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  1. I love it, there aren't many good looking pirate female models out there. When can we buy one? You are going to have it cast, right? John Lee
  2. Well here he is. As usual the photography sucks, mainly because of my lack of suitable lighting. Hopefully after I move next month, I'll have time to construct an light box. The model: It took forever to paint. There is a lot of stuff to highlight on this one. I used GW goblin green ( sorry reaper guys, I'm gonna try some MSP's after the move ) for the base and mixed it with Delta Chamomile fro highlights. I'm not real happy with the blue fire, I wish it were lighter, might go back later and fix it. The base is just some cork with rocks and various different sizes of grit glued on. Nothing fancy, but better than the one that came on it. John Lee
  3. I never really paid much attention to this one, but now I'm gonna pick it up. Fantastic job. John Lee
  4. Great job. The only thing I hate about it is it makes me realize how much my version of this sucks. The Bone colored robe is really nice. John Lee
  5. Looks great,I really like the blue. I can never get mine to come out like that. Have you thought about sawing the base in half below the mini and resculpting some in the middle to level it up? John Lee
  6. I use a Sony DSC F717. I really like it, but I need to use it more to get used to all of the functions. For editing I use Ulead PhotoImpact, and lately, Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 10, I got it on clearance at Target for $19.99. John Lee
  7. Wish I could get my greens to come out like that, great job. I agree, the pose does look like he is "punch drunk" or really caught by surprise.
  8. Instead of using white to mix highlghts for brown, use flesh ( I use GW dwarf flesh, but only because I have it on hand, any orangy-flesh color will do ) or orange. For Blacks, I think less is more, when it comes to highlights, just a few blue or dark purple or gray.
  9. I use the ole future floor wax "magic wash" ( haven't had much luck with the Liquidtex Flow Stuff, I think the Future is better) to thin my paint for hair. That way, it is always darker in the recesses that the ridges. I usually take a lighter color, say a dirty yellow for blond hair, and wash a couple of times with it, then when I feel it has covered good enough and has dried, wash with a brown color ( the brown kinda tones down the yellow), after drying, use a thin brush and highlight a few individual strands. To me , it works better than dry brushing. Hope it helps, John Lee
  10. Look good, although I'd have made him a little more whiter. Just a personal preferance, the blue loods good too. How did you do the base?
  11. I've been wanting to do that one and you've just convinced me that I have to buy it. Super job. John Lee
  12. Thanks everybody for the kind words. I agree the base could be better. I painted this as a gift for a friend's birthday and after I finished it , it just screamed for something more. His b-day was in two days and I had no time to get supplies, so I used what I had on hand. I was going to recess the base into the cork, but there wasn't really any room. I did use a magnet to attach the two together so he wouldn't fall off. I didn't have a proper lighting set up for the photo, so the picture was brightened up quite a bit with software. I hope to construct a light box soon. Thanks again, John Lee
  13. It is made by a company called Heresy miniatures, several online stores carry the line but I ordered mine from www.Fantization.com. John Lee
  14. I know that this is non-Reaper, but I wanted to show it off some where. Let me start by saying that my photography skills are somewhat lacking, the transitonson the flesh really arent as abrupt as they appear ( I know you're thinking, "yeah, right"). This was afun mini to paint. It comes as a customizable package: Three different heads ( smiling, grimmacing, and cigar smoking ), three different weapons ( ax, two-handed sword, and a big wooden hammer-thingy), and two different positions on the non-weapon holding hand/arm. Very little flash. If you need anotherbig musled up barbarian guy, this one is for you. Here it is, comments/advice would be appreciated. Thanks, John Lee Whoops! Here's the photo: Here's a picture of the base that I made for it:
  15. I wish I could do flesh like that. It is very smooth, and the model looks very nice. John Lee
  16. Is it too late to get involved? If not, I'd like to participate. John Lee [email protected]
  17. I vote for the Soutern Belle Sophie, too. She would be representative of the whole area hit by the Hurricane, not just New Orleans. The extent of the damage went all the way to Alabama. Mississippi got the worst of it. It is unfortunate that the "events" that occurred after the hurricane have eclipsed the other victims.
  18. I have the same mini, she came with a forest nymph in the blister pack. you did a very good job of painting her up. John Lee
  19. Mr Gunn is correct in is statement that you must be careful when constucting spray booths. however, the one that I mentioned has been used for years by modelers everywhere and I curently have the same set up and have not experienced any flammability problems. there is simply not enough solvent fumes going thorugh the fan to cause a problem, lung or fire wise. Hope i t helps, John Lee
  20. Looks good, especially for your fourth, my fourth looks like my five-year-old painted it, but I agree a little more highlighting would make it really stand out. What are your plans for the base? John Lee
  21. I think that Krylon white primer is the best. I have been using it for a couple of years now and it is always consistant from can to can, it also doesn't go on thick like some of the automobile primers do. Most automobile primers have alot of fillers since they are mostly used to cover damaged areas. The flakiness is probably caused by the humidity, where are you located? Here in Mobile, Alabama the humidity is 90+ % most of the time and you can't spray anything outside. The paint will behave as you described or remain tacky for an indefinite time. Spraying inside is the best option. You could make yourself a simple spraybooth for inside if fumes are a problem. Get yourself a cheap box fan at Walmart and an inexpensive 2' x 2' airconditioner filter. Tape the filter to the suction side of the fan and place the fan in a window so that it blows outside. Find a large cardboard box, cut the back and front out, leaving a little around the edges for stability, put this in front of the fan and, viloa, a improvised spray booth. The fumes will go outside and the overspray will get trapped on the filter. Anyway, hope it helps. John Lee
  22. Whoa! Those are some homely wenches. Not your fault, just sculpted that way. The painting is quite good though. I would go with more highlighting on the purple dress. John Lee
  23. Does anyone have one of the "cowgirl" Sophie miniatures from Reaper-con that they would part with? Thanks Oh yeah, you acan email me at [email protected]
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