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  1. Great range! Any new stuff planned or in the planning? Military colors perhaps?
  2. Greetings to all! Andy, That is definitely a solution. What you are saying is that when you get lemons you make lemonade. LMAO Like I stated, painters that work on one miniature look for one thing, painters that work on 40 look for another. Usually, the triads are for guys in between. They can either use it straight from the bottle(if the triad is right) to save time or they know enough to add and subtract by mixing and make 9 shades out of it. The triad works, but in my mind, not how it is suppose to. Granted this is not a perfect science and like I said, I like the paint. All this can be rather subjected and really not worth going on too much about but if you compare the " Bone" color to some of the other triads, the former's shade color is quite distant from the mid-tone. Not that there are not others that can also be called imperfect but this one happens to be one that stands out. It should be adjusted to make it a truer triad. If necessary a darker bone version can be created. I personally would like a hand in creating a set of triads. Have a great day!
  3. I have switched over to Reaper paints after years of using Foundry. No complaints about Foundry. They lasted me forever. The price I felt was a bit extreme and the access was limited. I also felt that some of the triads were but repeated colors and after much research I found that many painters had the same feelings. Despite that, there are many excellent triads that work. I switched to Reaper because of the easy access, quality and price. I am very satisfied with the Reaper line of paints. I have found a watery one which I will address in the future. Most paints are excellent. I use the triads as it speeds up things for me when I paint larger armies. Most of the triads are spot on. There is one in particular I need to address:Bone Triad 058, 059, 060 needs to be reajusted. The shadow color is way too extreme(dark) for the subleness of the range. I have been using it for a month now and the shadow is too dark from the other two lighter bone colors which are bordering on being almost identical. These are still workable out of the pot. Is there a quality control for these sets??? You can't tell in the swatches online but when you get it it is very apprarent. Bone is an excellent color, BTW. it works for so many things. Has anyone else noticed this? Can these be readjusted? The color works so it is a shame to not have it as it should be. It takes mixing to make it work and I don't mind that when I need to do it and I am taking my time but with armies I like to go out of the pot to save time and it can't be done with this triad. How can these sort of issues get addressed? Does Reaper just let it go at that? Is there any hope for the future of this color triad???
  4. Well said! And don't forget the sweat and the general grime, dust, fumes, smoke and just scratches on the cloth from sliding/sitting/sleeping on the ground.
  5. OK, I see. The colors are mostly there with some tweaking. The green-gray may need to be created. Not rocket science so it shouldn't be too difficult. It is a very basic color for WW2. Coat d Arms has some excellent WW2 colors especially the Field gray (green-gray) In addition toe the Field gray(green gray)Reaper has other colors that can be used as well. They had brown-gray and blue-gray. Reaper has both. Any permutation of an earth tone-green, brown, drab combination would work as factory colors where made with a variety and ever changing available threads. Uniforms needed to be produced. Uniforms were made up of gray-green-brown threading and the thread they had the most of would designate the color that would distinguish the uniform. Thanks for the guidance.
  6. My first post. Isn't this wonderful!!! Which colors are guys using for Germans, Russians, USA, Brits WW2 Uniforms and armor? For example:The Germans have a uniform that is "field grey" or "green grey." As I am fairly new to the Reaper paint collection, I don't immediately recognize which color would work in this case. Any help? Thanks
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