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  1. Thanks everybody for the comments. The base is round by chance, the mini seemed a little top heavy and I was fresh out of large square bases, so, having a nice selection of stainless steel washers laying around, I used one of them. I guess maybe the next exchange that I do I need to ask if my exchange partner intends to use it for gaming. Thanks again for the comments/ feedback.



  2. Well, after over coming a few problems and delays, I finally finished this piece for Sethohman and got it to him last week. This was the first time I have used the RMS triads (tanned flesh on this one) and I must say that I really like them, now where to find enough cash to get them all. Anyway, here's a few pics, please leave me some feed back.










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  3. Greetings, Brushmaster, check out the articles section at coolminiornot.com, there were several good articles on how to create this effect.


    Hope it Helps,


    John Lee




    I was recently checking out some Hell Dorado minis and I notice the bases done in a rocky larva effect . An example here . . Apart from cork , has anyone got some suggestions on what materials to use as I feel that cork might be a bit unstable to put under the mini .
  4. I'm happy to show off the latest addition to my collection. A wonderfully painted fairy from Warlady, my painter in the 20 person exchange. She did a great job, and I'm afraid that my photography doesn't do the mini justice. I really like the highlights on the hair and how her wings are done. Well here she is:











  5. She looks great Fruggs, the eyes look really good. What size is she? I would skip the freckles as I haven't ever seen them painted to where they look real. Not trying to say that you can't pull them off, just you have a really nice start and I don't think she needs freckles.



  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments.


    I was going for a copper/bronze color on the armor. The base color is a folk art color called "honest copper" mixed with some burnt umber. The dark blue is a combination cobalt blue mixed with black. I gradually added more and more blue in the mix for highlights. The leather undergarment is a Delta color called "autumn brown" shaded with GW brown ink then highlighted again with the autumn brown. I got lucky with the ink, after I applied it, it looked shaded and highlighted.


    John Lee

  7. Here's the Wooden base that I did for Prophet's excahange mini. I sculpted the flagstones with procreate ( don't like it as well as the green stuff), and hand finished the wood for the base, if I remember correctly, it is cocobolo. I painted Prophet's avatar in the space below the mini, and also the mini is held on the base with magnets. Please let me know what you think. Oh yeah, can some one explain to me how to get the poctures to post vertically instead of horizontal?


    John Lee









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  8. She's beautiful Meg, I think I like her better than the blue one you did awhile back. Not that the blue one had anything wrong, it was flawless, I just like the green. Thanks for taking the time to do the tut on the green, I've always had trouble getting it to look right and you have "shown me the light" on a few things. Thanks again, I know it takes a while to photo each step, publish the photos, and get them posted.


    John Lee

  9. Looks OK to me Froggy, I really like the pony with the skull. It is interesting how much moniters aren't alike. When I view the minis that I posted last week, they look different on PC, Laptop, and work computer.


    John Lee

  10. Me, too. This was the fifth exchange I participated in and the only one that I didn't receive a mini in, so I guess that's not to bad, but it still is a little upsetting. I agree with ML, at least follow through or let someone know you're going to be late or that you can't do it. That would be better that nothing.


    John Lee

  11. Nothing really fancy on the weapons. I based coated them with black, then pained the edges with boltgun metal, highlighted with chainmail (these are GW colors, trying to use them up before I buy Reaper MSP), then I went back and glazed with some really thin boltgun metal a couple of times. When it dried I washed it here and there with some GW brown ink to kinda make it look rusty and grundgy. After looking at the pictures I think the wire that I used for the bow string is too thick, I just got some out of an old coil from a solinoid at work and I think I'm gonna restring it. Thanks for the interest in the weapons.



    I agree on the patina, but I was tied of fooling with him so I just called it done. Those Rackham figures have so many little things on them to paint, I might go back and touch it up when I restring the bow.



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