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  1. I got this lovely in the mail last week. I finally got caught up with real life and have a chance to post a few pictures. She is very nicely painted and has a nicely done snow base. The flesh is very well painted with good highlighting, the pictures aren't that great, I'll post more when I get a chance to take them.
  2. I finally finished the Black Orc mini I was painting for the exchange. I sent it in the mail last Friday, haven't heard whether the recipient has gotten it yet, but I thought I'd share. The photos aren't the best, I need some diffusers on my lights, for better or worse, here they are:
  3. I recieved a nice package today in the mail from primevil, a nicely painted female barbarian sculpted by Werner Klocke. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I 'll get a chance to photograph it. John
  4. Almost finished, just got to put the finishing touches on the base, should get it in the mail tomorrow if I get a good paint sesseion tonight. John
  5. The lady in red is looking nice. The other one is looking good to, but there is just something about a pirate chick. I, too, learned the hard way about the back of the shield on that one. John
  6. I've got mine about 90% finished and should get the rest done this weekend. John
  7. Finally got some more done on the Orc, Holiday overtime in the lab put a dent in my paint time. Here's some shots of what I've got done so far. I still need to tweak the armor some more, touch up the flesh here and there, dull down the teeth, and I'm not real sure of the eyes. The leather didn't turn out quite like I had hoped. What do you think? Would you be happy if you recieved him?? More pictures can be found at www.thebrassdragon.com. Thanks in advance, John
  8. I like the hair. Are you using the macro function on your camera? I seems to be focusing on the background. John
  9. I like her, but maybe tone the eyes down, they seem a bit bright to me, kinda draw your eyes away from the rest of the mini, just MHO, still a good job overall. I have this one sitting on my shelf of shame, waiting on some paint. John
  10. Good job on both, and the flesh on the orc did turn out really smooth, I also like the way the small details like the fingernails and the teeth turned out. John
  11. Nice clean job, love the flesh and the highlighting on the black hair. I, too am a fan of Conan. I think the pose is kinda off, he looks as if he is about to fall. John
  12. Both are done well, I really like the female thief/rogue. Something about the sculpt on the second looks off to me, the torso and head seem to big for the legs, but then again I've been up all night working midnights so it could be the delirum brought on by lack of sleep. John
  13. Like the green and the blends on the flesh. I see what you mean by the texture from the primer. John
  14. Very nice paint jobs, I wasn't fond of the minis when I saw them in the raw, but now with paint, I may have to give them another look. John
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