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  1. I restarted internet explorer and it worked after that (maybe some stale temp files), though it is possible they fixed something at the same time.
  2. If I am pledge at one of the $100 dollar levels, can apply that $100 to options instead of a core set. Am on a limited budget, and at this point the options look sweeter but there are no $1 levels left. BTW, there seems to be a bit of a panic in the KS comments concerning the lack of $1 levels. One of ya might want to get over there and add another wave.
  3. I confirm my Deathsleet is also week kneed and bends forward if free standing. Like you, I will be attach his tail to whatever base I am using to anchor him from tipping. I agree they need to use a more rigid plastic for this guy.
  4. The six figs below are the IMEF Marines from the Vampire package, and are the first of figs from the Vampire package that I have painted. The sculpts are really great and they have "colonial marine" written all over them. I used them for practicing the demimetallic techniques outlined in LTPK 5 to do the green metallic armor plates and red metallic fuel tanks (on the back of the dude with the flamethrower). Hope these guys hold up better than the ones in "Aliens".
  5. Thanks all. I adjusted the exposure on my camera to brighten it up and reshot them with a background.
  6. Spent a about a day doing the six IMEF marines (1 yesterday and then the other 5 today), so I guess that qualifies as speed painting. The first one took the longest as I worked out the color scheme. Was experimenting with demi-metallics as described in LTPK 5 for much of the armour (demi-metal = mix of normal color paint with a metallic paint) Much of the armour was a mix of one drop Reaper Honed Steel plus 2-3 drops various greens. I used Army Painter Strong Tone Ink to do the shadowing.
  7. Great paintjob and striking base work. Well done !
  8. Unfortunately, I did not get any WIP shots as I was so excited to finally paint some of my pledge that I forgot to take photos, so the WIP posts for my part in this thread will be base work...the broccoli base for this one is to small for him to stand stably and he deserves something more scenic. As to the figure, he was basecoated with Army Painter red primer, followed by Reaper MSP Creamy Ivory for the teeth and wing claws, and Reaper MSP Sun Yellow for the eyes. The whole figure was then hit with a wash made of 1 drop MSP Pure Black, 1 drop MSP Ultramarine Shadow, 1 drop MSP Deep Amethyst,
  9. Looks like I will be leading off this thread for the Bones KS "Demon's Set" which included Agramon and Rauthuros. Please feel free to post your works here. Below are the picks of my Agramon so far, and he is the first of my KS pledge that I have managed to put paint to. He is going to need a base as he is a bit back heavy on the broccoli base and tends to tip backward.
  10. I agree that it appears that the larger orders take more time to process, which is not much of a surprise. Has anyone recorded the number of items shipped each day? Seems to me like it has been around 10k a day since the beginning of the ticker. If they keep that pace, 8 more business days should finish all the packing.
  11. USPS has been impacted by the US government budget sequestration among other things, so they have scaled back and slowed many of the one-off services. At one point they were announcing that they were going to stop delivering on certain days, but public/voter outcry was big enough that they ended up not doing that. At the end of the day something else had to give for them to meet their sequestration obligation, and the services that got cut back and slowed are the ones that effect the fewest number of outspoken voters. USPS is doing what it can with what they can, but those 14000 forme
  12. Depends on whether you need the desk just to be functional, or if you need it to look good as well. If functional smooth tabletop is the only requirement, then a sheet of birch or oak vaneered plywood (i.e., the good stuff and the thickest they've got, not the plywood sheathing) from home depot mounted on legs of your choice will do. A couple coats of clear polyurethane will make it look nice and shiny. Throw a tablecloth on top of it and no one can tell what the tabletop is made out of anyway. I used that for kitchen table for years when I was first setting up house. My current desk w
  13. I think that statement was put out by Frank Mentzer (one of the guys who wrote this stuff, Temple of Elemental Evil comes to mind.) If you think that errata was bad, you should check out the history on Deities and Demigods. It's pretty interesting. If memory serves, its something like: 1st print : Cthulu and Elric Mythos are in the book. Moorcock said "you didn't pay us, take it out." I'd heard that ultimately it was TSR itself that decided to take them out. Chaosium interpreted a licensing agreement made with Moorcock's agent as being exclusive, but was willing to let TS
  14. We can always hope he makes the cut for the 2nd Bones Kickstarter
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