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  1. If I were you I'd just drill 2 holes in align with the slot on the base and cut the slot longer (on both ends if need be) since if you cut off the tab where the foot is you reduce the part holding the model to the base.
  2. Looks like one of those things I used to blast with a shotgun many years ago...
  3. I've never sculpted fire but I imagine you'd only do a flame or three at a time until you have as much fire as you wanted. I'd attach a small bulb of fresh sticky gs and let it cure a bit then use a sharp pick to twist and extend the lick of flame. Then shape it carefully in some smooth fire shape. If you only do a couple flame licks at a time you can use the cured flames to support other flames and it should be easier to shape larger fire. That's how I imagine they did the fire elemental and wall of fire, maybe Julie Guthrie is around and can share her secret?
  4. Never did get the Dragon and his minions from Legion of Justice and Caeke, I guess they never got made at all?
  5. I have the same leaf punches. love 'em, I use thick paper though don't natural leaves decay even if you seal them? Beauty mini btw love the colors.
  6. You won't be disappointed, the minis are awesome I can't believe the detail they hold, the factory has mastered making this stuff. I barely even see mold lines on mine. I am not a fan of the space marine bulky plate armor but they pulled it off really well. So much great homage too! (RIP Rutger Hauer)
  7. @Carnacki the Ghost Finder I had to pay an extra $75 when my package arrived from the first fantasy kickstarter, half the cost of my pledge. Shipped from DHL or something, not Canada friendly at all that's why I didn't get in this one, although I love their stuff, it's just not worth the price imho.
  8. They didn't even include the play mats in a pledge, *sigh*, it looks like there's not as much to a pledge now either, that battlefield is pretty weak for content, SG's might make it more worth it but considering what the last Battlesystem KS cost me, (its NOT Canada friendly fyi) I'll pass on this one too. Looks cool, but I can make houses from dollar store foamcore that'll look just as good and waaay cheaper. For those who pledge, enjoy.
  9. I'll bet it's more like £60-70 per building with maybe a couple smaller buildings together. £15-30 for the playmat. And smaller one sheet sets for £8-12. It is not cheap and the shipping is brutal too. Looks pretty though.
  10. It says the retail version was stripped down and doesn't have the sculpts for terrain. My guess is the retail tiles are just the same tiles from the kickstarter but with terrain, trees, buildings, etc, added as art. So the backers should be able to still use the scenarios for retail, they just have to put the cool 3d sculpted terrain they have on the tiles as indicated. This is my guess, MG hasn't said anything about the tiles yet. It doesn't bother me at all if this is the case. Now if they had added special units to the new core retail box, units that the KS backers aren't getting, I'd be pretty upset about that.
  11. Excuse me Captian but these mysterious runes around the portal say not to enter if the seal is broken and if I'm not mistaken there was no seal when we got here...
  12. I think they used this KS money to prop up their business or fulfill other late projects. They were ready to go to production with all the blank boxes samples and pics of the tooling (a year ago? memory fails me) then suddenly, nothing for a long time. Absolutely no news about what happened for the backers, refusing to give refunds, the April production start promise long since past, their other projects plagued with problems. Seems SPM may be circling the drain unfortunately and I hope I'm wrong but all the signs point to sudden chapter 11 or worse chapter 7.
  13. I like a few of the minis but not enough to drop a bill on. Sanity check: (20) PASSED!
  14. Gadgetman! is right, I've used that stuff before, not very useful for minis but if you are painting wings or larger "minis" and need to blend it'll work ok. I found some Folkart liquid extender that worked pretty good for washes and blending.
  15. Not pulled exactly but they are redesigning them to look less like the actors or something.
  16. I don't mess with wizards with that look in their eyes. Nice job! try including a base on your next one, they're fun too.
  17. Got a little bored so I spent the past couple hours painting up this awesome little basilisk. The short story goes; an armorer and a wizard were both ripped off by a local powerful Lord. By unusual circumstances they met and concocted a plan for revenge. The wizard acquired a chickens egg and hatched it under a toad and over a few years it matured into a basilisk large enough to cause some trouble. Given that the Lord of the land had some skilled guards in his keep, they wanted the basilisk to have a better fighting chance so the wizard asked the armorer to make some plate for the creature to help protect it from harm along with an enchanted golden helmet to induce ravenous hunger. They plan to release it with the help of the Lords servants into his castle and barricade the doors from the outside. (His servants are none to fond of the Lord either). The adventurers come in years later to answer a summons by the King about the abandoned keep and the possibility of restoring it to its former glory. So I decided to practice my NMM on the bones basilisk, problem is, I just can't seem to nail it right. I'm trying to get a bright new shiny armor look to it. I know I need to paint a more pronounced reflection of the golden helm on the upper back but I want to get the plate right first. The golden helm needs to look magical glowy too. Using the LTPK paints. What am I doing wrong? Not enough dark shadow reflections?
  18. I caved, claptrap, rick and morty, hawking, among other parody tributes and quite a few very decent looking aliens.
  19. Thats cool I like it. At first I thought of suggesting some weedy plants on the top but thinging for gaming, it would be better without them so you can place ambush troops. Made with foam?
  20. I wanted Ophidians so... easy pass.
  21. Very nice! Now you got me wanting to try it too.
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