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  1. And the basenji is supported by the quiet factor, too. (cute dogs, basenjis) Cute kids Orsino (and Celeste). I'm on a non-k9 blend right now, cat, parrot, gerbil ...... and none look at the others like food. (though the parrot loves to torment the cats )
  2. I saw a gold in the case at our FLGS, I'll have to see what it's running.
  3. They are sagebrush, easier to buy than find in many locales, but some cedars work great, as well as a few other bushes and shrubs that I don't know the names of (sorry, more into irises and herbs on knowing some names). And the pink one is my favorite so far. Orchid - still planning better pictures, but kind of stalling for the new camera
  4. (3-22-06) I came in and clicked one of my links, it took me straight to a deceased thread notice. I am in the process of fixing this, the ones with "*" are the fixed/good links. Thanks for understanding. Special Editions: 1406 Sophie, 72mm Sculpt -----Another Dark Heaven Legends: 2103 Murkillor The Wraith King 2248 Alyscia of the Forest 2464 Black Legionnaire w/Two Handed Sword *2582 Queen Adrielle of the High Elves 2622 Fruella, Female Giant 2623 Well Of Doom 2682 Selmarina, Witch 2700 Toxanimer Wizard 2703 Gothic Archway 2741 Faries (2) and Nymph *-----nice *-----nice *-----naughty * -----naughty 2752 Yanara High Sorceress *2760 Jalinrix Female Devil *2782 Warl Hellbore Assassin *2808 Taryn, Spearmaiden *-----another Warlord *14033 Wraith another *14077 Griffon *14081 Mummy Consort -----another CAV *Borsig-Spline Mantis
  5. I choose "D all of the above" (sans GW, just don't like thier games at all, personally)
  6. Quite the lovely little bluebird there. I especially love the hair on her, not to mention the lovely fair skin. I like her. (I have a love of this fig anyway)
  7. Dullcoat it before venturing in and if you don't like the results it can be removed with a little water and done again until you are happy with it.
  8. Happy birthdays you two! Hope the coming year is good to y'all!
  9. mmmmmm....... I have three Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean (might have to raid the freezer after thinking about it), Baskin Robbin's Orange Sherbet, and, the bestestest, Marble Slab Sweet Cream with Almonds in a vanilla cone. Orchid - Ice Cream Snob
  10. Alright, I was inspired by these: And this is where I've gotten so far, there is quite a bit more work to be done on those silver scales so please do not think that they are "done," but I am having the damdest time trying to come up with what I am going to do to those wings: The inside of the leg you can see from his other side that is all purple has not had anything done to it yet, as this side was just trying to get the look like I wanted it, which I am pretty much there on. I am just absolutely stumped as to what to do to the wings on this guy. PS ... whadday think of the body so far? Orchid - in a dragon mood of late
  11. Pretty much the same thing.... Where the "sparkles" in metallics are the color of the metal and in pearl paint the sparkles are more fine and (usually) basically white, sometimes gold. The sparkle in these is the color. I don't know how else to explain the difference. If you put most pearl mediums in a color you get an effect similar to clear glitter, albeit very fine glitter, if you put these in a color you get a shimmer of color instead of white/silver-ey, so you could have a red that shimmers green on the highlights. The piece below, it's armor was done in shades of gold and copper that were then highlighted with red inference on the top surfaces and green intereference on the bottom surfaces:
  12. Are you wanting the dark oil/water effect or the light one? The two would use a very different set of paints, if I were doing it. Get the interferences and use a few different colors to get the look (that pretty transition of color like on an expensive pearl), just remember that not all of the interference colors will play nice together. Some of the colors, if you try to mix or blend them, will negate the whole color thing and take the iridescent pigment to plain ol' white/clear, just depends on which colors. Alright, here is a thread on CMON on that look, but I cannot find any of the pictures any longer, seems the thing was re-painted and the pics were pulled. Sorry, but at least the chatter is still there.
  13. I knew someone with half a dozen tigers, she had to open a bar with the tigers where you could see them to try to keep them properly fed, housed and cared for, not to mention the tiger benifits she ended up having to throw four or five times a year for various needs. Baby tigers are wonderful, I got to babysit a pair of them before I had a munchkin, but they need lots of supervisionn and attention. If she really wants one and, like me, doesn't grow out of it Do like Ary said and go over the laws, but also go over how much it costs to KEEP one (buying isn't that bad, they can be found disturbingly cheap ), and the fact that they deserve all the room, care, and recreational stuff as the ones at the Mirage. Orchid - who still wants a panther and a cougar herself
  14. And here I've been thinking of mini CD's or those neat little usb jump drive thingies as such that I could actually pass out.
  15. I like the new one I picked up for my signature yesterday. (I figure you can just look down there )
  16. MAN! Talk about a blast from the past! I was going to see these guy for $5 at the old empty Safeway in the middle of nowhere back in Houston in High School! They are great, and (were, at least, can't speak for now days) really nice guys too. Orchid - headed for her big ol' box o' 80's cassettes
  17. FWIW I'd buy the main book of a system that I thumbed through and found this page in, so I like it.
  18. .......your child gets a look of fear when you say you are going to clean up thier room if they don't ........... they know they are going to be short all the coolest little bits and pieces as a fee for the chore. ........you will spend $40 on a discontinued action figure just to get some of the trinkets out of the box for that mini that would look so cool with them on the base. ........your s/o fears a trip to Garden Ridge/Micheal's/Hobby Lobby/Wal-Mart not because the tally is going to be so high but because they are going to be stuck carry all that little "crap" (read treasures) that is too small to stay in the basket. .........when what you want for christmas is minis, a camera for photographing minis, a new hard drive because you've run out of room for all your mini pictures, paints and brushes for your minis, that cool terrain stuff that would be perfect for that mini, a painting desk because your minicollection has outgrown your old one and the two sets of shelves and the boxes and the rolling cart, and...and...and . . . . . . . . ......... Your seven year old tells you that he want to be a professional mini-painter when he grows up.
  19. We had snow last weekend and near 80 this weekend.
  20. Joyful, healthy, and prosperous wishes for 2005 from Beaumont,TX to all'a'y'all!!!!!
  21. I've got a suggestion to add to what's ben thrown out, a pidgeon hole in the craft section for all the exchanges. Not only would this lessen the number of stickies in GD, it would also make it VERY easy for anyone interested to jump in or see what's up. Just an idea.
  22. I do appreciate it. And Ladystorm PM'ed with some info that helped me pick four "scattered" colors from the line (well...two are metallics so not as scattered, but hey). The Antique Bronze is the goldtone metallic that I went with, it looks like a gorgeous color. Anyhoo, thanks again to you both, and I can't wait. Orchid - having to wait till monday to continue her quest for a very special pigment
  23. You know what? I didn't even look at the dang URL (trying to get ahold of a new pigment to try and a little on the obssessed side at the moment, sorry), loading that page now. The one that My son and I play with so much is here.
  24. My son will play with this for hours on end.
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