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  1. Man, I forgot just how much time can be wasted on this program. :wacko:


    Finding old houses, finding Reaper, looking at airplaines (the graveyard is cool), showing the kiddo the Sphynx and pyramids, giving him a tour of New Orleans and Washington DC, etc.....


    And we've only just begun, there's still looking at volcanoes, glaciers, etc...



    sigh :down: one day I'll paint as much as I would like to in a day on a regular basis (maybe after he's married and all :lol: )

  2. Oh man oh man oh man, I am soooo excited about that mermaid!! I've been waiting for Reaper to do one, and it's great that Werner sculpted her. Now I just need to know: when will she be released?! I know I'll be purchasing at least two of her, if not more.



    :wub: I got to hold her and look at her today at the Asylum and she is GORGEOUS. :wub:


    I want I love I need I will die without this one. :lol:



    Also, Mr. Duckie looks much better in primer and in hand than in greenstuff.




    Orchid :devil:

  3. I can understand something like "everytime one of you crazy peasants annoys me with your "medieval talk", you have to scrub a toilet , do the dishes, do 100 push-ups, or perform some sort of tiring or degrading action." But destroying thier possessions? That seems a bit far. That is permanent damage. Once you clean the toilet a few timnes, your lesson will be learned, but you can't fix a ripped shirt, broken plate, or a smashed mini.


    I don't think it the fact that she broke a miniature in particular that bothers me so. It is instead the kind of attitude which condones that behavior.


    The destruction of property is what bothered us around this family, too.

  4. Was it as bad as that nutball "Darksided!" lady who screamed all the time?


    What did the poor mini do? Was it possessed by satan?


    Hopefully I can get an answer before this gets schleped to Beekeepers.

    I think I've seen clips of that first nutter online somewhere.


    Anytime anything not belonging to our modern times was mentioned she was gong to smash a mini. Went along with having to take down all period decorations, displayed weapons, etc... Standard case of people taking things too far to the extreme. (on both sides IMHO)



    Orchid - who will still be avoiding all future episodes (insert green ill looking emoticon here)

  5. ABC's reality TV show, Wife Swap, includes a family that uses Reaper Miniatures. Be sure to check your local listings for time and channel.




    Um, I'm only part waythrough this, but OMG. I have never watched this show before, doubt I will again.

    I have a feeling that if any discussion continues on this that it's going to be moved to the beekeeper's quite swiftly.


    Are all of these this "interesting" and is it actually popular enough to stay on the air?

  6. If the other Enchantra still keeps after you, try throwing around a few words like "litigation" and "voodoo". :lol:

    If this is the one I was able to find whilst digging about, don't forget to throw in the "three fold law" when in the stage of veiled threats. The one I found espouses to be Wiccan, karma is a big deal to them (not to mention "harm none").

  7. 1: I would say, if you know you enjoy painting already, go ahead and start with the Reaper Master Series. No learning or buying a new "system" when you need a better paint.


    2: One you like, seriously. Otherwise what's the point?


    3: Natural hair! Avoid the sythetics, even if you are buying a lower$ natural. Synth's curl and can be aggrivating. Spend the extra time and effort to care for whatever brushes you do choose, you'll be amazed how long a brush can last when cared for.


    Really, IMO, if you know you want to do this, then invest a little more to get the right tools at the start. The better supplies can actually make it much easier to learn (smooth blends with cheap craft paints anyone?)


    Hope to see some pieces from you soon. ::):

  8. I know that some glues, mostly in manufacturing, set automatically when hit with UV light. Does anyone know if any of these are available for home use? I've never came across any.


    Also, UV light is the same as a black light right?

    First, it is a different type of UV light that sets these .... kind of like the difference between a 99cent "daylight" bulb and a 99dollar daylight bulb (well, in most cases, some of those high$ ones are rip-offs, but hey).


    Second, you might be able to find both at a beauty supply store, look in the artificial nail area and don't be afraid to ask questions. I don't know for sure about one that sets automatically as in instantly, but they have some that are highly accelerated by it and a few that will only set with it.




  9. OOOoooOoo!


    Even prettier! The flesh actually looks smoother, to me, in this shot. Not to mention better view of the grrrrreat (couldn't help it) tiger stripe goodness. Thank you.


    As I said earlier: Pretty Pretty Pretty

  10. Gotta say I like it. The metallic nail polish looks good. I may have to rummage through my wife's selection...

    Oh no, now I'm gonna be in trouble. She's not going to be at ReaperCon is she? :lol:


    I have an odd love of almost(?) tacky that strikes me sometimes, I try to make sure that I take it out only on minis that I plan on keeping for myself. :lol::lol: (I don't let this keep me out of bright and lively though :;): )

  11. Let me start with - This is to let anyone interested in a mid-$$ range camera (though caught mine on sale) know about this one more than it is about the show-off side (though there's a little o' that, too. won't lie)



    Ok, file the taxes, get a return, pay bills.

    What about the left over?


    That, my friends, is the tax return fairy, and here is what she got me (or it's results anyway):


    Kodak EasyShare Z740


    I am in camera heaven.


    Not a tripod used on any of these.


    This is at four feet no zoom-



    Four feet half zoom:



    And this is four feet full zoom, still no tripod :blink:



    And this is the above just cropped, no sizing.





    And this is just the start, you know, kid with a new toy syndrome ::D:


    Truely impressive is the eight foot four inch shots:









    And check this out, still 8'4", still no tripod! Read the ruler. :blink:

    again, just cut, no re-size:



    This'll force my painting to improve some more, either that or it'll look like poo on the extreme close ups. :lol:


    Wendy :bday:

  12. Zenos, I think she is lovely.


    Tiger stipes - fabulous.

    Pallette - beautiful.

    Base - wonderful.


    The flesh appears (on my monitor) to be a little pink for my taste, but that's just personal taste.


    Pretty, pretty, pretty.



  13. On the wash, if you'll dullcoat before you do the wash (letting it dry thoroughly) you can go back in after washing with a barely damp, very soft (think micro fiber) and a very light touch and clean up the broad surfaces fairly comfortably. I used to use pretty much the same technique with oils over acrylics on much larger pieces.



    Looks pretty nice to me.

  14. Awesome! What colors did you use?

    Those are the Createx airbrush paints in thier "pearlized" line (their iridescent line are pearl and thier pearls are metallic :wacko: ). I used the red, purple and blue to mix the colors. It's top, in person, is a glorious cobalt/concord purple that I could not get to not look blue in the photos with out messing up the rest of the colors.


    The copper that I used on the gun ports etc.. is Duncan Ultrametallics Copper (from a bottle I have hauled around for about 7 years).



    The missle tips are straight, gawdawful flourescent red.



  15. Nice colors! What do you use for blending?


    The darker levels of the purple are MSPs with a little Flo-Aid (1:20 flo-aid:water) the lighter levels are GOLDEN tube paints that I mixed color and consistancy on. The red is MSPs with the higher end of the high lights having a bit of actual flourescent red paint mixed in (I do NOT like highlighting red w/ whites)


    I have found that up here in Denton I am having to get some drying retarder, on the gulf we always had enough humidity that it was not an issue.


    Metallics I usually use straight from the bottle, as thinning (in my experiece) compromises the birghtness of them. Also for these I use almost all Createx airbrush colors as they have a high saturation of pigment and are already nice and thin, so easy to control.



  16. Due to my darling other half's desire for me to play CAV I had one of these things tossed in front of me with a "just give it a quick paint scheme ..... something you could play with and stand"


    So I present to you my 1 1/2 hour 1 1/2 calorie stompy robot: ::D:

    (the purples are all blended metallics)




    The base, BTW, is obnoxious, lilac, holographic, glitter nail polish over prepped metal.

  17. See if you can find a "contact me" script for the page that does not allow public access to your actual e-mail address. SPAMMERS have gotten really proficient about skimming e-mails and spamming the heck out of them.


    I get 90% of my SPAM from the one e-mail I've got on my web-page and I'm slowly & methodically replacing all my e-mail links with a perl script contact page...


    Otherwise - it fits!!! good site, nice & clean


    I hadn't thought about that one. Thanks!


    I can go put in a box thingy that comments etc can be put in and the system sends me the mail, think I'll go do that right now.



    Edit (instead of ANOTHER entry :lol: )


    GIMP has curves!!! (hey I just started with it a couple of days ago) Banner lightened, guestbook moved, and email contact changed. Thank you all.

    Any other suggestions?

  18. Thank you, and yes the colors are over the top and definitely not for everyones taste :lol:


    I wasn't too keen on this one either, but you did a great job painting it. The top of the staff seems slightly bent/misalinged with the bottom part, though.


    I had to send them to Florida for someone else to photgraph and put up for auction for me as we did not have that up and running after the evacuation last fall, I can only guess it happened in transit. But alas I cannot get a new set of pics so he will forever be a psychadelic nutter with a bent mondo-mace. :lol:

  19. I like the style of it. Your page, just like your minis, is bright and eye-catching.


    My only suggestion apart from correcting the minor issue with the gradient blending with the title would be to possibly add a guestbook or comments page. I like the "news" bits you put on the front page especially. It gives the place a more personal feel.



    On the title banner, I've had the thing made for a couple of years+ (it happened to be on one of the burned disks I actually grabbed). I'll have to wait until I get a workable graphics program and some fonts again to do another one worth a poo. I guess either I keep my monitor set a bit different than most or I can see it because I know what it looks like. Either that or it's a stealth title :ph34r::lol:


    Hrm, I guess I should move the guestbook off the contact me page. See, this is why I asked ya'll. ::D:

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