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  1. @SamuraiJack got it a couple weeks ago. Very unique and interesting and well executed painting. Thank you!
  2. Have not received anything yet! Holding out hope that it was not lost in the mail, especially considering the resent....issues...with the mail.
  3. Well, USPS tracking says this was delivered on Wednesday 8/25, so I suppose that I am safe to post.
  4. Mailed my exchange today. Hoping it arrives undamaged. Will post photos once it arrives.
  5. What if we totally forgot a WIP photo and are finished?...Asking for a friend? Should be sending out as soon as I get some photos taken. Also, what if I totally got off track and didn't use a Reaper product(s)? Just painted with Reaper paints? I'm a mess ...
  6. So for the painting competition, I was thinking that Reaper should allow for entry under "sponsor only" consideration rather than requiring that the entry be relegated to one of the categories. This way I think the sponsors would get more participation. Thoughts?
  7. Pochi, looks like I won the random draw, but I don't know what I won or what I need to do? Thanks!
  8. That's what I thought. Just was thinking "open" shouldn't be restricted to just conversions, but any model one wants considered for overall painting and presentation. Just think most end up competing with themselves with too many entries that fit into either painter or diorama and not open because of no conversion of the model(s) itself.
  9. For open category, is a conversion of the model(s) necessary or can a model with a scratch made base qualify?
  10. Does anyone know or are we to assume that the categories for 2019 are going to be the same as in years past? Wish they would have something other than just the link to hotel on the website. It is only 6 months away.
  11. Nice work Brian!!! Definitely smooth for getting classes
  12. Hey Bryan, With Kickstarter fulfillment running late and running you all ragged, is there an update on ticket Sales? Thanks
  13. Look for Badges to open later this month and Classes later in July. ReaperBryan, I assume by badges you mean ticket sales will be soon...in June?
  14. Received my package last week. Thanks to Joe (?) For the demon / balrog.
  15. Thanks Pochi...kinda rushed it but overall satisfied. Liked doing the exposed muscle the best. Thanks Xherman1964. However, I realize I forgot to go back and redo the eyes so it would look like a regular wolf eye then add the white glaze. Oops...oh well...still not bad. Thanks for the comment!
  16. Yes...werewolf zombie. An older Bob Ridolfi sculpt but I think still available. Thanks for the kind words
  17. Actually not bones...dried leaves. Curled a bit when sealing but I liked the look so kept them.
  18. Sent this out about 3 weeks ago. Tracking said received so posting photos here. Wish my photos picked up the greenish ghoul skin tones better as it appears to blend with the bone tones but looks a bit better in person. Also there is dirt / grit on the skeleton that didn't pick up well either. Nonetheless, I was fairly pleased.
  19. Checked tracking for mine. Was delivered 4/13. Hope recipient liked it. Not sure if I should post photos or if this is the right place to do so?
  20. Sent mine out priority mail last week . Haven't heard anything. May have to check the tracking.
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