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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :)

    Thusfar I only painted one reaper mini, I will post that in the inspiration gallery. More are coming soon!

    In the mean time, some of my work can be seen here.


    @TaleSpinner: Yes, that's the same me. I really enjoyed that challenge! You really helped me push my efforts with your great paintjob :)

  2. Hello everyone,


    After lurking on the forum for some time, I finally decided to register :) So I’ll use this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Maartje, but I regularly use the forumname MaGie. Some of you may recognize me from other forums as well. I love painting miniatures and I’m a big fan of the reaper miniature lines. I’ve been painting for about three years now, although I’ve only started more seriously about a year ago. I’m hope to one day paint miniatures on commission, because I really like the idea of painting for other people.


    I’m hoping to meet some nice people here, and get feedback on my paintjobs or other interesting tips. And of course I hope I can return the favor as well ;)


    See ya!

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