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  1. Be curios to see how BB compares to what Monolith puts out.
  2. So I'm more the likely backing as I could afford to loose $130. Having a guy that speaks some Chinese and has experience with manufacturing there, even though it's in a different filed, is a big plus. Cost of what we're getting is still a concern but I've never backed a project before where the cost of living is significantly lower then the West so that might be part of why they can offer some prices (outside of the loss leader with expensive add ons). They're all Pakistani, living in Pakistan currently, but several of them having lived in Canada at one point in their lives.
  3. So this one got me curious so I decided to swing by here as no one is quite as skeptical of a good KSer deal these days as the Reaper forums. I think what they're doing is offering the core box near cost and then making their money on full priced add-ons. outside of the Architecture Set everything else they have in that list is about what I'd expect to pay for retail, if not a bit more. Compare the expansion pack add ons (the first two) what you get for $45-50 and then look at what Monolith, mythic and CMoN give you for the same price as an addon. So basically bait pe
  4. Same. I figure if it can last this long it's going to be quite some time till it yellows if ever.
  5. Hey all. Pulled one of these old bases out of storage to see how it held up after all this time (about 6 and a half years), since I was looking at using this medium for a project, and it still looks just as good as it did back when I made this tutorial. I added a quick picture to the end of the second post as well as below this sentence.
  6. I don't know if it's under the Asmodee brand or one of the other 500 game companies they own as at gencon all of them but FFG were grouped in one area. Even Monoliths Conan, which one of the former CEOs of Asmodee works for, was unsure what label was distributing Conan. They were saying that it was FFG in the US until corrected by backers. Hell Dorado wasn't one of their games as far as I'm aware (outside of distributing the closterphobia game set in that world) and the company that killed it off was Ninja Division after they bought it off of cypher because the KSer really didn't
  7. Got my rulebook reprint today. That's everything from this campaign for me.
  8. Got my resins from the core set today. Also the distribution deal they mentioned in their last update is Asmodee, they were demoing\advertising it at Gencon. Should be in stores for Christmas.
  9. its understandable though as tooling for the larger things is rather expensive and they're playing it safe.
  10. eh, it's nothing spectacular. Probably it's most useful feature for the price is the phone based control. As always, 3D printers have a horrible track record on Kickstarter and it's just better to get something that's available now and has good reviews then wait and hope it lives up to the hype (which they never do). if you really want to hit that $150 sweet spot just watch r/3dprinting as there are several that go on sale for that price throughout the year that people in that subreddit will post and you'll still end up getting your printer months before this ever delivers. As G
  11. Sure Pingo. Just try to pretend you're not one of the people that gave my non-existent post a like. Won't work! I see through the façade.
  12. On September 25th 2016 I "won" the day with most likes despite not having any posts make it into the leaderboard that day for most likes. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/leaderboard/&custom_date_start=1474804800&custom_date_end=1474804800 Not only did I win, I crushed my competition getting more votes that day then all my competitors combined. So either I posted 279 times that day and Uber just liked all of them thus none of them showing up on the list due to low like count or I had planed on posted something really awesome that everyone would
  13. This. Been there, done that personally already with a kickstarted 3d printer. What was a good 3d printer 2 years ago when I backed spec wise was trash when I got it delivered this year compared to others. If you want one just buy one instead of waiting for a mythological one to appear on KSer that's what you've been waiting for price wise. If you can afford $100 that arrives in 16+ months you can save up for a $200 one and get it way before the other one arrives. Also even the one I have can print at 50 micron like this one but that doesn't mean you should (most can print abou
  14. The issues I really have with basic\common terrain items like this is you can buy a 3d printer and print out something the size of this in like a month for a lot less. And then, from there on out, you have the printer and don't have to buy that again. I'm comparing this to the Duke which is a full castle for $750 usd (roughly). Good 3d printer is $300, about $50 for the plans (more if you want a more complex castle) and probably $40-$50 in plastic. If all you care about is dwarven forge sized pieces you can cut the printer cost in half. It only makes sense to but one of the lar
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