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  1. I would like to participate again. No starter. No international. Las Vegas, New Mexico. Love fantasy, not sci-fi minis. FYI, would also like to do a group painted mini or two if anyone else is interested.
  2. When is Round 13? I would like to participate again though I was a bit disappointed with this one...
  3. No. You aren't alone in having only metal minis. I will only buy metal minis and have lots of them. Once Reaper is done moving everything over to plastic (just my observation and opinion, I don't really know but this is how it seems) I will be looking elsewhere for my metal minis. Possibly Otherworld Minis or quit buying altogether. I won't buy plastic or rubber repaints.
  4. Maybe one of those learn to paint kits would be best? https://www.reapermini.com/paints/learn-to-paint-kits
  5. Yeh... the shield is a little large for a buckler, but that is what I was aiming for. Confrontation shields are cool. In the games where I will be using this mini, Crackle will be able to use the buckler to add to AC or make attacks with a weapon in the same turn. Glaives are two handed anyway and I didn't want to mess up the cool looking hand on the other side... Julie went to a lot of trouble to sculpt it and I didn't want to waste the little creep factor it gives. Also, gargoyles have claws and can use them as weapons.... Shout out to Julie Guthrie, bit FYI, I found the distance from knee to ankle is different on the legs of this model. What an interesting find. I love it. It will add greatly to the description of movement during play...
  6. Here's a closeup of the face from a different angle. I need to get a better shot but this give a good idea of what is there. Critique is appreciated. TIA.
  7. Thanks. I forgot to credit the breastplate: it is from Reapers Arachno Sergeant 02158 sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I wanted something that fit oddly, like it didn't really belong to help give that piecemeal armor vibe to the model.
  8. Glad to see another color besides green for the goblin... nice work.
  9. Thanks. Yes, it is inspired by an oni mask, and also a shora (the arab headgear), though originally I intended on a french legionnaires headgear. Being a farmer, I thought the shora look was more appropriate. He made his of deer skin and it has seen lots of use... Let me try and get a better pic of the face from a different angle...
  10. Finally finished this project of The Farmer. I have yet to give him his real name but he will be a cool character to play. I had the idea many years ago (and after losing an early try to sticky fingers at Reapercon 2017), I finally found a model I could retry this idea with. I posted the unpainted mini in conversions https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/98436-the-farmer-conversion-bog-skeleton-03943/ but the painting is all done. Any critique is welcome as it is difficult to get good feedback out here in the badlands of New Mexico (I know, this saying is getting old but I like it). Pic heavy.
  11. I used Julie Guthries Ghast 03640 to build my gargoyle character who calls himself Crackle. I added parts from a broken Confrontation paladin, some greenstuff, wings from a long ago Reapercon Metal Trade, and some Reaper bits I had lying around. Would love some critique with this conversion as it is hard to get good feedback way out here in the badlands of New Mexico. TIA.
  12. @Lidless Eye box is received. Will go through it with Crit Role in the background... 🙂
  13. I have been trying to get into one of these for a while now. I can't wait...
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