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  1. Another stunning piece! I must admit that I keep checking the galleries to see if you posted a new paintjob, I'm a true fan of your work!

    I love the different shades of brown on this mini, and I love how the different parts/accessories always seem to stand out without getting too overpowering. I didn't see the beard in the first picture, probably the angle of the shot, it's a very nice addition.


    Did you recently wrote a step-by-step? I know there are some in the craft section, but your style seems to have changed a lot since then. It would be great to get an idea on how you paint these lovely minis. Do you use a black or white primer?


    Looking forward to see the next mini!

    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks everyone! It has been a joy painting this mini, so it's nice to hear people like it.


    @Darkstar: No problem at all! Here are the paints/mixes I used.


    Start with a basecoat: 50/50 sunburst yellow (GW) & bubonic brown (GW)


    Shades (from light to dark)

    - shadow 1: Basecoat + snakebite leather (GW) 50/50

    - shadow 2: shadow 1 + snakebite leather 50/50

    - shadow 3: shadow 2 + chocolate brown (VMC) 50/50

    - shadow 4: shadow 3 + black 50/50

    - shadow 5: black



    - Add white (pure) to basecoat in steps, until final highlight is 100% white.



    Both the darker metal (shoe thingies) and the lighter metal (axes) are painted with the same paints, the only difference is which intermediate colour is more pre-dominant.


    1. Chaos black (GW)

    2. French Mirage Blue (VMC)

    3. Pale Greyblue (VMC)

    4. White


    Between every two colours I use about 3 different mixes.

    For example, from dark to light:

    - pure colour 1

    - 25 (colour 1) : 75 (colour 2)

    - 50 (colour 1) : 50 (colour 2)

    - 75 (colour 1) : 25 (colour 2)

    - pure colour 2


    Hope that makes sense. If not, please tell me, I'll write it down more explicit.


    By the way, if anyone is interested. I've written a step by step tutorial on making + painting the base. You can find it HERE



  3. Hi everyone,


    I thought I'd share my latest work. This miniature is from the Avatars of War line. I painted it to be part of the contest at WAMP, so some of you here have already seen it & commented. Mainly it has been a learning piece for painting NMM. Please share any comments & critique :)


  4. Hi everyone,


    Just thought I'd share with you my latest work. I painted this miniature for the wamped contest at WAMP, where it won first place (by only a thin thread I must say). It is a miniature from the Guild of Harmony line.




    Would love to hear what you think about it, don't be afraid to criticize, I'm still hoping to learn loads.


    I also just received a great package of wonderful Reaper sculpts, so hopefully I can post some work on those soon :)

  5. My 'standard' gold NMM recipe (from shade to highlight) is:


    VMC chocolate brown

    GW bestial brown

    GW snakebite leather

    GW bubonic brown

    GW sunburst yellow

    GW white


    taking many steps in between :) This gives a very yellowy gold. Using black instead of browns can give a dirtier golden look. Good luck!

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