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  1. Greetings, I just purchased the new 56 mm Finiari and started cleaneing her up. She has a bad mold line on her hair on top of her head. any ideas on how to get rid of it without destroying the detail on her hair. Thanks, John
  2. Uncle Sam really turned out well, and I like the rock star too. They are all nice and its good to see some old Ral stuff. I've got a bunch of old Grenadier stuff laying around somewhere. John
  3. Looks good, Sarg. One of these days I'm gonna have to try my brushes out on one of these models. John
  4. She looks very nice, I really like the way the jewel turned out on the quiver. The shading on the green is also nicely done. What did you use for the vegitation? John
  5. Nice job, the handle on the weapon looks just like ivory. I also like the way you did the arm-hand gard thingy. John
  6. I would like to see beach babe Sophie, with boom box and accessories, in 56mm. John
  7. I used Testors metallics in the older days (I'm 43, should I really be saying that), but thankfully, the hobby shop where I bought the mini's sold a set of (I think) Poly S acrylics,evey color but metallics, so I never used enamels. The set even came with a wizard mini. Anyway I think that the acrylic metallics are better since you can get "several" shades of different metallics. My favorite is a craft paint I bought at 'Ole Time Pottery called "honest copper". John
  8. Some more cool stuff Froggy. The crates are awesome, in real life, I'm a lab tech and I come across and throw away all sorts of lids, now I have a use for them. John
  9. Amazing Meg, the flesh tones are awsome. I picked one of these up a Nord's in Birmingham, Alabama today. I know I won't be able to paint her as well as your example, but I hope to do her some justice. She is actually smaller than she looks. I picked up the 56mm Fiani (Iknow I spelled that wrong), any chance you are going to paint her up and maybe do a tutorial??? I miss the ones that you used to do. John
  10. Another beautiful one, Meg. Her face has a "dream-like" quality to it. I hope to one day paint like that. Thanks for sharing. John
  11. Nice sculpt. I like what you did with the hair and the flesh. Maybe a little highlighting on the mail and a wash on the gold on the butt end of the ax. Just my opinion, still a great job. John
  12. I use a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W80, it is 7.2 MP. I like it because it is small and I can put it in my pocket and always have a camera with me. It takes decent pictures of minis. You can check out some pictures on my web site listed below. All of the pictures have had not editing other than cropping and resizing. Best of all, it only cost $159. I think they are even less now as it was a couple of years ago when I purchased it. John
  13. Super stuff as always, Froggy. I really like the Star Wars stuff. John
  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Yes I did post on CMON, only got 7.4, but the pictures didn't help any. I may repost on day. Thanks, John
  15. I posted this here a long time ago, but I've been retaking some photos for my website so I thought I'd repost it and see what you guys think. I think it is one of my better minis. There are some more pictures of him and a bunch more mini updates on the website. Thanks, John
  16. Better stocked than mine, nice paint holder. John
  17. Are you adding any flow improver to the wash? That will help a bunch. Some use flow aid by liqiidtex. I have heard that adding a few drops of dawn dishwashing liquid will help, too. I've never tried it myself. I have tried the liquidtex stuff and it works OK. The thing that works best for me is good ole Future floor wax. I make a mixture for 10% Future in water and use this to mix the wash. With this the wash goes right in the recesses. Hope it Helps, John
  18. Updated the site again. Two more works in progress, got two weeks off from work so I'll get some paint on them soon. Sculpted a base for one of them ('09 reapercon Sophie). Here's a few shots: The dark sword mini has some adult parts. More shots of both on the website. John
  19. Nice job, I've got one of these I need to paint. I like the flesh tones and the highlighting on the red sash, but the highlighting on the purple needs some smoothing out--IMHO. John
  20. Glad to see someone came up with a use for all of those used nebulizer solution containers, I go through a few of those too and might hijack that idea myself. Great stuff as usual, I really like the tentacle-headed guy with the machine gun. I have an old turntable, dual cassette deck, and receiver/amp that i wish I could get to you just see what you could cook up. John
  21. That's the sword that he came with. What could be changed on the silver cloth to make it more convincing? Sorry for the huge quote, I still haven't figured that one out. I don't know what you could do for the silver cloth, you are more adept at painting the I. But maybe some reflections on it? I'm at a loss.
  22. I like the shading on the robe and your color wheel interpretation, I must get me one. Also, I find her eyes mesmerising. John
  23. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, this is really good. I gave up on NMM and just use metallics, if you shade and highlight them they look good (at least to me). The only thing I would suggest is maybe a little highlighting on the green. John
  24. Wow, the things you can do with a butane lighter nozzle. Those are nice froggy, but the metallic cloth doesn't work for me, it just looks painted silver, not cloth-like. Her skin tone is beautiful though. The shading on Zorro is great, but the sword seems wrong, didn't he have a rapier and not a cutlass? John Lee
  25. Thanks, haldir, I didn't notice till you pointed them out. Nothing like blowing it up with the camera to show you what you missed. I'll go back in with a little putty and fix it. Thanks for the comment. I went with the clouds because I didn't care for the little stub that they had holding eveything up. John
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