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  1. AAaaawwww! I love it! I give a "me too" on loving your stripes, very well done. One thing that I would do is dirty up the talons and teeth, IMHO they seem a bit stark against the gloriousness of the deep reds and black. One detail I really, really like is the black splines (ribs? fingers?) in the wings that come off his head, and how the black seems to come down into something of a mask. It's a neat look for him (her? )
  2. We're all here brainstorming as I type! Hmmmm..... How about a haunted Atari 800? Bar of soap?? Seriously, my kudos to the author of the auction, great concept and delivery........ ....... ..... .... ... .. .unless of course it's true
  3. eBay bidding works on a proxy system. You can go ahead and enter a bid in the highest amount that you are willing to pay for an item and the system will automatically either a) default your bid to the lowest amount within what you bid that will place you as the current highest bidder, and continue to babysit the auction for you (which it is doing for someone else, and that is what you are experiencing) or b) bump another eBay-er's bid up to the lowest valid amount within their placed max to automatically outbid you and raise the amount the next person needs to bid to even try. It is a very convenient system (if infuriatingly frustrating sometimes ) especially for people that cannot babysit an auction themselves or those that are bad about falling into the last minute bidding wars (the folks sellers really like to have bidding on thier stuff ) Sorry if that is more answer than you were looking for.
  4. I still want my Sophie plushie and Sophie action figure!!!
  5. I call this dish "Death by Chicken" My father swears he could hear his ateries hardening as we ate, but we all went back for "just a little more." One of my many successful experiments. (I'll refrain from posting any of the many failures ) boneless skinless chicken breasts (or tenders) in an amount appropriate to expected needs The below amounts were good for five adults and a 7year old: Lea & Perrins Worcestershire for chicken (approx 1/4 of a 10 oz bottle) 1 cream of chicken soup 1 quart alfredo sauce (I prefer Olive Garden's, can be ordered to go as a dipping sauce, but Five Brother's is good, Ragu's will do) a palm full of minced onions about two "two finger scoops" of minced garlic a few pinches of oregano a few pinches of parsley flakes 1/2 cup grated parmesean 1/2 cup grated romano 1/2 cup grated asiago Mix all of the above together, and coat the bottom of a baking/cassrole type dish/pan. Lay the chicken in and pour the remainder over the chicken until drowned........ uh ..... I mean covered. Now cut 1 stiick of REAL butter (salted or not, to preference) into pats and lay on the smothered chicken. Throw this all in the oven at about 300 and let it cook for a good while (I usually leave it alone for at least 2 and a half hours, sometimes four if I want it fall apart tender). Before pulling it out sprinkle heavily with more of the grated parmesean, romano, and asiago. Serve with either rice or pasta, I prefer fresh fettucini. (I still want to try making this in a slow cooker, but keep forgetting to do so when I go to make it )
  6. Thank you for mentioning this color, I've been debating asking about it myself. I hate the bottle I got ....... hate it. I love all the other colors I have gotten so far, and will get the rest, but I might pick up a new bottle of this one whilst up AT Reaper, just to make sure not to get another nasty one.
  7. None of the shows I fall in love with ever last. Brisco County Jr. Vampire the Masquerade (hush, I thought it was fun ) Ther was this one, about a civil war hospital and the battle for good and evil and all that spookiness......made it for like four episodes. And the one that was like a cross between Hellboy, Palladium's "Beyond the Supernatural" game, and a dash of ghostbusters thrown in for good measure. (I am NOT awake yet, please forgive the lack of brain function and recall) I was a riot! Those are the only four that have "had me" in a long long time. Others that I would still watch, and will again once cable reaches our neck of the woods: Wonder Woman (Linda Carter rocked ) The Great Race (with Penelope Pitstop and Dastardly Dan) Greatest American Hero ( ) Stargate But to throw some movies in there: Xanadu Jesus Christ Superstar Rocky Horror Picture Show Shock Treatment Tommy Willy Wonka And many many many others that send unwanted guests screaming from the premesis.
  8. My apologies, I was not trying to start an argument. I was just sharing a statement that the way it was executed struck me as hilarious. Next time I'll just dump it in my sig. Orchid
  9. Alright, I was perusing another forum and ran across a statement that had me about falling out of the chair laughing.
  10. I have a friend that is looking at possibly moving to Rochester, Minnesota to work at the Mayo medical facilities but ............ She would really like a little less biased a view than that of either A) her possible employer, or B) The Tourism Board/Chamber of Commerce. Any input for her would be greatly appreciated. She has three kiddos between the ages of 3 and 11, a dog, and a cat (yeah, full house). She is wanting to be sure that she and the kids will be happy and the place has just looked to good to be true in her opinion. Oh yeah, I just handed her her first mini to paint a couple of weeks ago to the "I won't get hooked, I'm not that into gaming" tune, took her for her first trip to the FLGS to the repeated lines of the "I like ______" and "I want_____."
  11. But of course! Why? Do you think I am deficient in one of the key color groups? Or is it a more obscure color I need in my diet?
  12. My father wonders where I get my wierdnesses and he's the one that sent this to me. Watch the birdies........
  13. I second the purple (go figure ), but you could go with a deep turquoise, bright orange, red, whatever. I personally don't go for to many color constraints when it comes to fantasy figures. I mean really, what is a realistic color for the tentacled monster in the well of doom (or what have you)? The more unique you can take it and it still look good the better ........ IMO anyway. As a plus it'll make your army memorable from the sea of green goblins.
  14. I know that feeling, suffered it for a while a ways back..........it goes away ........eventually Orchid - in lurk mode recently for some reason, but painting and watching her pm's
  15. To both of you Orchid - Wondering if her other half should be able to get the day off on some wierd holiday loophole? Ya know.......birthday of the founder of the source of his spouse's meditational material
  16. I don't know which is more fun........building and posting or playing! Family friendly (even if not sanity or time management friendly ), any of us in the house will get lost in it for hours, but we're puzzle types around here. Orchid - the wierdo who watches and wants to ride the in ball
  17. Just curious, how long until we can expect to see some new colors? (because I'm a junkie that way ) I am picking them up a triad or two a week, but I have noticed that (compared to the rest of my paint selection) that the colors I have so far seem to be on the subdued side (especially purples, red-violets, and some browns). Is this just the triads I have picked, or are they all "softer" colors? If it is the latter - Are there any plans to have some truer, brighter colors in the near future, especially in the purple and red-violet range? So far I am liking them as much as all my mixes, so I do plan on getting them all, just wanting to know about the color selection.
  18. That is very much full of coolness, but where's the link?
  19. Dang! It's goin' around like some kind of virus! Do I need to quaranteen myself from the board for a while? Seriously though, congratulations.
  20. Lighting a (slightly belated) birthday candle with plans for many more natal day candles to come.
  21. well......i like my barbies, and thier brand spankin' new loft apartment/love shack that my best friend bought me last week. Of course my dolls usually get all thier hair ripped out and replaced (have even rooted one with feathers for hair), get thier faces acetone-ed off and completely re-done, and no longer participate in the "little girl games" they did when I was so much younger. I play with them occasionally (and just how is that so different from rp'ing a vampire/mechwarrior/mage/whatever!? ), sell them occasionally, and keep them set up for display always. I hate Bratz. I hate the new feet on the barbies (big and icky ). I, to this day, don't like the blonde, vapid, goofy grin, valley girl, basic Barbie. Give me Theresa, Nolee, Chelsea or the other non "blonde bombshell beauty queen bimbo" varieties. That said, my four year old niece has just discovered barbie and she's a platinum blonde so gues which ones she wants. Sorry, I like them, I frankenstien them, I play with them, I grew up with them. Orchid - going through her fourth or fith childhood
  22. In our thoughts and hopes, may all be well for the whole of the family.
  23. Personally, if I am going to look to someone for guidance on skintones I want to cover everything from alabaster to nubian. But knowing that that is not really feasable in one of these I would want at least three fleshtones covered (like maybe pale, lightly tanned, and dark {think milk chocolate to ebony}), but that's just me, and I'm a flesh tones hoarder (a full 1/6 of my current colors are fleshtones). Summarized: If I were going to buy a kit to learn/refine my flesh skills I would want the max bang for the buck in that, not stuff to finish, as I've got more than enough to do that in my flats of paint. In fact, if it will have all fleshtones I might just hold off on getting fleshtones ordered for me and wait for it to try the flesh ranges (assuming with this statement that we are talking Masters here). Orchid - actually crossing fingers on this one PS thought ....... could the kit possibly cover the often found difficult use of non-human (blue, red, green, whatever) colors for flesh? I know that it would most likely drop out the possibility of three "normal" fleshtones, but I know that many people find it a more than troublesome concept to overcome.
  24. Result You scored as Chaotic Good. A Chaotic Good person is someone who has little intrinsic respect for laws or authority, seeing them as insufficient to sustain what's right. These people work according to their own moral compass which, while good, is not necessarily always aligned with that of society. Despite their chaotic tendancies, these people are good at heart. Chaotic Good 80% Neutral Good 70% True Neutral 60% Lawful Evil 55% Neutral Evil 50% Chaotic Evil 45% Lawful Good 40% Chaotic Neutral 30% Lawful Neutral 25%
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