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  1. Seriously here, you DO know that there is a decent market on eBay for customized barbie type dolls, right? OOAK's? And there is a fair number of goth collectors always looking for something outstanding (with a bit of money to toss at it).

  2. Art or craft supply shop and look for matte, satin, or glossy acrylic brush-on sealer that thins with water. They should have it.

    Just watch the indoor/outdoor stuff, this kind of stuff sometimes has an infuriating shrinkage issue. You can have a pretty piece, get it clear-coated, and a few months to a year later this stuff has shrunken and drawn up off the piece in areas with recessed details, and it looks awful.



    Ask me how I found this one out. <_< It took an acetone soak to get the crud off.

  3. I'll add our "Yes, it would be nice to be able to put in for the days off early," list.


    Allen almost got told he wasn't gettting the day off for RCon after the big alien protest thing, too many people took off that Monday and they were going to try to make him give up the day off he was promised. He got it in early enough that thier argument didn't last long, but still.....

  4. For me, running water, drool, etc... Golden Extra Heavy Body Gel (gloss).


    Not much shrinkage, clear as glass when dry, color/opacity easily worked with other acrylics, readily available, easily workable, non-stenchy, water based, fairly small learning curve, quality product, etc...


    Just my thought on it. ::):

  5. I'll go ahead and voice my opnion again on a companion for Sophie. :wub:


    A not too muscular (no Arnie's, please, oh please) deliciously gorgeous guy with the wing thing going on.


    Even better if a 72m comes out, and even better yet if it's before our wedding so I can make the cake topper of my dreams!




    Orchid - goin' to pray to the mini gods :lol:

  6. The broccoli bases on the DHL line should be scrapped and replaced with the 1 inch square slot bases.

    Meh.. Something other than the broccoli would be nice, but DHL are not slot base, that's the way of the line.

    1. The plastic base has got to be cheaper than the metal base, right?

    Not if you run a factory/shop that is set up to make metal stuff. Plastic is expensive to get into producing.

    2. I spent a lot of time painting a fig and that base ruins it for me. Cutting or grinding it off with expensive tools and re-sculpting parts with greenstuff is not my idea of fun. I'm not going to repeat the mistake so I won't buy any figs with broccoli. Broccoli belongs back in 1985.

    Never had this problem, I cut before I paint. Point a: wire cutters and an x-acto type knife are not expensive, and until recently are what I used with only one disaster. Point b: sometimes mistakes need to be repeated to learn how to stop them and still progress in a given endeavour. There are a zillion flavors of ice cream for just this reason, if the taste isn't what you like, choose one that is, the Warlord line has some great sculpts AND slot basses.

    3. Sure, some people want to open the blister and start playing their RPG, but they can easily use white glue to stick it on a plastic base.

    And they could reply that you could easily learn to remove said bases, that's why there are lines offered for both tastes.

    4. The folks in #3 probably use a dry-erase gridmap with squares that match the plastic bases.

    And would buy the slot based lines if that was what they wanted.

    5. Broccoli topples easily.

    Some do, some don't, but some slot base figs refuse to remain upright, too.

  7. I wonder how many people today don't realize that's the Beverly Hills Cop theme they're messing with there.


    And see, I'm so far behind that I though that was what was starting up when I first heard the music. :lol:


    Orchid - who upon seeing what it was couldn't get "Axel Frosch" out of her head. :wacko::lol:

  8. I was wandering around Sam's Club the other day and saw some small vending machines there, that got the gears turning about what to put in the gaming area. Gamers hate snacking and Mountain Dew. :rolleyes:::P:

    :devil: Talk about turning mental gears!!





    A bubblgum machine full of DICE!!!! :wub:


    One I wouldn't mind letting my child use every visit, would have him looking forward to even the visits when he was told we were not shoping for him an item "this time," not to mention my loves of gumball machines AND dice! :wub::wub:

  9. You had your chance, you choose to spend your Reaper Bucks on other things. ::P:

    Wait! I thought that was the CON shirt, not the RAC shirt! :down:


    I want a refund and re-auction.

    Besides, I love my new Warlord purse! :lol:

  10. I really wish there were more of those Reaper Artist Con t-shirts... ;_;'s



    I just want minis from that Sophie! :wub:




    Not that I would not get a couple of the shirts had I the chance. :;):

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