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  1. "LE line is Irrelevant, No one other than Reaper Fans are buying it" I realise that as just a single consumer I am not statistically significant, but I thought I should mention after reading this that I did not become a fan of Reaper until the release of LE.
  2. Buying habits and preferences of this particular DDM refugee Bathalian – I already have more flayers than I will need for a single encounter, but went ahead and bought when I had store credit. Bugbear – I like the bugbear will probably pick one up sooner or later. Cave Troll – A nice addition to my troll encounter bag. Elf Archer – Another elf with a bow. Went ahead and bought eventually with store credit to add variety to my elf encounter bag. This mini is kind of redundant for me, but I like using a different mini for each individual. Gargoyle – This makes a nice addition to my gargoyle encounter bag that was feeling pretty light. Giant Spider I had doubts about a green spider, but went ahead and bought when I had some store credit for variety. Ghost- Not bad, but does not really improve on what I already have, and ghosts tend not to be found in large numbers. Maybe will pick up later with store credit or if I see discounted. Goblins – Goblins tend to come in bunches and, even though I already have many, as I like variety I was pretty happy to add these excellent minis to my goblin encounter bag. Great Worm – This 1 really could use a base of some kind to keep it upright, but I went ahead and bought any way. Minotaur of the Maze- Picked one of these up first time I saw it. A very nice addition to my minotaurs. Ogre Chieftain – Bought one. Looks good, but without checking again I think I found to him be kind of a runt among my ogres. Orcs - Orcs tend to come in bunches and, even though I already have many, as I like variety I was pretty happy to add these excellent minis to my orc encounter bag Ranger- Picked this up as soon as I could. Excellent. Looks great and really fills a gap. Will be picking up the new paint job as soon as I see it at a store. Only LE so far that I am planning on buying multiples of. Good/Evil Knight-More sword and board fighters. They would be great if I did not already have so many. Have not even got these as sword and board extras, nor am I in any hurry too. Skeletal Spearmen- Maybe later with store credit or if deeply discounted, but have so many skeletons already… Unicorn – Got this 1, and of my 3 unicorns this is easily the nicest. Vampire - Really liked this and bought one even though I already have plenty of vampires. Young Dragon – My dragon encounter bag is somewhat lacking and this made a pretty nice addition. Zombie- I already have plenty of zombies, but they tend to come in bunches in encounters and I went ahead and picked up 1 when I had store credit. Upcoming Kobold Warriors- Hard to have too many kobolds. Should be picking these up at some point. Giant Rats-Don’t have many now, but they are often encountered in large groups so will probably be buying. They also look pretty good, especially the one that looks like it is begging for a treat. :) Dwarf Warrior-I have SO MANY that look so similar to this already. I will probably pass. Don’t care for the horns on the helmet either. Gnoll Warrior-Looks like he will make a nice addition to my gnoll encounter bag.
  3. Hi Grey, I think this link will show your preview minis. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/page2 If not go home pageand on the left hand side click preview and go to page 2.
  4. DDM-KIA SWM-KIA (star wars) Heroscape-KIA Dreamblade-KIA Axis and Allies minis is the only pre-painted plastic minis game Hasbro has left I think. As far as I know for pre-painted plastic minis Reaper is al that we have left.
  5. I have purchased a few of the Reaper PPPMs and am pleased with them. I would like to give some of the money that has been going to Hasbro to Reaper instead if you can get some more goodies out.
  6. This just announced in latest Amersand http://www.wizards.com/dnd/article.aspx?x=dnd/dramp/2011January "We have made the decision to depart from prepainted plastic miniatures sets. Lords of Madness stands as the final release under that model. We will continue to release special collector’s sets (such as the Beholder Collector’s Set we released last fall), as well as make use of plastic figures in other product offerings. Check out the Wrath of Ashardalon board game next month for the latest example of this. Moving forward, we will continue to explore more options for players to represent characters and monsters on the tabletop, including Monster Vault and other D&D products that feature monster and character tokens.
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