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  1. Great start into the hobby. She really has talent for this. It must be great to share this wonderful hobby with your partner :)
  2. Another stunning piece! I must admit that I keep checking the galleries to see if you posted a new paintjob, I'm a true fan of your work! I love the different shades of brown on this mini, and I love how the different parts/accessories always seem to stand out without getting too overpowering. I didn't see the beard in the first picture, probably the angle of the shot, it's a very nice addition. Did you recently wrote a step-by-step? I know there are some in the craft section, but your style seems to have changed a lot since then. It would be great to get an idea on how you paint these lovely minis. Do you use a black or white primer? Looking forward to see the next mini! Thanks :)
  3. Thanks everyone! It has been a joy painting this mini, so it's nice to hear people like it. @Darkstar: No problem at all! Here are the paints/mixes I used. Gold: Start with a basecoat: 50/50 sunburst yellow (GW) & bubonic brown (GW) Shades (from light to dark) - shadow 1: Basecoat + snakebite leather (GW) 50/50 - shadow 2: shadow 1 + snakebite leather 50/50 - shadow 3: shadow 2 + chocolate brown (VMC) 50/50 - shadow 4: shadow 3 + black 50/50 - shadow 5: black Highlights: - Add white (pure) to basecoat in steps, until final highlight is 100% white. Metal: Both the darker metal (shoe thingies) and the lighter metal (axes) are painted with the same paints, the only difference is which intermediate colour is more pre-dominant. 1. Chaos black (GW) 2. French Mirage Blue (VMC) 3. Pale Greyblue (VMC) 4. White Between every two colours I use about 3 different mixes. For example, from dark to light: - pure colour 1 - 25 (colour 1) : 75 (colour 2) - 50 (colour 1) : 50 (colour 2) - 75 (colour 1) : 25 (colour 2) - pure colour 2 Hope that makes sense. If not, please tell me, I'll write it down more explicit. By the way, if anyone is interested. I've written a step by step tutorial on making + painting the base. You can find it HERE Cheers!
  4. Hi everyone, I thought I'd share my latest work. This miniature is from the Avatars of War line. I painted it to be part of the contest at WAMP, so some of you here have already seen it & commented. Mainly it has been a learning piece for painting NMM. Please share any comments & critique :)
  5. Great NMM, and also the skin colour is really nice & realistic.
  6. Nice work! The skin is very well done, difficult colour to achieve I think. I love the vibrant blues, stands out great against the gold. I do reflect the other thoughts on the gold NMM. But in the end, it's what you hold in your hand that matters, even if the pictures don't show it that way. Good work.
  7. Amazing piece! I'm a real fan of your painting style. It's clean and has much contrast, and a great intermediate between a cartoonesque look and realism. The face is absolutely the most wonderful part of this paintjob....just wow!
  8. Great work on the black armour. The colour combos really work well together.
  9. Very nice dark colours! I agree with the others, his cloak may not be the perfect base for freehand. And personally, I think freehand doesn't always make a nicer paintjob.
  10. Very interesting conversion. The wings really fit with the original mini. Great work on the green and the yellow/orange wings. Indeed the hair is awesome, very shiny effect, I like it!
  11. Wonderful faces! The colour choice is very well done.
  12. That's a wonderful paintjob on a great sculpt! I love how you've painted the pinkish checks & nose, gives him a naughty look. The base is also very effective, did you use real flowers for this?
  13. Thanks everyone, It's great to get constructive advice, there is always loads of room for improvement :) @Prophet: The door is a plaster cast by Thomarillion
  14. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd share with you my latest work. I painted this miniature for the wamped contest at WAMP, where it won first place (by only a thin thread I must say). It is a miniature from the Guild of Harmony line. Would love to hear what you think about it, don't be afraid to criticize, I'm still hoping to learn loads. I also just received a great package of wonderful Reaper sculpts, so hopefully I can post some work on those soon :)
  15. Looks good. I like the blue kroot. And the denim effect is superb.
  16. Amazing work! Great colour combinations, you definitely managed to not make it look gaudy. Love the detail on the snakes.
  17. Nice paintjob. The face looks exceptionally well, the strong shading is perfect for this mini.
  18. Congratulations Anne and Thryth, wonderful paintjobs and deserved wins :) Great entries all around. Thanks everyone who voted for my entry, and thanks to the reaper crew for organizing the contest.
  19. Great repetoire :) Love how you highlight with pinkish colours on the green skin. Makes the skin look a bit translucent. Very nice!
  20. Very nicely done! I like how you've used greens of the same shade, but lighter and darker.
  21. Nice! Great off-white colour for the coat. And very nice touch with the stockings :)
  22. That's wonderful! You should be very happy that it turned out this dark, I love it! Gives a great atmosphere to the miniature. The colour combination looks great, so does the NMM.
  23. Very solid job, and I'm sure it looks great on the gaming table! The green is a great accent, and the freehand on the banner is very nicely done.
  24. My 'standard' gold NMM recipe (from shade to highlight) is: VMC chocolate brown GW bestial brown GW snakebite leather GW bubonic brown GW sunburst yellow GW white taking many steps in between :) This gives a very yellowy gold. Using black instead of browns can give a dirtier golden look. Good luck!
  25. That is absolutely amazing! The colours work great together and the details are perfect. The freehand on the inside of the cloak is just stunning :)
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