl too much.


    I'm already thinking about what colors my next one of this piece is going to be in. :upside:




    Oops, forgot to add her cmon link as requested, I just got her up there

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