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  1. Nothing that wasn't said already - but I really like the basing. I've seen

    products at the hobby shop to make water; it's cool to see it done without

    that stuff.

    I decided i didn't like the Woodland Senics water effects, for one it would fog/cloud back up to easily with humidity, so I gave this stuff a try and love it. It's thick enough that it's fun to play with what it'll do.

    orchid - i just noticed your location comment: The home of happiness is under Janet's Hat! ::D:



    vhaidra, you are more than welcome, I wish I could give you the name on that peacock color, but it didn't make it up to Denton with us. And Liquitex is just another of the "fine art" lines.


    I use the Golden ultramarine as well for my blues, it's very very nice to have on hand. I had trouble painting this mini, especially the arm and dagger, due to the funky angle they are positioned in. Oh yeah the face as well was hard to reach and paint. I was never really satisfied with my take on this mini so I've left it nearly finished for about a year myself before I go back in and touch it up to completion.


    It's ironic because I thought this mini would be a breeze to paint, ended up being more of a challenge than I thought hehe. I like your version, it looks almost the same as mine, except your's has a blend of blues going across the whole cloak whereas mine concentrates more on the folds and recessess.


    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one he gave such grief to. :blink:

    I can't find yours in a search...... so when do we get to see it? Hmmm? ::):

  2. Thank you :blush:


    Beautiful work on the cloak. I am assuming that it was done with a mixture of wet-blending and layering. It is a stunning blue. The skin tones also look good and your base is great.


    The only thing I don't like is the knife. The blade looks fairly boring and flat, which when compared to the skill shown in the rest of the miniature, seems oddly out of place.


    Overall, he looks great though.



    Yes, it is wet blends and layering, give that man a prize! :lol:

    The blade is going to be a shortfall to many, myself included, but I had to call it or I was going to work it to death (futzed with this one on and off for over a year).


    Wow WHAT A BlUE!!! I Love it! Would you tell us how you did it?? Unfortunatly I agree to TaleSpinner concerning the Blade, it's a pity. It would great if you could improve the Blade a little bit. Then the paintjob would be just Perfect. Base looks great too I like the Dark Water.


    The base blue that I mixed the group for this from started with a peacock blue/green from Liquitex with Golden's heavy body ultramarine blue added a tad at a time (that stuff is STRONG), the stages were done with titanium white. I used the same blue to tint the water. :;):


    That is awesome Orchid. I love that cloak. The dagger looks a little rough in some spots (being extremely critical...).


    Love the base. One suggestion: Paint a layer or two of Future Floor finish over the water.


    Me too. ::D: The base made me very happy. Are you suggesting the future for more gloss? If so, the water is very glossy, but it got lost in setting the lighting for the mini. I use Liquitex Heavy Body Gloss Gel Medium for water effects now, I can color it, blend the colors just like working with my usual paints, and it stays super glossy and rather transparent. It has made doing water SO much easier, even waterfall type effects are easier.


    Here is a wip of the base, before I white capped the waves and added some more untinted gloss for extra depth, you can see a little more of the gloss on it.


  3. I'm adding my blurb on him because I like it. :;):

    Cloaked in the sky it's self

    He perched upon that rocky shore

    With the gentile waves lapping below

    And the gentile sea breeze moving around him


    Waiting for that ship to come in


    May the light have mercy on it's passenger

    For surely he will not


  4. Thank you. :blush:


    It's just blended metallics, no interferences, no poly-chromatics. Createx makes the metallics that I like to use, they are made for airbrushing but are divine for "normalbrushing," which is how I use them.


    It is a buggar to photo because I like vehicles finished in super high gloss, it's a car thing. :lol: But here are a couple of the shots I got of it before sending it out:


    (please pardon the strange red reflections on it, I didn't realize that the sun was coming in through my curtains and putting strange stuff in there :rolleyes: )


  5. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it isn't so much the camera as it may be the photo program I'm using to resize the pics. It seems that the larger pictures look just fine; it's when I crop and resize them that it seems to get all fuzzy and pixelated. I'm using a program called MGI PhotoSuite since it was free and I can't afford Photoshop. I might look into some other programs and see if they do any better.

    For free, look at GIMP (gimp.org), my only complaint about it is the resolution limitations, but those are not a problem with photos for the web.


    She looks good, btw. ::):

  6. I don't know how the hell it has a mere 6 on CMON? It's a great, pro-level paintjob, do You have some bigger photos?

    :blush: Aw shucks. :blush:



    Just for that I re-posted it with a larger image.


    *waves at enchantra before re-cloaking*

  7. You can also buy interference paint at store that sells artist's paint. I have a tube of purple, it goes from purple to blue depending on the light. It's expensive, though, $9 for a tube, though it's probably more than anyone would use in a lifetime of painting purple sparkly armor. ;)

    I absolutely adore interferences, but they do not do what this pigment does. Where an interference might give off a couple of colors, this stuff will shift through almost the entire spectum, and sometimes quite dramatically at that, with three contingent colors being predominant (this one's predominants are red, violet, blue), but it will shift further under more extreme angles. Here is a group of photos showing the effect better.

  8. Thanks! ::D:


    The color shift paint is a science lab experiment, pretty much. Wish I could give you an easier answer, but....

    1. I found the color I wanted, in a nail polish. I don't want to paint with nail polish because it's gloppy, toxic, and, clean-up is hard on brushes.
    2. I called the manufacturer of the nail polish to find out about the pigment.
    3. Company producing pigment only sells in HUGE volume. (that I cannot afford, or I'd make huge batches of the stuff and sell it :poke: ) They also said "This pigment will not work in a water based carrier." I did not accept that answer, had to keep digging.
    4. Dug around for almost a year before giving up on getting hands on pigment ready to use.
    5. Had an epiphany and I Chemically extracted pigment from nail polish and blended into a water based carrier. It works. It has to be a gloss carrier to optimize the effect, but that's fine by me.

    (I am still hoping for an enterprising mini company who's name begins with REAPER to get that pigment and make these paints, I don't like the pigment extraction process)


    The only other option I have found yet (and after above experiment, so can't give opinion on product) would be House of Kolor's pigment, pricey, but there.

  9. I know it's been a while, but just hadn't been up to painting..... well, that's over and here's the newest.

    Her armor is not going to photo worth a poo because it's a color-shift paint, but the rest of her photos alright IMO.


    Opinions anyone?


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  10. How long to the trees last before they need to be replaced or repaired? What stores can you find sagebrush in? I live up in Canada so where would I go to get it?

    I like to get my stuff from Sweetwater Scenery, personally, second only to going out and finding it myself, and they are nice people, too, from my dealings with them. You could also try model RR places, that's whers we get most of our terrain supplies.


    As far as how long they last, I haven't had to mess with any I've made, but I treat them rather nicely when I handle and store them so your mileage may vary on that. (still need to make me some more of these ::): )

  11. Photoshopping your entry is strictly prohibited.


    I am assuming that this does not include cropping, but does it include compositing multiple (straight square or rectangular) angles into one image? (think side by sides or CMON style for my question)


    Thanks. ::):

  12. I so want to see a picture of that, Orchid.

    Ask and...



    From the outside more of the discoloration is visible, and this is only one corner of it. It made me very glad that I sacrificed a blanket to the window (hung behind my bedsheet curtains :lol: ) when I realized that it had that exposure. Can you imagine the effect on the light bill otherwise? :blink:


    For the longest time I thought that something fire related had happened in one of the front buildings of the complex, I guess maybe not.




    Oh, the rear view drop is a regular rite of summer in Houston, too.

  13. I can truely understand Robin Williams' "It's hot" bit from Good Morning Vietnam today.


    Last night we came back to the apartment and looked up to check the windows (just a habit) and the mini blinds in one room, the most sun exposed, of course, had melted. I mean "looks there was a fire in the room" type melted.



    WOW! :blink: Glad we just stay indoors as much as possible during daylight hours during the peak of summer. ::P:

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