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  1. The fun thing about doing diorama is that I can play around with the setting ideas in my head for days and days, and gave me excuses for looking up all sorts of stuff like background information on tombs. One one that I really want to get happening this time is to set a good composition for the whole thing, trying to use techniques like triangle placement, 3:1 golden ratio extra... the current idea is like this one. Comments welcomed :)
  2. So when I ordered another Sophie during last Xmas, I order a bunch of other mini to compliment her. Sticking to the tomb theme I got an army pack of mummies and a mummy lord... Excuse me for not correctly naming though cause I am not really into pathfinder.
  3. Hi everyone, I am back and hopefully I can keep posting here. This is going to be a slow project as I am working on a pretty complicated, long-overdue paint job (checkout my FB page below if interested). I love this Sophie, so much so that actually I got two of her, one that I had already finished a while back, and another one sitting in the box since last X'mas. Here is the one that I had already painted, excuse the poor lighting... She had been one of the better models sitting on my display shelf for long now, but one thing that keeps on bugging me is that she deserve more, more eleme
  4. hmmm excuse me if this had been answered already..... so if I wanna buy a few of the metal special halloween mini which are labeled to be released in a specific week, I need to place multiple orders? if so, I am in Hong Kong so could I please ship by bulk? [update] I read it... it seems so... not trying to get extra goodies here, I'd bet my current order is over 40 already anyway and one bottle of paint last a long time for me... just thought it would make more sense to bulk ship...
  5. Hi guys Haven't came these days as work had taken up most of my time and mood. Thanks to Trystangst (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/user/12059-trystangst/) I got to paint this fine miniature from Wyrd. Comparing to the box art my Bishop is very dark and there isn't enough high lights. The air brushing shadow and light technique could only bring me this far and I think I should do less with it. I felt that his left shoulder is a bit too big, but I guess that's the thing about sculpting by hand instead of computer 3D sculpting, there'd always be little things that di
  6. Thanks everyone for such wonderful comments, this the first diorama that yielded me so many kind responses. I'd put in more effort and hope to do a better job with my next diorama :) thanks again for the encouragements and support for Yotsuba-san :) (meanwhile on the painting desk....)
  7. clever title :) can you arrange them together for a 'family' photo :) ?
  8. I never have the courage to paint larger mini, and I think yours is going great! by the way, try using this http://pixlr.com/editor/ to turn up the brightness a little :)
  9. I love the eyes and the scale (the font of the throat) good one :)
  10. for WIP thread please visit http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51824-thread-reaper-limited-edition-sci-fi-sophie-diorama/
  11. Hi everyone, after working on this for a month I had completed it up to a stage where my current skill level couldn't improve it any further, plus I wanted to bite through the rest of my pile of miniature and I want to start working on another commission job, here're my Sci-fi Sophie completion shots. The most important element of this diorama is of course Sophie. But with the sculpt you can see that she is looking down, that was why I need to spend so much time working on the rest of the set up: to give her something to look at. This is an overview shot of the set up. I cou
  12. hi hi I said WOW when I saw the ruin that 'block' the flame! THAT, is a nice touch. I haven't read all of the thread but I did saw all the pictures, is the whole diorama basically a huge display base for the dwarfs? and each of the dwarfs got their own base?
  13. sound interesting, what do I have to do? paint as many as I can during that time and post up the pix here?
  14. I got this and painted her a few years back, I'd paint it again soon!
  15. Thanks SR! by the way I want to join the Sophie club, I got one more Sophie coming up
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