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  1. A bigger picture would be nice, but she looks very nice. The flesh is very smooth. John
  2. Your friends are very lucky, both pieces are very well done. I like the Sophie, she looks kinda Goth. The wings are shaded nicely. John
  3. Nice job, especially on the shading on the metal bits. The one with the keg are my favorites. John
  4. Beautiful work, Lyn, and as others have mentioned, your work is really improving. The eyes are very lifelike. I've been eyeing these on the DS site for a while, just wish they weren't $9.99 a piece. John
  5. Great work Meg. Makes me want to repaint or throw my copy of this one away. The base is really nice to. John
  6. Nice job, looking forward to more material. What do you use to do you lay out. I use front page, by microsoft. It works pretty good, just wondering what else is out there. Started my sight a few months ago. John
  7. Greetings, Here's a few that I painted a while back, I've been photoing my minis to add to my website. I painted the caveman a long time ago, probably one of the first Reaper minis I painted (mid '90's?). The others not so long ago. For more pictures, check out www.thebrassdragon.com. Critiques, criticism, etc. welcome. Thanks, John
  8. Greetings, Been working on getting the man cave set up, here's a couple of shots of the inside and where I'll be painting soon (I hope). John
  9. Interesting conversion, nice shading on the red. Maybe a shot of dullcote, as he 's a little shiney, unless that is you intention. John
  10. Thanks for the kind comments guys. John
  11. Felt blacklight posters, I remember those. A shot of dull coat would do the dragon alot of good. Interesting paint job, the different shades of blue set it off. John Lee
  12. Nice job on the shading on the pink, I find it tricky to do. I also like the golden weapon thingy. John
  13. Really nicely done, I particularly like what you did with the horns. The base is realistically done and the fur is beautiful, I have no imagination like that, mine would have been just one shade of brown. John
  14. Was photographing some of my mini's for my web site and thought I'd share a couple. I painted these a while back, been working on getting my paint area set up so I can do some more. There's a few more painted up at my site, www.thebrassdragon.com. Critiques, comments, advice welcome. John
  15. I gotta pick this one up. I painted an earlier version of him without the mohawk, it is from the dark heavens line, and I believe he's called a clay golem or something like that. John
  16. This is very nicely done, I think your best. I've got this one and I hope I can paint it half as good. The NMM is good for a first attempt, I gave up on the tehcnique, it was too fustrating to spend all of that time painting everything else, only to ruin it with an attempt at NMM. John
  17. I like the green on the skin tone too. Maybe a little more highlighting on the brown leather bits, but still a great job. Oh yeah, I didn't even notice the flash till others pointed it out, I thought it was part of the mini. John
  18. Wow, what a great expression on his face, he got such a crazed look in his eyes. John
  19. I think this is the best job on red I've seen. It is shaded great and it doesn't get orange on the highlights. John
  20. I like the orange "dress" and the way you did the flames. John Lee
  21. I agree a little darklining would look great. and maybe a wash on the bright metal bits. Still she looks pretty darn good. John
  22. I like what you've done so far, but I have to agree with paintminion, too many colors, and I'd get rid of that purplish-pink color, to me it take away from the rest of the mini, kinda draws your eye in to it. John
  23. Thanks guys, I'll give it a whirl, I'm ready to get started on painting her. John
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