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  1. It's resolved. I just tried an experiment of mixing in 40% Amethyst Purple. I'm now getting even coverage in a much closer approximation to what I expected from straight Royal Purple. It's really dark for the medium color of a triad. I did not try unthinned paint. I shook the bottle for about 30 seconds. The bottle is brand new. As for how much I thinned it, I used 4 drops of paint to 1 drop of a purified water/ flow aid mix. What's weird is that although it isn't uncommon to have uneven coverage on the first coat, it is usually corrected on subsequent coats. I've never had a paint go so much darker than its apparent color, especially in just two coats.
  2. I just started on a pair of ORS Heavy Cruisers from Halo Fleet Battles tonight. I am using Royal Purple over a white primer for my basecoat. I am using thinned paint rather than straight from the bottle. However, after two coats I have incredibly uneven coverage. Some places are very light purple and look almost like Amethyst Purple while other portions are so dark they are almost black - significantly darker than droping the paint on my pallet. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this and get an even coat that doesn't result in painting everything down to a shadow?
  3. Your comments inspired me to work on them a little more tonight. I trimmed my smallest brush to be a little smaller so I could get the eyes and facial details. I also applied a new layer of highlights that were a little lighter and did a new wash that was darker than before. However, I clearly missed dks' recommendation before finishing (which I will correct at a later date). I took a new picture, this time with better lighting. Using a cell phone camera makes it difficult for these close up shots and a shift from overhead to more direct light really made a difference, probably more than the extra paint. The image link is not working with Google+, so here's a link.
  4. Very well done. Looking at the examples people post here show me that I have a long ways to go in learning to paint. You really made it look as if a bright light was shining from above, slightly to the angel's left, on the miniature.
  5. After painting the highlights, I created a wash with a darker mix from the base coat for that section. Do I need to go darker for the washes?
  6. Thanks. I'll give it another try with that technique. My first attempt resulted in getting off-white and dark brown all over the upper face. The buttons are raised, which make them easy. The eyes are set in.
  7. Hello, I'm a relatively new painter. My previous experience is 2 core boxes of Firestorm Armada, a few other western minis for Gutshot, and I'm half way through my Batttles of Westeros game. I haven't had much time the past several months, but yesterday I did have some time and spent 4-5hrs taking these two guys from black primer and white drybrush to what you see. What do you think? All comments and tips are welcome and appreciated.
  8. The game is a lot of fun. It's definitely worth the money. If you've played command and colors ancients, memoir 44, or battlelore you'll be familiar with the mechanics. FFG changed it up some, but in ways that I think are better and add to the tactics of the game. If you've read the books it's really cool to play the battles you read about. To sum up, it's definitely worth the money.
  9. I'm very new to painting. It was just last year that I started with some Firestorm Armada ships and Testors paints. Here's the first set of minis I've painted with my new Reaper paints. It's also the first minis I've painted from my Battles of Westeros game. 12 down 126 to go.
  10. Perhaps pooling was the incorrect term, but I was referring to the way the paint would be attracted to itself through surface tension like a water drop with rounded edges, leaving your rings, rather than flow smoothly over the model in a thin layer. It sounds like medium is better for glazes to reduce pigment concentration making it more translucent and flow enhancer is better for washes to flow into the recesses? Thanks for all the help
  11. I have a question for the board. I'm a fairly new painter who started painting minis about a year ago and am looking to upgrade to some reaper paints as I enjoy the painting process and can see how a higher pigmented paint will be useful to make my minis look better. I've been looking at the different recommended additives and I'm having trouble understanding the difference between adding matte medium or a flow enhancer. I realize matte medium is basically unpigmented paint and flow enhancer is just a surfactant. However, the justification for both is the same that they prevent the paint from pooling, particularly in washes. What do you recommend? Do you use one for thinning to basecoat and detail and another for washes? While I'm on the topic, I have one other question that I have seen many different answers for: what's the difference between a wash and a glaze, if any? Assuming they're different, would this require the use of different mediums? Thanks.
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