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  1. When I am looking for something specific I do a few sitewide searches for any word that I think could possibly be associated with the object of my quest. I have found some fantastic deals with this method before, not everyone, it seems, can figure out where to put something (found very rare minis in "everything else" CHEAP and gameboy's in "clothing" ). Thing with this is you have to be willing to dedicate a little time to trudging through all the %@ to find your gold nugget. Orchid - who can't belive she just shared her "find cheap goodies" secret
  2. Text of Rule #2 has been edited to the above text, reflecting the intent of the rule all along. kit And this is why I check the rules every time before I enter. Seriously, this is the way I had always pretty much read the rule anyway. Orchid - hoping she can finish her speculated entry in time!
  3. Looks great! And hey, since it was so easy you can throw one together for me, too. (I'm running now! )
  4. How about getting wither the individual bricks/blocks in the dollhouse/model RR section and building a wall .... oooorrrr .... getting some of the textured styrene (? aka plastic sheets) for scale modelers? The plastic sheet would be light, the other would be fairly easy ............
  5. Orchid_Noir

    Webstore Images

    Has this changed to one per pack here recently?? The site and store are showing only one, and the one that I just got in the mail only has one. Just curious as to if there was a change we missed?
  6. The images I found of sword sized blades showed little to no trans. on the edges, as the stone had to be to thick to support the blades size. Do an image search (I like dogpile.com for those) on obsidian blade or obsidian sword, there a quite a few available.
  7. The closest image I could find to what I think you are describing shows decent translucent edges:
  8. The 80/20 is pretty close to what I use, and that is straight W&N to water, and I add this mix directly to the paint until I get the consistency I need for what I'm working on. And welcome to the boards, hope ya' stick around!
  9. What I just saw on that site wasn't the Tolkien variety (at least the one I've seen phonetic spellings for), so I'd assume D&D.
  10. I can find references to it, but it seems that it may be a bit new, like they have not had time to recieve, stock, and list them.
  11. First send a contact attempt through the "ask seller a question" link. Also, bear in mind that if they are on a dial up and are having phone difficulties due to weather it could be that thier mail is at capacity. In this case giving it at least 3 to 5 days wouldn't be out of the question. There is always the possibility that it is a highjacked account where the highjacker is simply listing similar items and hoping for immediate pays, but I seriously doubt it. Try the contact through the system, give it a few days, if after that there is still no response go get 'em. Orchid ps. if you do make contact, point out that thier info is outta whack, could be that they forgot to update it after a change.
  12. Shrinkage is a PITA, I've got a couple of these sitting around waiting for me to get some green stuff (which is on the "when I have enough want-stuffs to place an order" list).
  13. Thanks 'Chantra. I think so. Of course, that picture is from when he was still in the hospital. He's already grown so much!! They do that .......... FAST!
  14. Naahhhhh....I've still got some I'm waiting for to come in from the past, and I've still got my spring to get out. Patience, I think, is pretty much a requirement going into one of these. You might get your suprise early, but don't count on it, we painters (I won't call us artists for fear of attack ) are a finicky lot, some of us more than others. I know that gift or not, free or not, I'm going to try my hardest to never send out a mini that I am less than ok with, not necessarily thrilled with, but at least ok with, after all it's my name that's going to be attached to it, and I have a thing about that (hence my comparably low finished mini rate ) Short version? Ahhh, don't worry about.............yet.
  15. I've usually got around a dozen going, then throw in my four "ever in progress" dioramas I've had going (just added another ). Part of mine is the letting areas dry, but I also tend to look up from the one I just finished with a color on only to spot one of the other "working" ones that I suddenly want to use some of that color on. My method can be called either insane, for the down to earth types, or, going for pretention, DaVinici-esque. (I follow my heart and don't get in a hurry, all the while compiling enough reference material for a small nation to work from )
  16. I might just have to do one of these, too. Just to have one in my own collection! (group project in the works anyone?)
  17. Hey! I don't feel all alone anymore!!!
  18. I like doing WINGS!!! I also really like doing faces, and dragons! yeah ..... I love doing dragons too (wings? possibly) and....... and ...................... and .....................................
  19. For wings and bugs I like to go to: Insect World They have some incredible photos of bug from awesome to gorgeous to flat out weird. I go there alot for color palette ideas (a secret until now )
  20. Was one of the ones that came up in the Amy Brown image search, but I thought that it was worth pointing out on it's own. (I love Dogpile, my fave search engine for years now)
  21. Fairy Artists, a whole site dedicated to said.
  22. Are you looking mostly for wing ideas, or the whole fairy? Also, are you wanting the victorian fairy type, the flora fairies of the late 70's and 80's, or the current harder edged type of fairy? I have a fair amount amassed, let me know what you're looking for and I can email you some as an attachment, if ya want. Other than that I'll have to look up some of the artists that paint some of them. I think Amy Brown is one of the current big names in fey art, you might try that name with the word fairy or faries in a search.............. An image search on Froud Same for Amy Brown
  23. She's still "green" but I would throw a vote in for the human scribe: Or Hyrekia (sp?) Or even Lorrain (the elven archer) There is a young look to them, but (excluding the scribe here) a certain darkness that would go well with the slightly twisted theme I'm seeing develop here. the scribe just has a great "lost" feel while still being a gorgeous piece.
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