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  1. New ones on the 'puter, but not up yet, this is just a lunch break. I have pics of all of the entries so far in the painting contest, and will try to stay up on that for you. I have a (100 meg) video of the crazy and funny "Sophie Says" speed painting event that Kit very generously offered to host on the Reaper space for me (Thank you Kit!!). I am now burning a copy for him.


    The usual paint making/mixing area is tucked away for the most part for extra free painting/paint and take area. But I will see what I can do! I will also see if I can talk them into letting me get you a shot of the casting area (at least one of the stations, maybe)


    I will see what all board denizens I can get to submit to the camera, but we know how that can go. :lol:



    And to all of you not here, I so wish you were. A nicer (much less more talented) group of people you would be hard pressed to find.


    Now to eat lunch and get back!



  2. You're welcome!


    I know how awfully the three of us wanted to make it last year, were going to, and then the car pulled it's stunt.


    My question now is....... Any requests? No promises, but I'll do what I can!




    *possible update at lunchtime (2-ish central)

  3. For anyone interested:


    I just got a whole lotta extra webspace this week, so I shall be eating a chunk of it with ReaperCon.


    Since I am now lucky enough to live so close, I will come in and post pictures on a page (or a few, depending) on my site.


    I will provide a direct link in this thread as soon as I get the first batch up. I won't link to them to the rest of my site until after the con, and that will most likely come with an entire minor re-write of the whole site.

  4. Personally.


    A: If I give a critique it is usually via pm with the public post being more of the positives

    B: I don't care for blacklining (as opposed to darklining) so I steer clear of commenting there

    C: I don't do, nor do I have any interest in doing NMM, so my opinions and input , no matter my previous art related experiences, are too often poo-poo-ed without a look at what I have said, so, again, I just steer clear

    D: If I see that a few people have already pointed out what I would have I see no need for a "me too"


    In my experience here, if I post a "look at what I did" type post I mostly get the "I like it" type replies. If I post a "what the heck is wrong with this," or "help me, please" type post I get very helpful replies.


    There is most likely, as stated above, going to be a slight drought, as far as the type of posts you seem to be asking for, while people attend, work at, travel to and from, and RECOVER from ReaperCon. Sorry, it's just so.


    And on the plenty of views thing. It was quite a while before I felt comfortable giving any input, no matter how much I may have wanted to, when I first got here. I can only imagine that plenty of others feel the same way.


    Welcome aboard, and you'll get a feel for how to post to let people know what type of feedback you're looking for, as every board is different, and this one is great.

  5. I'm going to post this, but I do not have alot to give on it yet, as we just started trying this a couple of weeks ago (remember we haven't been there when white is in stock, so this is going on the grey and the black):


    KILZ CraftCote premium multi-use spray paint interior/exterior


    I decided to try it because I REALLY like KILZ products for other applications and there are enough table top pieces that are going to need priming that it was going to be a no-loss experiment. So far? I love it.


    Good coverage with enough strength to the propellant that the paint makes it to the piece while still wet.

    NO obfuscation of detail, in fact it leaves more detail than any I have tried yet.

    The flat is flat, really flat.

    It is VERY easy on the pocket book at $1.88 a full size can at WallyWorld.

    Goes a loonnnng way per can (touts 25sq feet, and so far I believe this)

    Odor is not too bad (not as strong, IMO, as dullcoat, armory, and the like)

    With the little bit of paint that I have tried on it I have no complaints, it takes the paint very well so far.

    Came off easy with acetone, but haven't gotten it to rub in normal wear and tear type abuse yet.


    As of yet I have not come across a down side to this one, hence tossing it in the hat here.


    I will post an update when I get my hands on the white, and if I come across any negatives.

  6. What is the aversion to auto paints?


    Most of your better automotive paint stores keep the pure flipping aditives that gets mixed with the clear coat to achieve the effect on cars. If you don't have one locally, get in touch with Eastwood (www.eastwoodco.com). They sell water based iridescents in 4 oz. containers for $9 or so. Call them up and tell them what colors you want to flip and they will tell you what they have that will work for it.


    Judging by what you said you wanted (Grape and Greens) take a look at Auto Air Flair Teal/Purple. I used that color on a car last year and looking at the MSDS - it would be safe for most brush lickers (my can is all dryed up though...otherwise I'd offer to send what I had left to you).


    The aversion to auto paint is mostly experiences trying them as brush paint about twenty some odd years ago. It gummed up, it stank to high heck (I would never have licked those brushes, too close to the nose :wacko: ), and I had no luck with it. As a result I try to avoid non-water based paints as a general rule.


    I am more than willing to admit that it is highly likely that the paints have improved, guess I just never tripped the "duh" switch off and thought to look into the evolution of automotive paints from the chemical/functional level after this long. Thanks for the smack to the forehead, seriously. :;):


    Orchid - off to check out that stuff.

  7. yes, Createx Auto Air airbrush paints has a line of Chemelion (sp?) that will color change.


    Try Bearair.com

    This stuff looks great, but I never seen to be able to find these in stock anywhere though. But thank you. ::):


    Interference paints.


    Several makers offer then.


    www.danielsmith.com has multi-color interference paints in several color combos. They're tube colors, but they thin well, and aren't as thick as some.


    Duchrome colors are probably what you are looking for. These have 2 color shades. Looking at the cavs, and the fact the duochromes mention their color being violet when looked at angle ( like the Cavs ). I think it's the Aquamarine color that is used on those.



    Also, for intense colored metallics, mix interference paint with a paint color matching it. A translucent blue mixed with interference blue makes for a wicked blue metal.

    That from Daniel Smith seems to be the closest to what I'm looking for, thanks, I'll be ordering some!


    I have no fear of the tubed paints, that's how I get my interferences now. ::D:


    What is on the CAVs is nail polish (yeah, you read that right :ph34r: ). It has an absolutely awesome color shift to it, it will go anywhere from dark grape through blues, greens, olive, gold, orange, and reds. I am dying to find something this "extreme" in it's effect that is not nail polish or automotive paint, but have no luck in a couple of years of trying to get my hands on some. I even got in contact with the lab techs at the company that makes this stuff and hit a dead end after that. (no one that has the pigments wants to deal with small frys :down: )

  8. Canned spinach. Ew. :blink:


    This has got to be the nastiest thing anyone ever came up with. Slimy, gooey, stinky, gross.


    I would go into how I really feel about it, but I don't want to totally gross anyone out. ::P:





    Now, garden fresh carrots? :wub: Second only to LeSeur Young Sweet English Peas, my veggie addiction.

  9. :wub: Aw!


    Dang, and here I was telling myself no more than 3 or 4 of any one thing this time. :lol:


    When is a mini company like a doughnut shop?


    When you're in the warehouse saying "a dozen of these, half a dozen of those, ........." :rolleyes:

  10. Hi Mike!


    I currently use Front Page, though I'm looking for a new resource for handling my WYSIWYG HTML stuff. pretty much I found my Front Page (OLD OLD version) wouldn't change my backgrounds anymore, so I cheated and used a single large cell to place my auction listing in and changed the color of the cell. Otherwise, I do it all from FrontPage, including adding pictures. Copy Paste.


    Ebay has a quick tutorial of stuff you can add, and Jubilee gave you Monkey, so...that's about it.


    I'll post a link to my Orboros for you to see what I mean, knowing that the dang auction is almost over, so nobody has to delete anything or get there knickers in a bunch.


    As for your listing, I would add some color, make those pictures pop, change the fonts, break it up a bit.


    Good luck and happy ebaying!


    Sue Wachowski




    Check out Trellion for WYSIWYG, it's a freebie which is good IMO. Don't remember where I found it, but you can google or dogpile it. :;):

  11. I'm no good at keeping it current, but I use it as a place to drop my minis and my DAZ Studio images (a pozer type proggy) where I might find other's interested in one or both.


    Mine I had to add dame to my name there, but still have not found the who that is why years later.

  12. You want real soup controversy?


    My fiancee and I have an ongoing debate as to whether Ramen is soup or just a flavored noodle dish. One of us makes it with a lot of water, while the other drains almost all of the water.


    Your thoughts?

    Ramen is an abomination.

    edit: My brother once planned a two week hike onf the Appalachian Trail, one of the guys couldn't make it, So they asked me to fill in for him. My brother had handled the provisions, Ramen Noodles.

    Imagine if you will Ramen Noodles for breakfast, Ramen Noodles for Lunch, Ramen Noodles for Dinner. For two weeks straight. We came across some other hikers, who must've seen the gleam of hunger in our eyes, because they offered us some Peanut Butter, I was contemplating taking on a bear, just so I could eat him.


    Hey! I remember this! It's the starving artist or college freshman super diet!


    (and Krztoff, I'm a drainer, more flavor, and the hubby and son like thiers swimming ..... always two batches made. :lol: )

  13. I work just down the road from a restaurant called Real Chili (and yes, it's not just for breakfast any more). You can get it with beans, without beans, with noodles, without noodles, and mild, medium or hot. But there's also a restaurant called Soup Brothers. Soup Brothers doesn't make chili, and Real Chili doesn't make soup.


    So I say .. that I forgot the original question and that I now want chili.


    PS - that 'Real Chili - It's Not Just for Breakfast Any More' saying is a very popular bumper sticker around here.

    Noodles!? Chili?! What kind of prevert does that?! That's not chili, that's chili flavored soup. :devil::lol:

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