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  1. These are a group of skeletons for Frostwallon, originally Rackham Morbid Puppets. These seem to be pretty rare to find these days and I'm really happy I was able to track them down because they have a certain dynamism that most 28mm skeletons lack. I especially love the "en garde" skeleton and the tired, crouching skeleton. Pictures (as I mentioned) don't really do these guys justice and I tried a few new techniques on them. More pics and info at the link below: http://empireofghosts.blogspot.com/2017/08/frostwallon-skeletons.html?m=1
  2. I've wanted to try my hand at doing some terrain using Hirst Arts molds for years, probably as far back as when I first started gaming, but I always balked at the pricing. Luckily, I have a friend with a nice collection of them who let me borrow a couple to try out. More pics and info: http://empireofghosts.blogspot.com/2017/07/frostwallon-terrain-burnt-out-ruins.html
  3. In a further attempt to clear out my backlog of miniatures, here's another batch of monsters for the sewers of Frostwallon, this time all part of the Reaper Bones line of miniatures I picked up at Adepticon this year. More pics and info: http://empireofghosts.blogspot.com/2017/06/frostwallon-monsters-reaper-bones-batch.html
  4. I'm back! Between the burnout of Adepticon and painting up another commission project, I haven't had much time for personal painting projects until the last few weeks and decided to paint up a few monsters for Frostgrave. I stumbled upon the Pathfinder line of prepainted miniatures and, with the low price on some singles, decided to try my hand at a quick repaint. More pics and info below: http://empireofghosts.blogspot.com/2017/06/frostwallon-monsters-troll-wraith-moon.html
  5. They are, but this being Reaper's forum, I'd rather not link that here
  6. I've had most of Rackham's Cadwallon miniature line for about a decade sitting in a box collecting dust. While they don't seem very amazing now, at the time, there was nothing else like them - exquisitely detailed, 32mm fantasy miniatures with dynamic, interesting poses and a uniquely quasi-medieval/quasi-Victorian aesthetic. If you've ever read Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, these miniatures really epitomized the characters from the Ankh-Morpork subseries (prior to the release of Micro Art Studio's licensed Discworld 28mm line) - somewhat arcane, somewhat advanced, with a dash of the cartoonish. The problem was, they were just so nice and so detailed, I never felt my skills had been up to tackling them. Enter Frostgrave - an easily approachable fantasy skirmish game that finally gave me an excuse to crack open the box.This is my first warband with at least another one or two planned just from what I currently have. The bases are CMON's excellent "Mystic" base set. Much more pics in the link below: http://empireofghosts.blogspot.com/2017/03/frostwallon-warband.html
  7. Been awhile since I've had a chance to post here! I had actually bought this miniature several years ago after reading Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic, which features a sentient chest known as "The Luggage". (If you haven't read the book, it's quite good). In pursuit of something quick and fun to paint to enter in this year's Crystal Brush, I pulled it out and painted it in between doing other projects for Adepticon. More pics and info below: http://empireofghosts.blogspot.com/2017/02/reaper-mimic-luggage.html
  8. I've had a Dremel Stylus for 3 years now. I HIGHLY recommend you buy a Dremel and nit an off-brand because Dremel has excellent customer support. Last fall, my Stylus completely died one day for no reason and I couldn't figure out the problem. I contacted their CS and asked what could be done? No problem they said, just send us your tool and the docking station. I figured since it was out of warranty, I'd have to pay something...One week later, I got a package with my docking station and a brand new Stylus - free! A small note basically said "Enjoy!". That one experience made me a dedicated customer for life. evhorne969 basically nailed it - what will YOU use it for? I use it to polish metal minis prior to painting, boring even-bottomed holes for magnets, cutting through small pieces of metal....you name it, I've probably done it at least once with the Dremel. The biggest advantage of any rotary tool is time-savings. There really isn't anything that requires a rotary tool, but it takes at least 2x longer to do it by hand in most cases.
  9. A recent contest entry that took 3 separate photoshoots to get the color correct!
  10. Not a fan of Space Marines but that vet is awesome!
  11. Thanks. Yeah, the highlights were actually much more pronounced before I did the purple wash. I always forget how strong it is!
  12. Just a quickie before the holiday today - a re-paint of a pre-paint, Reaper's Legendary Encounters Great Worm. I mounted this on a 60mm base and built up its "entry hole" with slate pebbles and gravel. Then I re-painted the main body, focusing on eliminating the out-of-place silver highlights between the upper and lower torso, and finishing with a reddish-pink mouth and brighter teeth. A quick drybrush over the pebbles and gravel to bring out the highlights and a purple wash and its done. Disgusting!
  13. A little conversion of Reaper's "Ape-X" I did recently. Mostly this consisted of replacing his right weapon-hand with a Mutant Goo Cannon made from brass tubing and Armorcast's Cinematic Effects fluid stream. I also added a small pressure valve to its backpack. Scale comparison on my blog post
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