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  1. More from Pathfinder's Avanced Race Guide. I like to play things slightly less common than than the knight in shining armor, and it would be wonderful to have a mini to match. I know you have a lot of plans, but I wanted to say this: I would love to see more things here from Pathfinder's Advanced Race Guide. For example, I want to play an Undine magic user for an upcomming campaign, and while there's 3 or 4 nice sea elves that could do the trick, but there are hardly any male selections that I can find, save for 1. Especially with an entire campaign dedicated to adventures on the high seas. I also played a female Oread sheilded fighter for a year, and was sad to find no such thing in Reaper's collection. Not even anything modifiable. I had to use a dwarf as a placeholder, which is crazy, because Oreads have no hair, and the dwarf is ...well, they're all hair - even the women! Thanks!
  2. Aha! So that's where it was! Thanks much!
  3. There seems to be only one real "Witch" mini for Pathfinder, and it's a very awesome iconic. The only problem is, it's female. I'm in a game where I'm playing a stealthy male witch, and can't find much. Things I'm looking for: Male, Human, long hair, no facial hair, no heavy armor (cloth), no heavy weapons. Or a reasonable male version of the female iconic.
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