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  1. Alright, I'm going to be ordering a few colors to try out the new line before diving in whole hog and ordering the whole sha-bang, but...... Is the Imperial Purple a true purple, or is it a bit grey as represented in the casketworks graphic? Also, I remember reading that Anne thought the pigment in the gold was a little large in a pre-release critique, is this still so? Finally, am I going to be hooked and have to decide if I'm ordering the set first or buying my new camera first? I am going to order four colors to start and I am always on a quest for good metallics and good purples but want to try four different colors so toss a girl a bone here, please. Orchid - who just contracted primer weather interuptus via emptied can Oh yeah, when is Reaper going to give us a spray primer that will work in any weather?
  2. Superman Blue/black with large, vivid indigo streaks (about 1 1/2 inches wide each) was my first color up back in '84. From there I've gone purple, plum, turquoise, violet, and any other shade of purple I could mix. Would still have mine done but I'm having a hard time getting ahold of the brand I love so much, and with hair my length the salons want to charge me (starting at) $150 for a color that goes in not unlike shampoo. Not a price I'm willing to pay every month or so for something I can do all too easily myself (and do it so it lasts three to four months) if I could just get my hands on the $17 bottle of color. Orchid - a golden brunette until she can find a hairdresser to kiss up to.
  3. Wow, a 9. To be honest I will be shocked if the death toll does not rise significantly, I will hope with all I can that it won't. Orchid - going to hold her son for a little while
  4. My seven year old son got a CAV starter set from Santa. Rex decided that Santa didn't give him that but instead Sophie did, after all if sophie has a new sleigh why would she let Santa bring anything Reaper makes? So I guess I now have to let him make a list to Sophie each year too? Orchid - who thought she heard strange non-reindeer noises last night (addendum - I was just informed that her sleigh is pulled by dragons )
  5. We are in BEAUMONT (as in the Gulf Coast of Texas) and I got to take my son out this AFTERNOON to see snow falling, enough of it on the cars, plants, and ground that he was able to get a handful and eat it ............. Beaumont ............ Orchid
  6. I know alot of the "big ones" have a great distaste for anything resembling grainy, but I really prefer that look for ghosts, wraiths, and generally old and tattered undead, I like him overall, agree that a little more contrast on the bone would look great, but that's just my taste. I love the last guy, made me think of the OLD Battlestar Galactica Silons (I guess that's how it's spelled, don't see it spelled much on the tv )
  7. I'm sorry, but when I first saw the images I busted up laughing. I got this whole thing playing out in my head of her being on her first excursion into "the real world" and this being her first encounter with a monser type critter, him telling her to hurry the h#!! up and her coming back "Don't worry, I'll find it in a minute, but did you know that the nilander pit fiend has............" I love the composition, and her prim, clean colors really added to the first impression I got of the piece. Love it. Orchid - who has been in too many first level adventures
  8. Those are fun! Oh, if you want inspiration on Jolie, go look up Darkstar's! wow.
  9. Heh heh, this is one of the many "wild" ideas that we used to sit around and try to figure out a feasablity on many many many moons ago when I was apprenticing as a piercer........way too cool for words to see this level finally coming to fruition!!
  10. Oh wow, this is IMHO your nicest piece to date that I've seen, he's stunning, I really can't wait for the finished images.
  11. Pretty job, on the piece working too. Thanks for the review on the ickyness of the assembly, I had thought about asking for this one for x-mas, but if it's that eewww then it would sit for a couple of years before I "got around to it." To dig for a constructive comment, the hair looks a little artificial next to the rest of his gloriousness. BTW I really like your icon/photo stamp (nevermind that it's even purple )
  12. And may that belly button serve you well for years to come.
  13. As one who has never had less than two of these around..............YES.
  14. Have to say, honestly, I am impressed! That is the best version of the thinker I have seen from a squirt.
  15. Tee hee hee......Thank you everyone! I made myself a tiara and played princess for the day.
  16. Orchid_Noir


    Back here the C-4000 camera was spoken well of....... Does this good review still hold up? I am going to be upgrading in the near future and have found some great prices on these, would one still be good for someone who just wants PDC (pretty durn crisp) pics of thier minis? The camera I have now (and took this with) is not cutting it for me any longer, but I really can not justify the $500+ on the one I took this one with. Talk about frustrating......I should have never touched that good camera.....now I know what my pics could look like. Thank you!!
  17. The big green one is abour 7 1/2 inches and the little pink one is right at 6 inches. I like the "large" trees, they look right next to a fig to me, you know, how a real tree dwarfs us a bit.
  18. This is the spawn of twjolson's Home Made Trees thread. The first responses were strong enough I figured I'd give it it's own thread for ease of finding. _______________________________________________________________ Mine are Pretty easy: Go find some branches that will look about right. dig out some glue and a nail Get some colored wool fiber, pillow stuffing, cotton...whatever Fine foliage (the little cut up pieces of foam in foliage colors) and Aquanet Hairspray (it actually works bestest, the cheaper the better) cut bottom of tree flat glue nail to bottom of tree by head let dry pull wool (or whatever you are using) out real thin (like cheap halloween spider web decoration stuff, which you can also use) and lay it on the branches where you want your foliage after spraying liberally with the cheap hairspray (the thinner you get the fiber the more "dappled" your tree will look let dry Spray liberally with the hairspray again then sprinkle foliage into the fibers then turn tree upside down to let any loose foliage fall off let dry repeat last step if desired for a thicker foliage effect let dry now your tree is ready to stab by the nail into some foam, or whatever and play with oh.... Wait......I forgot something before you play with it....... let dry
  19. Well ...... I put it here didn't I? I might do that though, really. Seriously, thank you. I found the basic technique at a model train shop and tweaked it a hair or two for our miniatures.
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