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  1. I'm liking it too. Can't wait to see the NMM, I always struggle with it. John
  2. This is really turning out great. John
  3. These, as well as the ones in your other post are all nicely done. I've look at these on various other sites and couldn't tell much about them, it is nice to see them up close. You friend is very lucky. John
  4. Amazing work with the pink, just enough, not too much so it is overpowering. The base work is outstanding. John
  5. I really like the shading on the pants and the tattoos are cool. The flesh is nicely done. John
  6. Nice job on the beast lords. Where did you get the wooden base on the dog? John lee
  7. I, too, like the hound, it looks very celestial. The griffin is very nicely done also, I like the detail on the wings. Not a big fan of the lion sculpt, but the paint job is great. John
  8. Those are really nice, very smooth painting. The base on Oliva is very well done and I like the effort that you put into the stringing the bow, little details like that really pay off. John
  9. They all look super, I really like the red jump suits, I wish I could paint red like that. I'm not sure I like the last sculpt, the sword is just too big, even for a fantasy weapon, but that's not your fault, the painting is flawless. The display piece is really beautiful, I love the way the pink and blue go together. The only thing I don't like is the cupped edge on the water.
  10. I use Plasticote white primer, available at most autoparts stores, it has worked well for me. John
  11. I like the bright colors for a change, it suits a bard. Nice job. John
  12. Great high lighting on the yellow or NMM gold and especially the orange. Not sure about the purple globe on the staff, looks like an egg, but stll over all a super mini. John
  13. Pretty cool, what medium are you working in. When I first opened the thread, I thought you had one of those photos from the hubble in it. Keep on painting. John Lee
  14. I started painting long before they had the internet and there really wasn't anyone here in lower Alabama that painted minis. I too have learned a lot on the 'net when it finally came a long, and hope to attend the con someday. As for the face, maybe I should have elaborated more. I really like what you've done with the mini, far better than I could do. I've never even tried to paint dark flesh. I think if you just lighten up the area around her eyes/cheeks she'll look even better. John
  15. She looks nice, I like the face and eyes, and the armor is nice, too. Not sure about the color choice on the blue leggings, but I'll wait til it's finished and see how it looks then. The hair color looks nice and it is nicely done. Did yours have a mold line across the top of the head/hair too? I seems like I always end up with the minis with the bad mold lines on the hair, face, or fingers. For me, they are impossible to remove without removing all of the detail. John
  16. I like it all except for her face around the eyes, it looks as if she has soot on her face, everything else is top notch. I really like the stripes. John
  17. Go back and read post number one. Movies that you like that not many or any of your friends do.
  18. The picture is kinda blurry, but anything (with some exceptions, not many though)with a mini-skirt gets my vote, so I'd have to vote for the rouge. John
  19. Does your camera have a macro function, it is usually represented by a flower on the function wheel/button thingy. This helps on taking pictures of small things up close. John
  20. Looks like the solvent in the sealer caused the paint underneath to loosen, kind of "stripping" effect, the sealer just held it in place. John
  21. I have a few: Fast Times at Ridgemont High Porky's (the first one) Life Force Blade Runner More recent film, The Heartbreak Kid, it has to be one of the funniest movies I've seen. John
  22. Finally decided on what to paint, gonna pick it up at Nord's tomorrow. John
  23. I think the black looks better, gives him a more sinister look. Where did you manage to find this one? John
  24. The mini's are well painted, and I'm really impressed with the tattoo work. The base just doesn't look all that good to me, none of the stuff in it goes together. John
  25. She's beautiful, the colors work great together and the highlighting on the purples and yellows are excellent. John
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