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  1. Well, once again it is almost time to leave for ReaperCon, and once again a fuel pump has gone out within the month.


    We will not be able to attend after all. :down::down:


    To top that off the computer at the house totally crapped out, so we most likely will not even be able to attend virtually. :grr:


    Everyone have fun, I'm on the way now to cancel the hotel reservations. :down:



    Orchid - thinking "One time is an accident, twice is coincidence, if it happens next year it's definitley a curse."

  2. Thanks for taking the test. You are person number 306746 to take it.


    Your type is: EAS. 9% of respondents so far fall into that type.


    Your answers were split as follows: Explorer 73%

    Achiever 60%

    Socializer 46%

    Killer 20%

  3. Sometimes a previously unnoticed disease will emerge and really devastate an animal population. Populations here that have been suddenly decimated by diseases that later seemed to disappear include Koalas and Galahs (a big parrot ) .

    Hey! If you had the time could you pack me up one of those Galahs?


    Sorry to sidetrack - can't find the things at a decent price here and they reach epedimic proportions in the wild.


    On the dog - skin disease, won't try to tag the breed, looks coyote to me though. I had an Afghan Hound come up with this (by all appearances), had to have her put down after much time and more money on trying to make her better.


    Orchid - in the market for another parrot

  4. Hrm. Add ON's crockpot, and we could all eat home cooked meals!


    ON, we may be interested in that stew. Shoot, I could even make some homemade bread to go with it. You stew, me bread, we eat! :B):


    We might want to ask first, though, as we don't want to anger the hotel management so that next year we will still have some place to stay. :unsure:

    Yes, keep meaning to ask........keep forgetting to call. :upside:


    Mmmmmmm...... home made bread........ YUM! :wub:

  5. I have four, what I consider, decent examples of blush in natural fleshtones here on the boards. In order of least to most favorite (on just the blush):

    Elf Queen

    Selmarina witchy-poo


    Taryn in another version


    I like to mix a rose to berry color, dependin on the clothes, hair, flesh, etc... with either my flesh highlight or mid-tone, thin down, and wet blend over the otherwise finished face.


    I whole heartedly second/third the browsing of the cosmetics counters at a department store (better and nicer selection, as well as more helpful staff), asking questions and taking samples and notes. If anyone asks just tell them what you're looking at it for, it's not as uncommon an occurence as one might think, and you might actually get more/better input.


    I like to keep a notebook full of photos that I really like as reference material; cosmetics ads, artsy shots, nudes (art folks! ::P: ), clothing color combos, etc..... It really comes in handy in situations like this.

  6. I emailed the Reaper painting questions address and I never received a response.

    Hrm ...... I sent a query the 15th about the painting contest w/ no reply (and one on the 10th about something else, to the questions addy w/same) ....... :rock:



    My query was in reference to WIP's and the like, do we need to re-send our questions?

  7. I like the angel, but I, too, will be swapping wings. The wings are a bit small for my taste, as well as the shape not being one that I, personally, care for. At the moment I am thinking 02729 Mephisto's wings with some naturalizing bends added to them would be nice on her.


  8. They look pretty darn good to me. ::): As for suggestions:


    Spider, really like it as is, personally.


    Minotaur, in the photo (I know they can be deceptive), the loincloth seems to be a little close in color to the flesh for my taste.


    Viking, again imo by the photo, the flesh looks a little yellow to me against the beautiful blue you chose.


    I love the leprechaun. (maybe lighten the boots a tad?)


    I really like the color choices on the female archer, good start.


    Anyone I left out of the above individually looks good too, these just stood out of the "crowd" to me for one reason or another. :;):


    Can't wait to see more of your work.

  9. Orchid:
    Superman :

    Can't imagine anyone having not seen at least the first one.......stop there! For the love of your brain, stop at number one.


    Are you kidding? Superman 2 is the only one I can still sit down and watch, it is so much better than any of the others.

    Well, it has been a long time since I watched them ALL, but if that's the one with "Zod" (which is what Garm said), then I stick by that warning. :lol::lol:

  10. Positive thoughts to you three (prayers, wishes, whatever you want to call it).


    And my sympathies, as well, on the negatives of the experience ............ after mine I'm going with a midwife next time. (And my nurse best friend is still trying to get me to file malpractice almost eight years later <_< )

  11. Blade 1&2 :

    Loved them both, waiting on picking up three on dvd (know we want it so didn't bother spending $40 to go see it at the theatre) Number one is my favorite of the two I've seen so far, though two does have an eye candy factor.


    Hellboy :

    Adore this one. Have always liked Ron Pearlman (mmmmm, Vincent). As a player of Palladium's Beyond the Supernatural it was a blast, add to that that I can more than enjoy the flick on it's own virtues and hey, a good movie in my opinion.


    Daredevil :

    Like it, bought it, watched it a couple of times, but not a regular "pull it out and watch it again and again" flick.


    Elektra :

    I loved this one, though I've met a few people who didn't. Paid full price to watch, will be picking up the dvd after ReaperCon.


    Spiderman :

    Number one was enjoyable, but didn't get me, personally, too fired up about a sequel. (See addendum below)


    Hulk :

    Having grown up on the old tv series (it, Wonder Woman, and the bionic pair) I was not dissapointed in it at all.


    Flash (USA network, I think, movie) :

    I actually really liked this one, I couldn't name any of the actors, as it's been too long since our old VHS that we recorded it on gave up the ghost, but if you like comic books turned live action it's worth a look-see.


    Unbreakable :

    I'll add a definite "me too" on this being a good flick!


    Batman (up to current) :

    I adored number one, Jack stole the movie IMO. Two, almost as good as One, but missing a little something IMO. Three, a lot more on the humor end of the spectrum, go into it expecting alot more laughs and you can totally enjoy it. Four, wellllll, go in to it not expecting anything and you might be able to enjoy it...... had a few highs, but .......


    Superman :

    Can't imagine anyone having not seen at least the first one.......stop there! For the love of your brain, stop at number one.


    Supergirl :

    Cheesy, campy, silly, fun.


    Captain America (most recent incarnation, Im pretty sure) :

    Just had to include this one, sorry. This was a straight to video, older flick. It's got an old Red Skull and Cap'n in Italy for a finale, I like it.



    Now bear in mind that my favorites, movie-wise, include such love-to-be-hated flicks as Xanadu, Shock Treatment, Tommy, Rocky Horror, etc.... And I have a steady habit of really liking movies that critics trash and that bomb in the theatres (Judas Project, anyone?).


    Long reply, yeah, I know, but I'm bored so........ :lol:




    EDIT: I totally forgot about going to see Spidey 2 in the theatres ......... does that say anything about the movie? :lol:

  12. Garm and I are thinking about packing our slow-cooker up and bringing it to the hotel with us. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some homemade stew one evening after the con?


    Just curious, if so I would need to get more of the ingredients. ^_^


    It's good stuff! :wub:

  13. I use the bottles for candy making (though haircolor bottles from the local beauty supply work just as well). These even come with a little cap in case the cat gets up on the painting area! :wow:


    I fill up the bottle no more than about a quarter full, shake the bejeezus out of it, then "huff'n'puff" the grass onto either zap-a-gap or white glue, finally turn the mini upside down and GENTLY blow the excess off.




    Things I've found to help with the look a little:


    A little paint in the white glue to help give the earth color beneath the grass


    Expect a bit of a mess (understatement! the stuff gets all over the place)


    If you thin down the white glue alot it can be used to put on a second "coat" of grass without clumping up the first, help for a much thicker, more lush field look.


    All the people that say to paint the static grass (at least drybrush it a little) are totally right.


    I do it after any spray on finishes, as sometimes the sprays can cause little droplets to form on the individual blades or clump up all your work. This is another place the thinned white glue comes in handy, thin it alot and use it to seal, it will "wick" up the grass and give it both firmness and protection.




    Orchid - who always walks away from basing looking like she's been installing new shiny green carpeting :rolleyes::lol:

  14. I tried accessing Vatican.va, but it looks like it's getting so many hits, it's almost a DNS attack. Guess a lot of Catholics are actually web-savvy. Who knew?


    Once I know more, I'll post.


    --hey, just because I don't believe in the Invisible Man in the Sky doesn't mean I don't respect those that do.



    There is no news pertinent to this available on the Vatican website.


    The only thing related to this that is there at this moment is the option to email best wishes to Him.


    Orchid :down:

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