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  1. Mine are Pretty easy: Go find some branches that will look about right. dig out some glue and a nail Get some colored wool fiber, pillow stuffing, cotton...whatever Fine foliage (the little cut up pieces of foam in foliage colors) and Aquanet Hairspray (it actually works bestest, the cheaper the better) cut bottom of tree flat glue nail to bottom of tree by head let dry pull wool (or whatever you are using) out real thin (like cheap halloween spider web decoration stuff, which you can also use) and lay it on the branches where you want your foliage after spraying liberally with the cheap hairspray (the thinner you get the fiber the more "dappled" your tree will look let dry Spray liberally with the hairspray again then sprinkle foliage into the fibers then turn tree upside down to let any loose foliage fall off let dry repeat last step if desired for a thicker foliage effect let dry now your tree is ready to stab by the nail into some foam, or whatever and play with oh.... Wait......I forgot something before you play with it....... let dry
  2. As the image states, I cannot, for the life of me, remember which of these was my first........just that these were brand spankin' new releases.
  3. It came out of staring at all my minis trying to pick one..........couldn't decide so I asked for someone to call out a color, white is what came back (trying to start a playful argument on the white's not a color thing......yeah, we're that goofy). To meet the challenge I turned away from the lightest 10 of the 100 or so of my non metallic colors (and no mixing those into the others, either ) and churned her out today. She is my first, and so far only, black primed mini so that meant she was my only immediately available choice. So a combination of boredom and indesicion gave rise to it, yes.
  4. First...Thank you Reaper for not having a problem with us posting other manufacturer's stuff (I know it's been said, but...). My project of the day was a challenge to myself to paint a figure without ever touching my white (or almost white) paints and still get it to look alright. I had this little bit primed up in black, as I was wanting to try black primer anyway, so I grabbed her. Click the paragraph to see her. I also seem to be in a mood for working on the human form because it's my third topless figure out of four.
  5. And I now present Gazelle, yesterday and today's project, but due to her bare breasts it is by link. Click here to view. Thanks Flynn for the cork tutorial, the step by step shots were just what I needed. Overall I'm pleased with her, but, as always, looking for other opinions as I'm sure mine is a bit biased.
  6. Sorry, I was painting. Kinda weird sensation though, ain't it.
  7. Nuthin' against the rest of him, beautiful, but I am smitten with those WINGS!
  8. I have a young man that was asking me about him just the other day so color me curious, as well.
  9. As Garm Stated in the other thread, I will not be photographing my minis myself for awhile........he will be. Anyway, here are decent photos of the little one, finally. And a clickable with nudity warning (pasties not there) And thanks for the patience factor, I promise, no more pics on this thread without a specific request for something.
  10. It's from the Island of Lost Minis here at Reaper. (got mine at ReaperCon ) I only got one, now I need a half dozen more...........I would have never guessed that I would find painting mushrooms as fun as I did.
  11. Looks pretty cool, and FUN to play with! (but left scratching my head as to why it's moved out of show off???)
  12. The shrooms are here And the wings are from some ancient Reaper blood imps.
  13. I apologize to Enchantra, I got this almost three weeks ago, and r/l was so crazy that I absolutley forgot to post pics (turns out I even forgot to pm though I thought that I had ) (Thank you Enchantra!!!!!! ) Anyway, here is the guy in all his gloriousness:
  14. Thank you, Enchantra. Also, I updated the pics.
  15. Thanks for the compliments The wings are a wet blend through seven colors of metallics (well, six and green interference): custom purple (blue and purple metallics mixed) - Purple - copper (duncan ultra-metallic) - copper (it's between copper and gold) - gold - white - silver - green interference (by golden) All of these are by Createx unless specified in the list. And here is a better picture, actual good photos will be posted when I can get them. Well.......I didn't get them, but better pics are further down.
  16. 'nother shot _____pic round 2______
  17. I decided I was going to paint something yesterday, from start to finish, and heres what I got: (as with the good fairy, better pics WILL be posted when I get the hang of that back ) ___new pic_____
  18. The lack of a decent photo editor will be resolved asap (photoshop on CD but no room at the moment)' *edit* doubled image removed (saved unter 2 different names), sorry
  19. Scroll down for pics......horrid ones removed
  20. pulled this one due to nudity (I forgot folks ...........again........sorry )
  21. please forgive a couple of spots on her, she got dropped and broken into three pieces within 12 hours of completion Repairs are not my forte. IMO the time away from the table really shows on this one, but her sister (that I painted yesterday) looks much better. And the last excuse, I've got to get back in the swing of taking the photos, too, if/when I get better pics I'll post an update. Anyhoo..........pic number one: Better Pics further down......horrid one removed
  22. Woo Hoo!!! Happy natal day you two!! (one for Ary)
  23. I did one of these out of foamcore instead of wood. All I needed was spray adhesive, one sheet foamcore, two sheets of vellum. and an x-acto knife. Same plans as the wood one. Love it.
  24. Thanks guys But it's not my computer, I can only do so much.
  25. Thanks, I am so hot about the person setting up this computer for her not putting anything on against all this that I didn't even think about that "duh" Dang it! I'm a paint geek, not a computer geek!
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