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  1. Particularly like the tartan, the tattoos and the runes on the horn.
  2. ... (speachless) I'd don't suppose you'd care to share a step by step guide to how you painted the wraith´s blade for us lesser mortals?
  3. Hi all, I've tried tutorial+muscle in the search field, but not really found what I'm looking for, namely a clear step by step tutorial on how to paint muscle definition, e.g. on beast-men. Does anyone have one to hand? Thanks
  4. Thanks Derek, but this presupposes a level of craftsmanship which I have yet to attain to
  5. Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to take a 'before' photo, but here's the 'after', having scored it with a file and modelling knife and then done a sepia wash. I'm really happy with the result. Please excuse the lousy quality - I desperately need to work on my macro skills!
  6. I'm trying to create a grained effect on the banner pole of a figurine. The basic wood is brown - but looks very flat. The pole is smooth, so I doubt that a sepia wash is going to help any. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks
  7. Hi Laszlo, the figure in question is 02459 (Ava, Female Templar). I've already got a second order together from Reaper (half my players weren't happy with the figures I'd looked out for them - they still haven't got hold of the concept that the GM is all-wise, all-knowing and always right, hard to swallow as two of them are my kids, they ought to know at least that by now ), so adding a weapons pack isn't going to be a problem. I'll probably follow your advice here. I was in the local GW shop this lunchtime and they seem like a friendly lot, so I'll probably take the figure there and ask them
  8. Thanks guys for the helpful answers. Not quite sure what the equivalents of Gorilla and Zap a Gap are here in Europe, but I've found a local Games Workshop store, they should be able to help further. I got my Reaper figures in the post yesterday. In trying to bend one of the swords straight it snapped in the middle. What's the best way of repairing it? It looks too thin to pin properly and I can't imagine that just glueing is going to be strong enough in the long term (it's a PC in my RPG and will be handled quite a bit). Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks guys, nice to know there are still some forums out there where people are willing to help and give advice without telling people how stupid they are for not knowing. All answers greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi, just got my first delivery of Reaper figurines and am seriously impressed with the level of detail. I have to glue the hand and sword onto one of the figures - what's the best sort of glue to use? Superglue? Or something else? Thanks
  11. Hi, just picked up my delivery of Reaper figurines and paints from the customs office here in Germany. In the meantime I've located a store that sells Vallejo game colors. Does anyone know whether I can mix the two? They're both water-based acrylics, so I'm guessing yes, but I wanted a second opinion. Thanks
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