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  1. Thanks all. Personally, I think I've finally reached a mid-point. I'm about half as good a painter as I want to end up being. *sigh* As for where it's from, cute little feller that he is, he's from a French company called Illyad. A few UK companies sell them. I ordered mine online with enough other stuff to make the shipping worthwhile, and I'm glad I did. Lots of fun sculpts.
  2. I should add that the eyes have a bit of glow effect, but I could not get them out of the shadows. The image:
  3. Well, here's something to bring down the average quality of the posts. And the average quality of the photos. I tried to get out as much of the cast-shadow as possible without altering the colors. And in case you were wondering, yes, the poor little guy does have a bad case of strawberries. I have to say, having tried resin, I like it. The details are sharper, and the glue actually seems to pull the pieces together as it dries for a nice tight seal.
  4. Wooonderful! I don't suppose you could take a few WIP pictures as you work on Hyrekia to show us?
  5. Wow. All of this is great. All of what's been said already, plus, the cloudy grey of the horse is stupendous! HOW did you do that!
  6. Thanks all. I have to photograph more of my minis earlier. I can see soooo many things I need to fix only after the picture. *sigh* Yes, Mastertickles. It's about that tall. Though I'm not sure how tall anthropomorphic frogs should be compared to other things?
  7. These are great. All the same things everyone else has said, PLUS the bears are wonderful!
  8. Ooops! You're right, Eastman. I store all my (sigh) many unpainted minis by sculptor, and I just plain forgot.
  9. Here's one for our resident frog lovers I love this pair of sculpts. They are hilarious and yet so delicately made.
  10. Wowowowow! I can't even begin to list all the things I love about your paintworks. Celestine is *especially* beautiful but the rest are gorgeous too. If I had to pick out one thing, it would be your subtle darklining. It gives your minis so much warmth. Damned if I know why, but...WOW!
  11. Not to be disloyal to Reaper, but there are a couple of excellent dog minis out there. (Not that I don't like/own several Reaper wolves!) First, there's Tom Meier's Deerhounds, a fine duo. Or if you are more into something heftier, there's Vendel's Mastiffs. Hope these help!
  12. I am the slowest of painters, but I finally got another one finished. Unfortunately the pictures...meh. Sorry all. I hope these are good enough to make out.
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