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  1. My friends computer has a bad case of never having had an anti-viral program installed (until now!) and I am having heck getting rid of something called "IBIS toolbar." AdAware SE can't kill it, it finds it, but freezes up when it tries to do anything to it, and yes I have already updated. I can't find it with Highjack This or Registrar Lite, and AVG isn't hitting it either. All help greatly appreciated! Orchid
  2. I am sorry that I missed this! Happy Birthday Gael!! And thank you for your beautiful little works of art!!
  3. When I do an avatar I size it by pixels (64x64 here I think), then I use the "save for web" option down from "save" and "save as." It'll give you some options, pick the one that fits your needs the best.
  4. Skya, I understand (more than you can know right now ). I've been arguing with myself over mine for weeks now. Orchid - hoping that light she's seeing isn't a train!
  5. Sorry about the lack of any identifiers or anything, I finished it the week of our move and mailed it two days before we pulled out at OMG o'clock in the morning. I'm glad it made it to you, and sorry that our computers both went on strike and I was unable to reply before now. I'm glad you like it. Orchid/Wendy
  6. You are correct. We just use his name for all the customs forms and such, easier to keep track of it all under one name (I guess it's a lazy thing ) And I'm glad you like it Meady, it took me forever to decide just what to paint up for you.
  7. Techstar snowflakes. superglued the first layer a super thinned layer of white pearlescent paint (added opacity for the snow), spray seal, one last layer by means of dunking base in snow and letting set until dry. And thank you, everyone. The purple is a current self challenge, I see all over that purple is a very hard color so I decided that I'm going to get good at it. Next up on the learn a color, when I am satisfied with purple, is green......which I'm going to have to buy more of as I only own four colors of it.
  8. I am going to be sending this one out tomorrow to it's recipient, but I know that there is not a camera on that end so I took pictures.........and I'm about as patient as a 3 year old when it comes to showing ya'll my minis so...... I'm not going to say who it's going to, but I hope that they will be please when it gets to them.
  9. Mine should be out Thursday barring incident.
  10. Here's some stuff I've been wanting to try for just this kind of thing. Maybe? They also have red brick and cinderblock, if you're wanting a bit more uniform masonry.
  11. Hey Ichabod! Thanks for the file file link! Orchid - amidst brush storage solution epiphany
  12. I have found something that I like with my tube paints that helps them adhere, but it does have a little of the gloss (nothing dullcote can't handle). Createx has an airbrush medium that I got to use with the pure pigments to mix my own paints (I'm psycho when it comes to mixing colors ...... by the 2oz bottle, at that), and I have found that it not only keeps the colors smooth, it also can mix a mean ink. By the way, have I mentioned how much I like Createx airbrush paints?
  13. A noted lack of coverage in there.
  14. Oh gads! Those folks got steals! Do you do CMON? If so do you use the "feature auction" that's available? My hits tripled when I started using it. I honestly can't think of a better promotion at the price that targets the people you want to target for minis.
  15. I really like your work with the lavender. Might I suggest slightly larger pupils, though? Unless she is suppossed to be looking right into some bright light the pupil on a relaxed expression will be a little larger. A good rule on eyes that I learned way too many moons ago is that for a basic eye let the pupil's edge just barely be slipping under the upper lid, show more or less as appropriate to the expression on the face. Think a star in a circle two points up, or a pentagram, let the eyelid run across from one of those points to the other, the eyelid will arch up a bit, usually with it's high point being centered above the pupil. This is what I learned and taught for years, with Sophie's scale it is easier to use, I have yet to manage it on the regular size minis more than a couple of times, but not for lack of trying. Hope this isn't more of a monologue than you were looking for, I spent too long teaching people to paint eyes at a larger scale, can't help it. But really, I like the look of her so far!
  16. And even they are not finished. BTW, did you have any opinion on tail color?
  17. I'm on an eye break/coming up for air from the painting pit and I am looking for opinions on what to do with her lower half. My very first instinct is to continue the gradations on her wings, but I'm wondering about doing the body in a totally different color like purple/fuschia/red/copper or red/orange/copper/light gold, or something else totally..... I'm pretty sure it's going to be in the blended metallics I enjoy doing so much, but not dead set on it at all so let me know what'cha think. everything but the wings is either base coat or primer, and they are not finished yet......
  18. The circular saw blades I use are like these but I get them from a local hobby shop. Blades and mandrel are sold seperately. They can be dangerous and bind then jumping back at you but with care and lubrication they work well. http://www.ares-server.com/Ares/Ares.asp?M...epartment&ID=57 Ahhhh, that link is the gold mine for small tools! Micro Mark is the other catalog that I get like a little kid with, circling things I want ALL through that thing, always reminds me of the giant old Sears Wishbooks getting ready for Christmas. Summary? Micro Mark goooooood!
  19. How are you sealing your paint jobs? I like brush on Dullcote from Testors for great durability, also a light once over with a good indoor/outdoor gloss sealer (Ceramcoat has a nice one, just remember; a few thin coats are much better than a glob )
  20. Apple Barrel? Victorian Red! Gorgeous, deep, with heady cool tones to it (gah, I sound like some wine snob ) a little of the flow improver of your choice and it is wonderful!
  21. Be careful with this stuff (for those who haven't yet experimented), if it is applied too thick to highly detailed sculpts it can pull out of the recesses as drying shrinkage occurs. Just a heads up, I adore this stuff (brightest, toughest, clearest gloss I've found in ages) but I did botch two minis with this problem a while back, luckily both done for my collection, but still.... Go easy with this stuff.
  22. Gradients There are ten different ones there, in the right size to print.
  23. Now listen here, you tease, I opened this expecting piccys! Now where are they?!
  24. I loovve washes I use them sparingly (usually), like for lining eyes, but they are great for adding that last little touch of blend or hint of depth, I thin them to all heck as I can always go back with another wash. In fact I just got through mixing up a new bottle of burnt sienna wash from pure pigment (an airbrush grade, so extra fine), it's sooooo nice to have! hrmm, I'll stop babbling now
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