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  1. Thanks Lyn for stopping by. I just changed the background, had to go with a different dragon, I lost too much resolution on the old one when I tried to make it big enougn to fit the whole screen. I plan to work on Sophie some later this week, so watch for an update. Also the site has been updated alot since last you were there. I even added a recipe in the recipe section. Thanks again, John
  2. Nice job Meg, and good to see you back on the boards. I must say, your talent has grown by leaps and bounds while absent. What's your secret? John
  3. That barbarian is really well painted and the base is really well done. Too bad he is out of production. John lee
  4. I've done some more work on the site and most of the galleries have something in them, just waiting on time to put together a light tent to photograph the mini collection. Also, finally getting the workshop cleaned out so it won't be long before I'm back on the brushes again. Check it out: www.thebrassdragon.com Thanks, John Lee
  5. For reasons beyond my control, I did not get a chance to purchase a 2009 Reapercon Sophie. Is there anyone out there in Reaperland that has a extra one that they would sell? I have an extra 2007 Sophie (sci-fi) that I would be willing to trade also. Thanks a Bunch, John
  6. Greetings, Finally started the '08 sophie that I got last year (not much time for painting lately) and I started my own web site. Please chec it out and let me know you think, keep in mind it is a work in progress, but suggestions are welcome. It could use a splash of color here or there, all in good time. I started in work in progress on Sophie. Site link: www.thebrassdragon.com Thanks, John
  7. Thank you, I would appreciate it greatly. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks, John Lee
  8. Greetings, I missed Reapercon again and due to some glitches on my end, I missed getting a Sophie, too. Is there anyone out there who my have purchased an extra one and would want to sell it? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Thanks, John Lee
  9. Nice job so far. Which minis did you use for the females? Thanks, John Lee
  10. I'd like to be in on this one, PM sent. John Lee
  11. I'd like to participate, count me in.
  12. MJ, Greetings, thanks for the explanation. While I was disappointed that I did not receive my exchange, I completely understand how real like can get in the way of things. I have recently had some family issues that have prevented me from doing anything that is hobby related, trust me I understand....no apology needed. Anyway, glad to see you back and hopefully I can get back to painting too. John Lee
  13. She is very beautiful. The dress is very nicely done. John
  14. Really nice, I like the way the blade on the scythe (sp) turned out. John Lee
  15. The easiest way for me was to use a syringe. If you know someone in the medical field ask them for a 10cc syringe ( no needle, or one with an 18 or 16 gage blunt needle), or you can go to the drug store and ask for one. Then you can just suck the paints out of the pots and put them in the bottles. Rinse the syringe out in between colors. If you have trouble finding a syringe PM me, I have a few laying around. Hope it Helps, John Lee
  16. Looks great Enchantra, I, too enjoy bonsai as a form of relaxation. I have quite a few trees, but none of them what I would call show quality. But it is relaxing to go out and snip and trim and wire. I always wondered if the Enchantra on the bonsai site was the same Enchantra here, I guess I have my answer now. Small worls isn't it. Keep up the good work. John Lee
  17. I really like the effect you have on the cape on the last one. John
  18. That's a really nice and realistic paint job. Probably the best I've seen on this mini. On a side note, is it just me, or do the wings seem a bit small in relation to the body on this sculpt? John lee
  19. She looks nice, maybe a few more highlights in the hair, but that's just me. The base is nice, too. did you sculpt the stump and all? John Lee
  20. Which one, there were several. John Lee
  21. Tried to purchase my '08 Rcon Sophie tonight, but after completing the tranaction in Paypal and returning to the Asylum, I get an error that says that the order is not complete. I ran through it again and got the same thing. When I check the Paypal transactions, I show two payments of $17.99 to Reaper posted. I am at a loss for what to do. Is there someone at Reaper who can check on this? I don't what to miss out on the mini, and two will be OK, but I don't want to pay $16.00 shipping for them, and I don't want to miss out on the mini. Please Help, John Lee
  22. It could be that you are thinning it too much. The "dull" part of the dull coat is a fine suspension of particles in the "coat" part, that is why it is very important to shake the can/bottle very well. Prehaps when you diluted it with turpintine, the mix pooled in the recesses and caused the particles to rise to the top. Try brushing some straight on and see what happens ( use an old mini if you don't want to use a new one). Unless it is really, really thick, I wouldn't thin it at all. John Lee
  23. Thanks for sharing IW, I just finished building a castle and village with my son for a school project and I wish I had seen this earlier, I could have saved the $30 that I spent on Woodland Sceneic trees. On the filter/dust trap, a cheap alternative that I often use ( my other hobby is R/C airplanes, sanding balsa gererates a lot of dust ) is a box fan. Get an airconditioner filter (I usually get one of the better ones) and tape it to the "suction" side of the fan, put the fan (blowing away from you) next to where you are working and the dust will get trapped in the filter as the air moves through the fan.
  24. Great tutorial, well written and easy to understand, can't wait to give it a try. I was wondering though, would it be possible for you to maybe do another and use another model that we all can get our hands on? Kind of like a paint along tutorial? That would be super. John Lee
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