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  1. They all look super, I really like the red jump suits, I wish I could paint red like that. I'm not sure I like the last sculpt, the sword is just too big, even for a fantasy weapon, but that's not your fault, the painting is flawless. The display piece is really beautiful, I love the way the pink and blue go together. The only thing I don't like is the cupped edge on the water.

  2. I started painting long before they had the internet and there really wasn't anyone here in lower Alabama that painted minis. I too have learned a lot on the 'net when it finally came a long, and hope to attend the con someday. As for the face, maybe I should have elaborated more. I really like what you've done with the mini, far better than I could do. I've never even tried to paint dark flesh. I think if you just lighten up the area around her eyes/cheeks she'll look even better.



  3. She looks nice, I like the face and eyes, and the armor is nice, too. Not sure about the color choice on the blue leggings, but I'll wait til it's finished and see how it looks then. The hair color looks nice and it is nicely done. Did yours have a mold line across the top of the head/hair too? I seems like I always end up with the minis with the bad mold lines on the hair, face, or fingers. For me, they are impossible to remove without removing all of the detail.



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