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  1. Don't worry about the faceting, this is a low res preview.


    I used Silo to model it. It's probably 50% right now. The opening in the front is supposed to be a multi-story window. The gashes in the sides are the windows for the upercrust suites, in which one entire wall is a window. Everyone else gets smaller windows which I don't intend to model. They won't show up at the scale this thing will be printed at.


    It's probably about 50% done right now. Tweak the geometry, add some greebles, etc.

    How is Silo, for a newb?

    I just picked up Hex2 (on sale insanely cheap, link on my site in sig) and have just started dabbling in the building side of the 3d thing.


    Model is looking good, I like it. ::D:

  2. How does the RAC differ from Reaper Con anyways? I'd love to attend it if I can make the time. Not that it really matters, but my b-day's on October 27. That'd be cool to be able to celebrate it on the first day of the con. ^_^



    In my experience, it's smaller and alot more focused on the artists and the painting/sculpting side of things.


    I made it to last year's, and it was great.

  3. OMG! That would be too awesome! That Friday is the date Allen and I are trying to get everything lined up for to have our wedding!!! (yeah, I'm an odd one according to my family :lol: )


    If you'd be having your wedding that weekend, wouldn't that mean you couldn't come though?

    Cool idea for a date. If not for anything, but to tweak out superstitious guests :lol:


    The not being able to make it wouldn't happen until he gets his vacation time at the new job, at which point we are hoping to get me back to DisneyWorld for a week, and that will be after the first of the year. RAC would be a perfectly acceptable hold-over treat!


    To go with the date the colors are going to be red, black and (who-da-thunk-it) purple. :devil:


    Although I have given up on my dream of a 72mm handsome incubus to go with Sophie as the cake toppers. :down:

  4. I vote for October 13-15. C'mon, how cool would it be for there to be a Friday the 13th Con start date? The logo could be Sophie holding a hockey mask in her hand (wouldn't want to cover up her face) :poke:


    :bday: It's also my birthday that weekend. :bday:


    I just have to say, I truly love my wife. I have no idea how I got so lucky. ^_^ I just mentioned it, and her response: "Have fun!!! I thought we talked about this on the way home from the airport?"




    Obviously, if there are issues with the Qwykling, which knock wood, there won't be, that will change, but as of today, count me in!!!

    OMG! That would be too awesome! That Friday is the date Allen and I are trying to get everything lined up for to have our wedding!!! (yeah, I'm an odd one according to my family :lol: )

  5. I'm just about to start cleaning up the 'Special Sophie' that I was lucky enough to get. Well, one of the ones I got. :devil:

    Man, I am having to exercise every ounce of will power in me to finish the other version of her that I had started before the con! I have one of this one cleaned and ready to prime, but must.....finish....other.....first.

  6. Orchid, I'm really not trying to hijack your thread, it's just I know the moderators will combine if I start my own with photos...




    debby ^_^

    Get your pictures outta my thread!!! ::P:




    It's not hijacking, it's con pics..... ::D:



    Orchid - feelin' silly

  7. ReaperCon Day 3


    This is a wrap for me. I was so busy and distracted Sunday that I didn't take any pictures.


    I was so much fun. It was so full of talent, knowledge, and good people. :bday:


    Only thing I didn't like was that is was too short. :down:



    The purple one has put her camera down and picked her paintbrushes back up, because oh man, do I have alot to paint!

  8. I was trying to create flat blackmetal blades with golden edges to them. Like they were enameled black, to make them intimedating

    I don't really understand your sugestion Orchid_Noir.

    Sorry :blush: Let me try again.


    That is what I though they were. I guess what I am seeing is that the flats of the blade appear brown on my monitor, so it left me wondering instead of positive that was what you were doing. This could well just be a part of the internet downfall of not all monitors are the same and mini painters not necessarily being professional photographers (the latter of which eats mine often). I would like the see more highlighting on the gold of the blades, personally, to bring out the shine of the gold. But, if the flats are closer to black than I am seeing, then highlights could easily be getting lost on screen, as well. (I know how much better minis can look in hand)


    Please remember that I do not paint NMM (personal preference) so I will differ to someone who does to hopefully step in.


    And again I will say I do like her, quite a bit, actually. ::):

  9. First I'm going to ask: Is the texture that is showing (on the lower part of the cloak, especially) from the mini or your primer? If primer, what are you using?


    I'll venture to guess that the mentioned highlights are, as my thoughts, called for the most on the cloak, but the flesh wouldn't suffer if more were added.


    Also, if you haven't heard it yet, you will eventually, and repeatedly (most of us got it ALOT) try thinning your paints a bit (more?), it will help you get smoother results in blends and highlights especially. The border on the cloak looks nice, but I think it would benefit from less distinct brush strokes showing, and the thinning helps greatly with this.


    I love your color selection (again), and the base is great, it really fits the mini.


    Lookin' good!

  10. nice edit! I was wondering about the neon green top for a second there.

    Nice work. I like the gems in her bracelet.

    Glad I'm not the only one!

    I was sitting here just staring at it trying to decide exactly what I thought about that green, then scrolled enough to see that. :lol::lol:


    Definite progress there, especially on the "top" side of her snake half. I can't quite decide what I think about the direction you went with the weapons, but I don't see it as a bad direction. I really like the base, and will second on the jewels.


    Maybe a little less contrast between the colors on the blade would be my main suggestion, or blend in some highlights/shadows to help "explain" the contrast (ie. is it a finish on the flats of the blades? etc..)


    I really like her face, the eyes look good from here. Her hair is lovely and her skin color is great!

  11. Does anyone have a recoding of the one with John in it? We can all learn something from his foot-painting techniques.

    OMG! I wish I did!

    I came in on that one too late to do so.


    THAT was hilarious!!! :lol::lol::lol:

  12. Remember that the rules state that our entries can't be shown online, so I'm not sure if you taking pictures of the entries and posting them before judging would automatically disqualify everyone or not. :wacko:

    Oh poop. :down: I hadn't read the rule that way, but I must concur with that as a possibility.


    Ok, I will keep working on everything then, and ya'll will have to wait until I either get a clarification or until after the awards tomorrow night. Sorry. Too many beautiful pieces full of peoples hopes for me to take that leap of faith in my interpretation. :unsure:


    Many pics though, I promise!



    Thanks Flynn, seriously! :blink:


  13. Thanks for the pics of the banners! Glad to know they got there and put up in time. My company printed them up here in Denver and sent them down earlier in the week. Looks like everything got there and put up. I'm betting there was a lot of hustling going on around Reaper this week! :B):

    Those banners are sa-weet! (I could really live with a gaming room plastered floor to ceiling all the way around with them. (and the colors came out gorgeous!)



    Alright.. The pics for tonight. They are on hold while I unwind a bit. I have about 1/3 of them cropped and/or sized. There are quite a few entries, and I have more to get shot in the morning, plus the deadline isn't until noon tomorrow, so I expect a healthy number of "last minutes".


    I will most likely be able to get that painter group shot at the awards tomorrow night. I got pics of the paint equipment, a casting station, racks of molds, etc... I am trying to get ya'll pics that I would take if it were my first time, so I am thinking of all of you all most of the time I'm there.


    Until I get chill and get these up,





    EDIT! I DID get photos of the tables, too!

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