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  1. I usually use Reaper MSP Golden Blond with a wash of GW Seraphim Sepia (formerly Gryphonne Sepia). But parchment colour varies quite a lot depending on age and weathering, so there's really no one right way to do it.
  2. I suppose that is a possibility. I've been washing mine with scented dish soap. It never occurred to me that the type of soap might make a difference.
  3. The first Bones I tried when they were initially released were fine, but everything from the Kickstarter has been highly paint-repellent, no matter how thoroughly I wash them. I've found they need a coat of brush-on primer before they'll take the paint. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it has been persistent in every miniature from the Kickstarter. That's highly unusual, if you're experiencing a lot of that. I've noted a couple of paints prone to it from my old pro paint (elven green, breonne blue), and some master series (black, walnut brown) - but outside the rare misbehaving paint, all the stuff I use sticks like glue.
  4. I would have suggested that it is the Bones that is responsible since paint flakes off them if you look at them sideways, but since you are having the same problem with metal I wonder if it could be due to your local environmental conditions. I've had paint crack inexplicably before, when it never had before, and never since, all from the same bottle, and I've often wondered if the humidity might have been the cause. Another possibility is that the paint might crack if the primer on the metal miniatures hasn't completely dried. If you've painted the miniatures sooner than 24 hours after priming them try letting the primer cure for at least that long and see if the problem persists. As for the Bones, I've had no luck at all painting them unprimed no matter thoroughly they were washed, so that might be the issue with these.
  5. Did you actually paint hair on his forearms?!! The highlights on the shirt are amazing. This might just be one of your best pieces ever.
  6. Superglue is what you want to use. I recommend Gorilla Super Glue. It is incredibly durable and well-suited for miniatures that will be played with, and you can get it just about any hardware store.
  7. With respect to Cthulhu's two right wings, just email Reaper; their customer service is excellent and I'm sure they'll get you fixed up. I once bought a Silver Dragon that had two right wings and they sent me a replacement wing right away.
  8. Nice transitions from the pink to green. Outstanding work!
  9. Kudos on that base! I'll second the request for an explanation of how you did it; the stream looks fantastic.
  10. I've had variable success with Bones. My first Bones mini was the Purple Worm, which took the paint wonderfully and has adhered tenaciously. Others, however, have been recalcitrant and I can't get the paint to adhere regardless of how well washed (scrubbed thoroughly with a toothbrush in soapy water) they are. I've also tried brush on primer with little success - the paint still rubs off with the slightest touch (all RMS paint). I haven't figured out yet why some figures will take the paint and others won't.
  11. Yes, Darius, it definitely was a compliment. The lack of refinement or smooth blending of the highlights gives the figure a raw, visceral quality that is reminiscent of many of Frazetta's paintings. I often find I enjoy the artistic abstract style that some people apply to to their miniatures; they look like they've torn themselves off the canvas and into the three-dimensional world.
  12. Funny you should make the comparison, because I was just thinking that the rough highlights make this guy look like a Frazetta painting come to life.
  13. Ah, the incomparable Dejah Thoris; in all her scantily-clad glory! Well done.
  14. Nice! I really like the wood-grain on the shovel's handle.
  15. I am in awe of the colourful stonework on his accoutrements!
  16. Amazing paint job. I love the colours! They so vibrant, with lots of contrast, but all work well together. Fantastic work.
  17. Not at all! I need a room dedicated to storing and displaying miniatures. For that matter I might end up needing the whole house. I wonder how the family would feel about relocating to a hotel?
  18. Love your worms! The base of the ice worm is fantastic.
  19. I'm curious to see what other people do, too. I use deep pluck-foam trays stored in Army Transport bags, but this gets pretty expensive.
  20. Your cake toppers are so cool. It warms my heart to know that there are so many cool people getting married who would put these on their cake!
  21. Amazing! I love the muted tones of the lizardman. This is absolutely superb.
  22. I've done this before, too. I also really like the look of 'blackened' pewter.
  23. Yes; Krylon Dual Paint + Primer is an excellent primer for metal miniatures, it comes in a variety of colours, and it is cheap.
  24. Yeah, a light box would do wonders. This looks like a really nice paint job, but it's tough to see the details in this lighting. If you're looking for a super-cheap home-made light box, I use a plastic milk jug with the top cut off. It works reasonably well and it's free :)
  25. There are so many different ways of painting leather that it's hard to suggest a specific formula - it all depends on what you're trying to achieve. But... You don't need to worry too much about having specific paints for highlighting, just try adding some white (I usually use Tusk Ivory) to your mid tone. Try watering your Walnut down to a thin wash; it won't be too dark then and should give you a nice shade.
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