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  1. Long before GURPS came out with the official 4th Edition I had made my own. I had compiled all the Roleplayer/pyramid articles from around the net and added in the weapons charts from the Hero's Unlimited rulebook I had lying around. Then I sprinkled in the power pools from Champions and had about 3 binders worth of stuff that worked flawlessly together. I love GURPS for that very reason. There's a site that has RPG motivational posters...here's one of them for GURPS. http://www.geneticanomaly.com/RPG-Motivati...psvehicles.html I laughed for about 10 minutes after this one. A
  2. Ah, CafePress...seems everone has a cafepress website now. If I ever get back to GAMA I'll deffinatly have to bring the Merc Tote Bag. Brings a whole new meaning to "got loot?" at GAMA. Personally, I'd like to see limited edition figs up for swag. new poses of favorite figs. That way no one feels forced to get one but if you really really like X figure you might be able to get something really cool!. I'd also like to see an oxford style dress shirt avalible. I don't like golf tee's and regular t-shirts just don't last that long. A nice oxford style dress shirt with the reape
  3. All i can say is WOW! that is one of the best looking mini's I have ever seen. I'll tell you, if I ever became rich and famous, I'd definatly pay $800 for a fig like that. Jay Leno collects mussle cars, I'd collect Golden Demon figs. If you have the money to spend... Beleive it or not though, I think Mage Knight has the case of the most expensive figure sold. Back when WK was doing thier Horsemen contest, a fellow from texas bought War for right around $3000. Yes, we all thought he was nuts. He completed his 4 Horsemen collection for a meer $10,000. Now that would buy me a lot
  4. Not a problem at all, Frank. Acutally, makes me feel important. :)
  5. My mistake then...either way, no harm done.
  6. Boy, I cruise the Reaperboard and look what I find: Hello Frank! This is the last thing I expected to see. I see I can't let you out of my site for 5 days without you getting me in trouble. @ Lars and SmokingWreckage: The comments I made to Frank were actually a PM that I sent him when he inquired about VOR from an old post I made at MKrealms. I assure you, when I meant dead games I meant out of print and ment it in every way that IWM gets the rights to reprint many mini's from companies that no longer exsist. I never ment to imply that they just reprint what they want despite
  7. I'm sure master archer is not a cheap ability, having every elf run around with it would make elven armies even smaller. Besides, we may see more master archer characters when the elf force book makes it's appearance. Until then....just make your own.
  8. I'm more excited about the fact that Reaper will be doing a line of Victorian Steam Age models then I am about the game. I think there are a lot of great possibilities that could come out of this and there seems to have been a resurgence of Victorian steam punk era movies...just look at LXG and Van Helsing. I'm running a quasi Steam Punk campaign now and I really wish that Reaper had Victorian Cross models already on the market. While there current line is fantastic for RPG needs, just adding that extra little steam punk feel to it would really improve my campaign overall. And with Re
  9. We'll, no they don't. But they wern't designed to. In MK we just use two of them if we have to. With the CD base, you would need 3 - 5 to get it right. For those, I'd just use a cup or bowl or just glue them to a CD and put the dragon on top. But for the 25-32mm models, a flight stand base works just fine. Like I said, if people want some I have some and so do every other major MK player. You'll be able to get them, trust me. And they work great.
  10. As an owner of a MK castle, I can tell you they are perfect for all sorts of gaming. The best part is they are totally modular, so you can set it up anyway you want, and they break down well for easy storage. I have a castle with a 2x2 interior courtyard that fits easily into a storage tub. If you want to check out a QTVR I made of my castle under attack (excuse the MK peices, it is for an MK page after all, just go to http://www.draconumhighcouncil.com/project...ebarronmore.mov It shows some pretty good closeups of the castle walls and shows the scale of the MK figs to the ca
  11. Steven Page: If you want clear plastic stands, use the Mage Knight Flight stands. If you have any MK players in your neck of the woods, they will definatly have all the extras you need. If not, just leave a message for me and if your willing to pay S&H, I can send you some of my extras. I really don't need 40 of the little "shot glasses" underfoot all the time.
  12. I don't hang out here much, but I'll tell you, a Reaper mag may change it. I'd love to see something along the lines of a White Dwarf mag (Fiction/Figs/Gaming Senarios/ Painting guide) but dealing in a product I actually like! I've been reading Fictional Reality for about a year now and have always been impressed with there quality and reviews. Reaper does a lot of advertising with them as well and they are an excellent source for mini reviews, but having somthing pure reaper would really be fantastic. They are the only mini's I buy.
  13. I may not be a member of the BL team, but I was a warlord for Mage Knight for 1 1/2 years. I ALWAYS got asked why people should play MK over any other mini game. How you answer really depends on the person and how they are asking. But generally, I would always ask THEM what experiance they were looking for. If they were looking for a large scale wargame I would always point them in the direction of the warhammer folks (the only other games palyed there were GW). If they wanted a small scale game, I'd point them to MK or to Mordheim. It depends on what they want. Each player is diff
  14. Arn't these the same thing that Urban Mammoth is selling for the new VOID/Urban War game? I know there's is made by a Russian company and liceneced thorugh them...but I'm not sure about these.
  15. Unfortunatly, I am my playing area I've gotten a cousin, my wife, and a friend of mine to play Mordhiem with me every saturday and we've had a lot of fun with it. I would love to get them into a second game, just for varity and since I have A LOT of reaper mini's and I want to use them as they were intended! Even if I despised the rules and hated everything about them, I would consider the book well worth it. An entire book highlighting the Warlord line with fully painted 4 color pics? What's not to like about that. A full campaign ruleset I could most likely use in other games i
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