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  1. Learn that 'Britain/British' and 'England/English' are NOT interchangeable. England is a nation which is part of Great Britain - England didn't declare war on anyone since 1705 and The Act of Union, which politically joined England and Wales with Scotland to form one country, called Great Britain. So your entry for Dec 26 – "First squadron of Royal Australian Air Force lands in England" is correct, because they did but to say "England Declares War" or "Aug 31- English mobilize for war" is false. britain declared war and the British mobilized for war.
  2. I quite like We were Soldiers but it's a bit too square-jawed in places. I like Cross of Iron because it has a great ending. All quiet on the Western Front
  3. Through the doorway. You only said there were no doors, right?
  4. No, 'Creep' is far worse. Am I alone in considering pineapple on pizza a crime against humanity?
  5. It's getting a bit silly now - I was alive for all of 30 minutes. St callistus Church in Brooksville is a nearby revival center.
  6. What can I say, just careless - where are you, I can meet you half way
  7. So I miss logging in for 1 day and I'm deaded. Currently at Stephens street, anyone around to offer the old juice of life? Dies Horibly
  8. Because cat's are evil. How many fluid ounces in a litre? Edit - curses!!!!!
  9. It depends if someone is inside the fridge to observe it. Why wasn't Schroedinger reported to the Animal welfare society?
  10. It's only screwed when the helicopter leaves the roof. Button then zip?
  11. Yep, cheers Eric/Valmet. Dies Horribly (he did) is back up and about again. As far as head shots go, we need something to balance the fact that survivors can't permanently kill zombies by destroying the brain or removing the head. Otherwise, we'd just be swamped by hyper-levelled zombies.
  12. Yes, someone somewhere will have played it. If a plane crashes on the border of canada and the USA, where are the survivors buried?
  13. Depends on whether it's cherry pi or blackberry pi, of course. When will I, will I be famous?
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