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  1. Another memory I have is of the movie Cloak & Dagger starring Dabney Coleman in dual roles. The kid in the movie is a huge fan of a Top Secret SI type game. They use old Grenadier spy minis and everything. A great Home Alone type movie with spies and secret agent type stuff.


    Take care gang,



    Wow, someone other than myself as see that movie.  Good call dude.


    I thought that movie was kinda cool myelf.  I remember seeing it in the theater not long after I'd first gotten glasses.  I wasn't used to wearing them and forgot them.  I had to sit reeeeeaaal close to the screen in order to see what was going on.   :cool:


    Ah memories.

    That's one of my favorites. Ya wanna quest of your own?  Go find a copy each of that and "Mazes and Monsters." :oo: Though I was going to go mad getting ahold of those.


    Orchid - who will refrain from listing the rest of her movies that people love to hate since they don't have minis :;):

  2. The first one (who was left with her broccoli) is being done in a medium teal with black hair and silver armor, I'd give more detail but that's as far as I've gotten with her.  :upside:


     The second one, welllllll, I dunno yet, I'm waiting for the weather to allow me to prime so that I can put her in the hoard of "stare at them until the imagination slows down on ideas enough to grab and go with one" minis. :p



    Orchid - who just finished putting hooves on a succubus ???

  3. I just keep mine in a plastic 20oz Coke crate.  I go through at least once every month and methodically agitate the heck out of each and every one of them, I also make sure that they stay indoors and climate controlled.


    I have three bottles of metallics that have kept for over 15 years with this, some "Liquid Leaf," great stuff.  The greatest majority of my paints are in those flip top craft bottles that so many people seem to hate, I personally love them.

  4. I LOVE the detailed bases that I have brought home so far. I will admit I had one (out of 4 or 5) that gave me some grief, but I just grabbed a plain plastic base out of a box of them I keep around.


    Personally I would like to purchase asst. packs of these, I have fun with them.

  5. Pictures.  I wanna see pictures.


    I'm thinking paint fumes, though maybe a little too much glue?

    If so, most likely the super glue  :oops:


    I will TRY to get a pic, but I am having a terrible time even getting a pic of an entire mini to come out worth a $#!? with our camera  :(  


    I can take a perfect photo of a dragonfly de-winging a butterfly but can't get a mini to not look like it's behind frosted glass. :down:

  6. I am currently working on my 72mm Sophie  :love:  and, partially due to the colors, when I turned her to look at her face full-on I found myself staring at none other than Micheal Jackson.  :oh:


    Granted I AM doing her w/ black hair and med. light flesh, and with the eyeliner already there........


    Anyone who has access to her tip her back a bit and turn her a touch to the right so as to see her face full front and there he is


    :oo: not who I wanted to see in the middle of envisioning a completed Sophie :oo:

  7. IMO

    The few confrontation minis that I have (other than a few fabu scenics) go fine with my DH and great with my warlords.


    I have yet to get mine finished, or I would post a compare. (might still try later, but it will be on the scanner, the camera software is acting weird and i have to load on the laptop and network to the desktop  ??? )

  8. Right general locale, but afraid to go buying into another game of this type at the moment.  (not enough room with the already existing multiple regiments of another huge humanoid assult vehicle game on top of all the fantasy figs)


    But we would be willing to try to make it to a "watch/learn and see if ya like it" type thing for possible addiction  :oops:  I mean interest  :blush:

  9. I just had to pick another can of white primer due to the other half's stripping and re-starting his Gauth.


    $8 with the regular's discount! :ghostface:


    This is the ONLY GW product that I use, and that is because I really like the results I get;a smooth, even, great painting surface that does not fill any of my detail, the whole sha-bang.


    To the point.

    A) When is Reaper going to offer me something so that my money can go where I would like it to?  :;): hint hint


    B) Until that day, who else offers up a nice, smooth, product that dispenses evenly?


    I am about to need black primer as well, and would like some input :)

  10. personally, the little hooky things on the hands of the choker and the tentacles on the displacer beast. they just creap me out. that and things that are naturally purple or onange, because those seem to be the least naturally occuring colors

    I have to say, I find your post a riot since I came across it *after* I started my "Well of Doom," which has purple and orange tentacles :O

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