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  1. My entry is up! Had to rush it a bit, but I'm quite satisfied. It was really fun to paint this mini, what a wonderful sculpt :) Good luck everyone with finishing your entries!
  2. Here is my entry for the winter painting contest (60031: Queen Ileosa of Korvosa by Derek Schubert)
  3. Very nice! Great style of colours and I agree with the others the skintone is amazing :)
  4. Great scene you've put together with this piece! I really like the colour contrast between the two minis.
  5. I'm working on my entry for this contest also. For the miniature the colour scheme came quite naturally as the mini inspired me lot. The base is still something I'm thinking about. I hope to finish it about Saturday. I'm looking forward to see the other entries, so far it looks very promising :)
  6. I'm using Winsor & Newton Galeria flow improver, 1 part to 20 parts of water. It works really well for me, but I haven't yet tried it with RMS paints.
  7. That's a wonderful paintjob! Painting this much armour can be very challenging, but it certainly looks great. The new face is beautiful.
  8. MaGie


    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :) Thusfar I only painted one reaper mini, I will post that in the inspiration gallery. More are coming soon! In the mean time, some of my work can be seen here. @TaleSpinner: Yes, that's the same me. I really enjoyed that challenge! You really helped me push my efforts with your great paintjob :)
  9. MaGie


    Hello everyone, After lurking on the forum for some time, I finally decided to register :) So I’ll use this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Maartje, but I regularly use the forumname MaGie. Some of you may recognize me from other forums as well. I love painting miniatures and I’m a big fan of the reaper miniature lines. I’ve been painting for about three years now, although I’ve only started more seriously about a year ago. I’m hope to one day paint miniatures on commission, because I really like the idea of painting for other people. I’m hoping to meet some nice people here, and get feedback on my paintjobs or other interesting tips. And of course I hope I can return the favor as well ;) See ya!
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